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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots


oh no
only good thing to come out of smw hacking ever

Ah shit, here we go again.
Check out my Hack Thread
tfw I was thinking about YUMP the other day #smrpg{:O}
Why a sequel?
Just some Ys fan lol
humanity is done for
Fuck yes
sloppy work as usual, jump team
Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Not epic bro
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
We're screwed.
Legit post, while I've known about the project I haven't really paid attention to the development or levels. The gifs I'm seeing make the hack look super interesting (but also super hard, that Kaizo tag is well-suited from what I've heard).

Congrats on releasing, YUMP Team!
finally after years of smw hacking, Yump 2 has finally happened
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
This could be unironically great

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots