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Major Flare's Submap Academy - Give me a music, and I give you a submap! (REQUESTS CLOSED - PRODUCTION PHASE!)

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

In this C3, your good ol' friend, Major Flare, is coming with a new gimmick for your amusement: The SUBMAP Academy!

The rules are simple: You link to me one music from our sections and I will make a submap that I think it tiers best with that particular music. Please remember, however, that your music must be compatible with the OW's sound effects! Why, you may ask? Because for the really interested people, I'll provide a .bps file containing the submap!

Let's roll, dudes! I am rather curious about the musics I'll hear and I bet you'll be curious about what I'll do!


Cartesius - Mega Man ZX - Wonder Panorama
Rykon-V73 - Ys III: Wanderers from Ys - The Boy's Got Wings (Remix)
Tahixham - Mario Kart DS - SNES Mario Circuit 1
TheMorganah - Mother 3 - Porky's Pokies
Green Jerry - Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Ice Cap Zone Act 1
Anorakun - Castlevania: Dracula X - Map

In order: Frolic Crystalia, Upperland City, Track Cliffside, Warped Mundus, Ariana Plateau and Netherious Menace.


KiloMinimo - Pokémon Black/White - Driftveil City
Koopster - Earthbound - Save the Miners!
Knight of Time - VLDC7 - Desert Remix
Sancles - Sonic CD - Stardust Speedway Zone (Past)
Ruberjig - Wario Land 3 - Owl Wario
Samantha - WarioWare: Touched! - Rainbow Juice

In order: Chromagem City, Murky Coal Mines, Treacherous Desert, Rex Psychodellium, Aria Stratosphere and Dolce Sweetland.


Daizo Dee Von - Final Fantasy V - Walking the Snowy Mountains
Bernardo - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant Zone
Dark Mario Bros - Tetris & Dr. Mario - Tetris BGM 1
Aja - Undertale - MEGALOVANIA
Roberto Zampari - Mega Man ZX - Green Grass Gradation
Minish Yoshi - Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Ripple Field 3

In order: Relaxed Summit, Berkelium Stravaganza, Tetris Hic Est, Bamboozling Pipescrew, Ungravity Uncrater and Cabralium Beachside (BRs should know the reference here xD).

Dream team (feed them, please):

Oh My God, this is perfect. I hate making overworld, but I need one.
This is my song of choice
This one would do.
Make one about a fast paced Mario Kart theme.

I feel like your gonna be busy!
Make a submap about IceCap Zone Act 1 from Sonic 3

How about a Castlevania one? I'm curious to see what kind of submap you'll create with this theme.

Funky song #smrpg{:3}
Just some Ys fan lol
Okay, I have one for you good sir, now, being as this one is from the VLDC7 soundtrack, how about possibly making a submap to go with REMIX - Desert.spc, please?

I love this particular piece of music, and it would be nice to see a submap for it with cacti and quicksand pools among other things, in the event you are good with doing this one.

Is this the one, Ruberjig?

Also, passing to say: I'll only do three sets of submaps! A set is 6 of them, and the second one is almost full! Let's make it to three!

Dream team (feed them, please):

this pretty port from bebn legg would make for a great submap
Make something rad with this.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

I really want to see what comes out of this one

Only four slots left. As soon as they are full, I will close the requests and the submaps will start to appear in the thread. Stay tuned!

Dream team (feed them, please):

Please, Rock On.

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