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Kirby Eats the Graphics Section for Lunch (ft. Torpedo Ted)

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This C3 I have prepared several graphics in relation to Kirby! And no, he isn't actually eating the Graphics Section for lunch. He's saving it for dessert, whenever that is.

Also, Torpedo Ted is here too! He has a few relatives to introduce you to.




And with that, I have nothing more to present! Or at least nothing that I can as of now. I've got like a bunch of custom graphics sitting on the backburner, but none of them are really ready to be thrown into the Graphics Section just yet. Speaking of, I think it's about time Kirby will be having his dessert, so now I gotta go and stop that from happening. Have a happy C3 everyone!
Definetely trying those.
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
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This is lovely. I like the various eatables you have here. : 3

Kirby, nooooo!

That's some awesome Kirby stuff right there. Definitely I'll be using some of these in my hacks. Also, I really love that the torpedo ted family is getting bigger.#smrpg{:D}

Those food collectibles though #smw{<3}
Seriously, everything in here looks incredibly nice! I'd surely take these a shot if I ever get around to hacking again.

stands for

I love these! I have a huge soft spot for small 16x16 sprites of objects such as food (mostly?) using the vanilla SMW colours, so it's really neat seeing so many of them.

Everything else also has a really cute SMW-style charm to them, especially the big Waddle Dee. You captured its poorly-constructedness really well in SMW fashion!

Finally, it's always great to see an expansion to the Bullet Bill family, especially when they have a lovely E-man touch to them! Here's hoping we'll see more of Torpedo Ted's extended family.

Mr Scotsman said:
All of these sprites have a bit of E-man in them, they also look like they would work very nicely in a Kirby styled hack with the multiple sprites you have made for the pink boy. I also love what you have done with Ted, will we ever see the funni Ted that looked like a galoomba. Keep it coming E because i love them all. #smrpg{<3}
Thank you and have a nice day

You did a really good job at making all of these in the SMW style, especially the food. And those Torpedo Teds are really cute too.
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This food pack is incredible! Going to try these
Just some Ys fan lol
The food items are perfect for levels where you have to collect things! Also very good as an alternate healing if used with some health bar!
it's amazing many people in central smw can you imagine you were in central smw personally many people could see
I'm glad that the food graphics in particular are well-liked! I wouldn't say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into them, but out of all the graphics in this thread they definitely received the most effort. I still appreciate the compliments for the others as well, of course!

Originally posted by Anorakun
Also, I really love that the torpedo ted family is getting bigger.#smrpg{:D}

Originally posted by bebn legg
Here's hoping we'll see more of Torpedo Ted's extended family.

You'll be seeing more Torpedo Ted variants soon enough. There are several sprites in the Graphics Section that I find don't get enough love, Torpedo Ted included, so I'm planning on just giving them their fair share of a section.

Originally posted by Mr Scotsman
I also love what you have done with Ted, will we ever see the funni Ted that looked like a galoomba.

Oh, him? Probably sometime after C3. He's not ready for being submitted to the site just yet, but will be eventually.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Very good for Kirby themed hacks!

Also that surface Ted is very creative!

Have a frost day~
I have to say I'm a fan of Fireworks Fred! I love explosive stuff.
Poyo Poyo Champions? Kirby & Ted Face the Music? I have several, several questions...

(nice graphics, btw)
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Thank god Kirby ate the section so I don't have to moderate anything ever again.

Jokes aside these are all very nice and cute. Especially all the food! I can easily see an entire hack built around those.

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GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots