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Sonikku's Summer C3 Stuff

GraphicsPatchSpriteSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots

This is a sprite that functions similarly to the Ability Capsule items from the Kirby series.

By default, it can do the following when Mario touches it (or gets close to it, in the case of the egg variants):

  • Gives Mario a Mushroom
  • Gives Mario a Fire Flower
  • Gives Mario a Cape Feather
  • Gives Mario Star Power
  • Gives Mario a Throw Block
  • Gives Mario a Bob-Omb
  • Gives Mario a Shell*
  • Gives Mario a Baby Yoshi
  • Gives Mario an adult Yoshi

Similar to the Kirby series, Mario would not be given an item in reserve if he collects multiple powerups. These are optimal for scenarios where you want the player to utilize a specific item without giving them the ability to farm reserve items or thrown items.

*Green, Red, Blue, Yellow variants, along with the "non-Special world colored" Green shell, as well as a shell that becomes Disco when kicked.

This is a patch that rewrites the Koopa's normal walking tilemap. It adds a functionality that allows the usage of extra 8x8 tiles which can be simply toggled by setting a free RAM address. Make note of when I say "normal walking" tilemap: the shells, shell-less Koopas, and net Koopas are unaffected by this patch.

Included are some graphics files so you can use the Mario Wacky Worlds alternative Koopa sprites.
These new tiles are laid out like so:
Of course, if you're familiar with writing graphics routines for sprites, you can add more 8x8 tiles as needed.

This is a series of sprites meant to more-closely mimic their actual behavior in SMB2. Included -- for the moment -- are the following:

  • ShyGuy (Red/Blue)
  • Snifit (Red/Blue/Grey)
  • Phanto (Brown/Red) + Generator
  • Beezo (Brown/Red)
  • Tweeter (Red/Blue)
  • Trouter
  • Ninji (Jumping/Chasing)
  • Panser (Green/Red/Blue)
These sprites have a few unique things going for them. They use code (found in the /routines/ folder of the ZIP) that gives them "stunned" code similar to SMB2 -- where they will bounce on the ground a few times before recovering. Additionally, you can enable the SMB2 "combo" behavior -- if a sprite is thrown it can combo off of other sprites. Normal behavior can be set though, if you want them to act a bit more like SMW sprites.

The Phanto and Tweeter have new variants as well, triggered by the Extra Bit. A Red Phanto goes disco mode when Mario picks up the key. A Blue Tweeter will simply hang around ledges, similar to Blue ShyGuys/Snifits.
You may consider this "Series 1", as these are the base SMB2 sprites most people think of when they think of SMB2. "Series 2" and "Series 3" will include the following:
  • Vegetable
  • Pidgit (Normal/Carpet solo)
  • Autobomb (+ riding ShyGuy)
  • Ostro (+ riding ShyGuy)
  • Hoopster (Red/Blue)
  • Pokey (Green/Yellow)
  • Birdo (Pink/Red/Green)
  • Clawgrip (Red/Blue)
  • Triclyde (Green/Red)
  • FryGuy (Blue/Red)
  • Mouser (Grey/Brown)
  • Hawkmouth (Door/Boss)
  • Wart (Green/Blue)

I hoped to release Pidgit with Series 1, but I ran into some difficulties getting it to work 100% of the time.
I plan to make the alternative colorings of enemies/bosses slightly harder, assuming that they didn't already have them (like Birdo).

this is the rawest shit in the world bar none.

those ability capsules are super cute also...
Oh yes. I've been waiting for you.
Didn't expect that much from you. Great sprites, Sonikku!
This is nice! Glad to see more SMB2 sprites being made other than the ones we already have. Great stuff.
Currently working on:
Super Kekcroc World 4 (lol jk)
Oh man, I love all of these! :D
I always liked those fittingly 'wacky' koopas from that game.
And those SMB2 sprites look great too! A lot of SMB2 sprites died in the switch to PIXI.
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You never fail to impress with sprites that are so simple in a sense (though no doubt complicated code-wise) yet so useful and versatile to see. I love these, and I'm definitely looking forward to the vegetables especially!

Seeing SMB2 sprites with the SMW palette is really neat for some reason.

Mmmmmmm the wizard is back at it again
These are soooo cool!
Awh yes, new SMB2 sprites! This looks exciting. Good luck on your project on coding what looks like pretty much all of them from that game.

I can see the extra Koopa tilemap thing getting a lot of use too. I know people love to theme their koopas.
These are pretty nice sprites. You never fail to impress lol
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Those "Ability Capsule" like sprites are really really nice!

I can definitely see a ton of fun uses for this. This is quite outstanding to see and look forward to what others can do with these. #smw{:TUP:}

The vampire koopas with capes gives a nice feel for a dark level.

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Excellent work with the SMB2 ones. It's very nice to have these sprites more accurate to the original game. I looked through the list and I didn't see Flurry. Is there a reason why he's not included?

Those ability capsules are really nice. Excellent work with these. They'll be great for create some puzzle stuff.

Those SMB2 sprites are next level
Oh my god yes. This is the good shit right here. I can't wait to see the rest of the SMB2 sprites, especially ones like Tryclyde and Hawkmouth. Simply fantastic work here.

PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that got 104th place (wow he sucks!).
Nice work with the SMB2 sprites in their faithfulness to the originals and the option to include or exclude the "thrown" behavior. This is a great thing for the community and would add authenticity to hacks aiming for a SMB2 style to keep active.

I can imagine the capsules would allow people to create significantly cleaner designs in situations where loss of a shell or power would create a bleak or unwinnable situation, such as a puzzle, stationary enemy blocking the only path, or a boss that's throwing mushrooms at you anyways amongst the other stuff. I think that respawning Yoshi egg opens the door for a lot of gimmicks involving alternating between which one you use.

It'd be neat to see what people draw with the Koopa graphic expansion too. It's the most popular sprite to add festive adornments to because it's a universal foe.

Everything here has such a high level of utility and you put a lot of time into these things. Excellent job!

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Over 10 years and still going! Impressive work as usual! I love the way the SMB2 sprites were done especially.
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Those smb2 sprites are awesome! Really do resemble near 1:1 their original counterparts. Question regarding the upcoming ones. What will the Wart sprite off the one currently doesn't since it's a 1:1 port from smb2 (though it's missing a certain action in that when you throw the last veggie on him, it's supposed to play the an sfx prior (in the original being the smb3 airship moving away on a map).
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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All of those sprites are phantastic Sonikku. They are the kind of sprites (recreation fron another game) that except for some exceptions I absolutely hate to make, so it's nice to see there are other spriters that like to create them lol. Either way, good job

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