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Sonikku's Summer C3 Stuff

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This is a really impressive set of sprites. I haven't really added very many custom sprites yet, and the power up capsule really appeals to me. This has been a good C3 for sprites already.

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
Nice. I look forward to the rest of the SMB2 sprites especially. The Cobrat would be another good one to include.


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Sonikku is back with more mind blowing sprites to share with us!
I really like the effort you put on them, they look really impressive #smrpg{gasp}
I caught glimpses of these on Discord over the past while and was looking forward to the Koopas and the Item Capsule the most, though the SMB2 sprites are great as well.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

stunned at all the love you put into this. been following it for a while now on discord. excellent work as usual

Nice sprites as always, Sonikku. I'm looking forward to see more of your work.

Dream team (feed them, please):

Mr Scotsman said:
Sonikku i have seen some of this in the showoff channel a few times and i gotta say i love every single one of these. Since they all have cool uses to them, i really love the Mario 2 stuff. I have been tryin to keep up with it everytime you show anyhing with them in it, please keep it up buddy. #lm{owexstar}
Thank you and have a nice day

I was recently playing around with a couple of SMB2 enemies available in the sprites section and a lot of them feel, honestly, kinda basic and cheap. The presentation of these new ones you have been working on really caught my eye, though! The Ninji alone, acting much more closely to the way it does in SMB2 was already enough to get me excited. Besides, I couldn't ignore the amount of polish you seem to be delivering within the most trivial bits of their mechanics - such as when the shy guys get picked up or are thrown away.

I really like your other content, too. I was recently structuring a level where I felt like something like those item capsules would be neat, as the section I had going relied a lot on respawning powerups.

Anyways, some really quality content here. Nice to see you still delivering stuff after all these years.
Your ASM works never cease to amaze me, really happy to see new SMB2 sprites!
Soon, we'll be able to make SMB2 entirely in SMW! :D Good stuff!
The ability capsule seems pretty useful for puzzle levels and it's always nice to have more choconilla sprites like the smb2 ones.
Great work and thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
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I've been following the development of these assets on your twitter so I'm really excited to see their release!
You have an astounding eye for polish!
Didn't expect a ton of cool stuff like this. You are definitely one of the most amazing ASMers out there!

It just reminds me of how unique SMB2 was with its sprites.
I know SMB3 had a lot of variety but most stuff died in one hit or was a bigger version of something else.

In SMB2 and the GIFS you have shown even the most common enemies have variants which keep the player on their toes.
It's nice seeing more updated and accurate versions of these popular sprites.
The Item Sprites are also really slick and smooth with how they work. I can imagine a lot of puzzles and kaizo hacks are going to have a field day with them. #smrpg{sick}
I had alride prised you on Discord when you showed them off but, Sonikku, I always mentioned it but you are one of the best programmers out here! There is no way you don't deserve any prize (either this C3 or this year's Mosts)!
We had too inaccurate SMB2 sprites for too long, the time for an update is long overdue.

Item Capsules also are very nice as it gives a more natural way to respawn items and rewriting Koopa animations might enable more variety in graphics (Koopas are one of the sprites which tend to receive graphical variations).
I've seen these before on Discord, but man, are these sprites excellent! Particularly the SMB2 ones. It's also cool that the Panser and Snifit use extended sprites.

I personally don't care for the Koopa graphics patch, but it'll be useful for others. The Kirby capsule is also very useful. As always, excellent job.

Wonder what happened to Flurry and Bowser? I'd like to see those too. But we'll have to wait in the meantime.
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My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

You never fail to amaze me with your stuff, my friend.
Those are some awesome SMB2 enemies and sprites you made perfectly. I love them.

I have some ideas for even more of the SMB2 enemies you are working on in a future C3 thread. Here are the following.

Albatoss + ridable Bob-omb
Cobrat (Red/Blue)
Blue Beezo (that flies horizontaly straight, but when they flies offscreen, they move a block down or up Zig-Zagging to Mario like in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion)
Yellow Panser from SMWCP (that moves and follows Mario and spits fire in a straight vertical line like the green ones)
Big ShyGuy (SMA)
Big Ninji (SMA)

I hope they will come out as Series 4, but in the future, we will find out and see. Thank you for showing us your amazing work you did. We are proud of you.
some of the best sprites shown off this event.
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GraphicsPatchSpriteSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots