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Sonikku's Summer C3 Stuff

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Originally posted by MarioFanGamer
... Sonikku, I always mentioned it but you are one of the best programmers out here!

Ain't it the truth! It always amazes me how you can just sit down and churn these sprites out if you so choose, with every single one going utterly above and beyond in terms of faithfulness of behavior and extra, highly configurable settings. Great job on all of these, as always, and thank you for sharing them with us!

Whatever happened to that Marching Milde, by the way?



Sonikku strikes again!

I really love those SMB2 recreations out there, mate.

Keep up!
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All of them are good. I especially like the capsules! Perfect!

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great job!
Really great stuff here!

Those Ability Capsules look like they'd be really useful for situations where an item or power-up is required to progress, so we don't need to fill the level with resets doors and such. It's especially nice how they can be used to give items like Bob-Ombs, Shells or Yoshies, so they're more than just power-up respawners.
It's very interesting how they don't give reserve items.

Also, that's a nice collection of SMB2U sprites! They seem very faithful to the original versions, and it's cool you've included some extra customization for them!
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Since the sprite remoderation, I've always been impressed by how accurate your recreations are. These are just as good and useful as all of your previous works.
Originally posted by Maarfy

Whatever happened to that Marching Milde, by the way?



Do you plan on updating this sprite with lx5's custom powerups?
Because this sprite could be really helpful for supplying players with those powerups.
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Can wait for the other sprites for being made, if the rest of the Mario 2 sprites are coming, im gonna make another Super Mario Bros 2. based Game. Make sure of it. I love the Mario 2. And make a Complete Mario 2 Hack in SMW with all elements will be awesome.
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