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Making message boxes annoy ZSNES users

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Lol this is some of the most single greatest trolls I've ever sen, nice worK!
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LOL, people still use ZSNES? #w{xD}

I TRIED to use it when I got back into hacking, as even though I use Linux these days, some things just can't be done with Higan.

But a quick trip to Best Buy for an 8BitDo controller helped me to see the light...

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That's a thing I guess...
Just some Ys fan lol

This is goddamn awful...


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So I actually did try it out, and to my surprise it affects all message boxes from what I can tell, including ones from custom that's hilarious.

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Originally posted by jesus
I'm offended

Don't worry, we can weaponize it by just shifting an opcode.
super based
You always have the best ideas WYE. This si great and I wish I'd use more message boxes in my kaizo hack so it'd be useful there too. But even if i cannot really use this, I still love the idea and I hope it will move more people away from this outdated emulater
(tbh i wouldn't be surprised if some users nowadays are younger than ZSNES #w{xD})

Make it so that the level names and switch palaces bother them too lol

This is really cool and helps the technical people get their point across
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Originally posted by Counterfeit
Funny little troll idea. Kudos!

But remember, the universe always balances itself out. This will one day be used to share the good stuff with ZSNES users while anyone using another emulator is going to get shafted.

on the bright side, if it works on zsnes but not any other emulator it's not worth playing/using

Originally posted by lordkronos100
there are Stil Smw Hacks who Works Better on Zsnes

not anymore:

newest snes9x now has option(seperate echo buffer..) to work with the old hacks that uses the old addmusic.
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I wanna have a bunch of patches in my hack specifically designed to annoy ZSNES users. >:D Wouldn't that be hilarious!
could I use this to annoy everyone *except* ZSNES users

Originally posted by Noivern
could I use this to annoy everyone *except* ZSNES users



allow shy guy emojis in post footers you cowards!
here we go again with this discussion #tb{XD}
Anyway this is pretty cool.
Not anything I would use though, because it is kind of mean to players who just use the emulator because they don't know any better.
Alcaro's patch is a better way of alerting the user about the flaws of zsnes.
But this might still be interesting to look at and might have some different usage.
Thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
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Didn't know ZSNES is still a thing.
It's outdated, never get any updates and not accurate anyway.

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