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Pinci's C3 Compositions

MusicSuper Mario World

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hi it's-a me pincio, I don't have "ports" this year, but a couple of compositions I made

Through the Mountains | DOWNLOAD | LISTEN | NON-SNES

wait there's more, I did some songs for BS SMW, two of those have been showcased in a video on Heraga's thread so have clean HQ versions of them:

Your compositions really fit a morning / mountain theme. I can't imagine inventing such harmonious melodies on my own so probs on you and your musical skill level, to be capable of that.

These compositions sound wonderful! Getting lots of Kirby vibes from the samples in the first two, which is an instant plus in my book. That doesn't make them any better than the latter two songs for BS SMW though, they're just as great.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
me vine qlao

As usual, some fine ass ports 👌😩
dang you did that underwater theme for Heraga? That's amazingly well composed man. I also am a fan of the grassland theme as well you ported from that twitter showoff a bit ago.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Well, it feels like I have certainly missed out on a lot of impressive content since I pretty much drifted away from ROM hacking a couple of years ago. The quality of most custom music coming out nowadays is pretty freaking incredible overall compared to how most of them sounded back in the day when I was active around here.

These pieces are definitely no exception to that! Come to think of it, they kind of make me want to put out a level or two just for the sake of trying to come up with something that goes well with them.

Great stuff overall, keep up the good work.
Very "kirbysh"! I supposed you used samples from either Dreamland 3 or Super Star, right?
They're wonderful songs!
You don't know how blessed this is... This is GORGEOUS!!! The Kirby-like samples give it that sweet touch along with the melodies.
Pure ear candy #smrpg{mlem}
I believe I heard the first two tracks at some point, but the other two? Beautiful water / beach themes! love it!
My boy you know already what i think of most of these but man never stop composing pls.

good morning is the best one btw.
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to hear birds and see none.
Really love your compositions. Great job!
Who needs ports when you can have compositions like these #tb{;)}
Great job and thanks for sharing #tb{:]}
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I've always been impressed by your music and the quality/effort that each of them show.
I really quite like your original tracks as they have a unique feel to them which makes them a joy to listen to over and over.

Keep up the good work Pinci as I'll be eager to listen to whatever you create next. #smrpg{y}
I really like the BS SMW soundtrack, and the fact that you've contributed to it only makes it better. Nice work man.
Man, I wish i could compose.
They sound so good, it gives me a kirby-ish vibe,
Which is good, considering kirby music is usually great

Keep up the good job Pinci, I'll be watching with great interest #smw{:TUP:}
Wow, these sound amazing! "Good Morning" and "Coral Riff" are my favorites for sure, keep up the good work.
is there any other word for perfection

I'm in love with all these, especially the ones for BS SMW. Everything in here sounds so fucking clean and crisp.
pinci quliao que wenas compocisiones
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MusicSuper Mario World