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Hola a todos: Lots of Old and New Graphics stuff.

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Translation: Hola a todos means Hi everyone.

Time for another C3 post of mine!

Hi, Haven't done one of this in a long time, so let's start.

I'm Carld (old user and hacker, mexican, etc,etc.) and I have some custom graphics for you, but I'm doing something different. I'm not only giving you some new graphics, I gonna give you some old ones too (Because I Think some of them may got lost to time) I'm also going to be uploading them to the GFX section in the next days 'cause I don't want them to get lost, and maybe there are some new people that don't know my graphics and they would find some use in them.

First the newish stuff, next the old one.

[FG] Mountainous Snow

[FG] Another Grassland

[FG] Classy Ship

[FG] Ancient Mountain

[FG&BG] Lava Castle 2

With the new(ish) Stuff out of the way, there is some images of the old stuff.

Welp, that's all, all the new and old graphics in this enlance:
translation: enlance means link in spanish


And I'll be uploading all of them into the graphics section soon. Have a really nice C3!

these are a lot of graphics, 47 if I counted well enough... that's big number...
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

Man, this grassland tileset has got to have one of the most gorgeous ground patterns I've ever seen.
I'm not a big fan of that pine tree in the snow one, but other than that, excellent job on all of your new tilesets as usual! I remember past C3 threads of yours as some of the most pleasant to look at - you were and still are in my opinion one of our most talented users at crafting original tilesets, and I'm very happy to see you're still going strong!

Also, thank you for compiling your old graphics as well. It is one common issue that C3 releases end up lost to time. I'm certain one could make an entire hack just out of everything there, there's a lot of stuff #smrpg{gasp}
These are all really strong! My favorite has to be the classy ship tileset, keep it up!
Those look very, very good Carld, and I think they can have a ton of usability. The Classy Ship reminds me of Kirby games for some reason, I think that's my favorite from your collection!
I love the color palettes of the grassland and classy ship tilesets in particular. Nice job.
Man you're always one of my favourite graphics artists around. Good stuff as usual man!
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Honestly out of all of them I'll have to say that the Snow Tileset is my favourite.
I really feel when it comes to snowy levels the foreground should always have that thick layer of snow to really emphasise the atmosphere of the levels colder theme.
This tileset conveys that perfectly and can see it been used it many hacks for a variety of different themed chilly levels.

Nice Work. #smrpg{y}
These are some quite cool graphics. I especially like the Grassland one. It looks really natural imo which is what a Grassland FG actually should.
Really good job with that! #w{=3}

Of all the tilesets in this post... I have to say, the Ancient Mountain one has to be my favorite, for a multitude of reasons. Speaking from a personal standpoint, I feel like I've seen the snowy mountain and grasslands enough to where even though the graphics are outstanding, they don't "Wow" me. The lava castle, as well, I feel like I've seen before, but I really like it. The classy ship looks pretty cool too, gives off a more steampunk vibe than the generic Mario airship.

But looking at the Ancient Mountain? Nothing else is necessary, the tileset speaks for itself, it tells a story even. You don't get that with the other tilesets, this one just... feels like a lot of lore can be tied into it. Whenever I'm looking for tilesets that are REALLY good, I often try to find one that looks like I want to live in that world and explore it, and this is definitely one of those tilesets.

Great work all around though!
Those tilesets are really detailed #smw{O_O}

my favorite is the grassland #smrpg{:D}
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
The classy ship got my attention here.
(my mind wasn't in Spanish mode when I saw the title so I read it as a misspelling of "whole lotta ToDos")

These look pretty great! I like how lively the grassland textures are, and the classy ship one has to be the most Victorian tileset I've ever seen. The lava castle tileset reminds me of 2011-ish SMWCP2 with how grainy it is, but it's well done nonetheless.

I've already told you this but the grassland tileset looks really cool. That one and the classy ship are on another level imo. Good to see you back at it my dude #tb{:DD}
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These are some superb tilesets. My favorite one is the classy airship,it's look so distinctive, when compared to other airship tilesets. The snow and grassland ones look very natural.

Great job with all this stuff. #smrpg{y}

Thanks a lot guys, You people liking my stuff makes me so happy and made my day. Hopefully in the future I make more gfx that you like!!

:D #w{=P} #smw{^_^}
Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

good job with those graphics.
Your new graphics are GORGEOUS. Keep up the good work, man!
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Mountainous Snow: I love the rock pattern and the subtlety due to the low contrast between shades used in it: it makes it fit really well with SMW/SMAS styles. The snow is also really good, though I do think the slopes came out almost perfect and could use just a touch of anti-aliasing to make it seem rounder and less fuzzy. In the demonstration image, yeah - the trunks are huge compared to the trees, but you have it set up so either can be variable sizes so I think that's fine how they look. My only suggestion would be to add frills to the bottom of the tree instead of a straight line if you have tile space left.

Another Grassland: The fact that the dirt texture and waviness looks very cookie-like reminds me of Kirby's Dream Land 3. The shading is exceptional and the grass hues are also very gentle on the eyes and it appears to be rounded by shading and pointy at the bottom. Lots of depth. The bushes seem realistic, and I like that the outline of the top is green instead of black to help distinguish it as a non-interactive prop. This is phenomenal work.

Classy Ship: You did a fantastic job giving it a genuine steel look! I love those bulky pillars and round windows too. This would make a great airship or submarine level.

Ancient Mountain: This takes on a very different style from your other work with the grainy lines and textures. Still, you can tell what is rock texture on the surface of the ground, what is a brick texture in the ruins as well as carved stone floor, and distinguish a faded diamond pattern on one style of pillars. The leaves and vines are also still distinctive. This gives it a "drawn" look, and a weathered appearance. It reminds me of Supertails's work a long time ago.

Lava Castle: I'm shifting palettes in my head looking at this and I think that it could be suitable for any kind of castle with what you provided. I like the variety of bricks here: you have diamond and inset designs as well as a stone that can be used in a variety of sizes. I like that you also provided broken variants of the pillars and bridge poles. The bridge seems ambiguous, like it could be a stand-alone ledge without the pole. The castle BG also has nice rocky and brick texturing, thick but pale outlines, and sketchy clouds - it appears Yoshi's Island-like, and like it could be a layer 3 background.

While I like your old work too, only a few of those I'd say hold a candle to how you're drawing now. Your old grassland FG (shown with the mountain background) and the volcano FG are still top-notch. Looking back on all this, you are a man of many styles, a very adaptable and constantly improving artist.

Just look above you...
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That's a very good collection of graphics you for there!

That Snow Mountain is pretty nice, the ground patterns are nicely detailed, and i love those big trees!
I also love the patterns in that Grasslands tileset. Those really make it stand out! The decorations are also well detailed and look very good!
That Ship tileset has got some good decorations, i really like the pillars and cannons. I also really like the detailed borders in the ground.
The Ancient Mountain has got some really nice plant decorations, i love the details in the leaves and vines! The textures in the rocks, bricks and pillars are super detailed!
And that Lava Castle tileset has got some really good looking bricks and pillars! The Background also looks very good.
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