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Dippy is here to grace you all with one (technically two) ports


Hello. It's me, Dippy again. Since I didn't prepare anything for C3, all I have is this one song. If I finish more ports and the time is there, then I'll add some more ports here.

Hyper Zone - Blast Furnace / Download
Unsampled version / Download

Update 7/6/2020: New port!
Hyper Zone - Neo Megalopolis / Download
Unsampled version / Download

Hyper Zone on the SNES has a really good soundtrack that you should check out. It's made by the same composer as the kirby games as well so that's a plus. I also plan on porting more songs from Hyper Zone, so stay tuned for that I guess.

Hope you guys like these ports. Download coming soon!

Update 7/6/2020: Downloads are now available!
Very nice rendition man!!!

I've found about this game long ago when I was bored and I browsed some emulator roms. I'm gotta follow your works about this game.

Edit: watching the gameplay's video now because I never have beaten level 1. Level 5 "ripple field" has a very catchy tune that I could see fit in contest levels. Like cloud/sky/factory levels. If I may suggest :)
You did a great job with this port! I never heard of that game, but I think I'll listen to its OST soon. Your port turned out quite well I think, even if i personally prefer the unsampled version over the sampled one. It's still surprisingly close to the original considering it actually only uses SMW instruments.
Great job with that and I'll look forward to more Hyper Zone ports #w{=3}

Mr Scotsman said:
Oh it's (technically two) ports of that on-rail shooter from 1991, it would be nice to hear more from you buddy since you make some high quality ports. #smrpg{gdi}
Thank you and have a nice day

Always nice seeing ports of music from more obscure games like these. You're doing god's work by showing them some love!
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Pretty good port. Like Sariel, I actually find the unsampled version better for the song. Not that the sampled version sounds bad, it's just the SMW samples seem to fit better with it. Great work! :)
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Great work! I think I've come across this game somewhere and found out its OST was composed by Jun Ishikawa, but I know nothing else about it. Even though, I really like how your port turned out, especially the unsampled version of it!
The unsampled port is the highlight for me as well, yes. It sounds great, I love how you made the @29 sample sound good (it tends to sound not very good in higher pitches imo). Good shit!!
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The unsampled version is really cool. I can easily imagine its use on some kind of action packed level of sorts. Nice work! #w{:>}

Hey guys. Thanks for all of the kind words on the Blast Furnace ports. I have finished yet another port and I'm here to share it with you all:

Hyper Zone - Neo Megalopolis
Unsampled version

This took waaay longer to port than I thought it would. Hope you guys like it!
Sick ports man!
Hey guys. Here to tell you all that all of the ports are now downloadable from the SMW Music section. Check the original post for the downloads!
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neo megapolis is one of jun isikawa's best compositions, nice that you ported them!

Nice ports, especially the unsampled ones. Is it wrong of me to think the first one gave me some Sonic vibes?

Dream team (feed them, please):

It doesn't matter if it's just two ports, with and without samples, they're still great nonetheless!

Jun Ishikawa really knows how to make absolute bops for people to port for Super Mario World usability. #smrpg{:D}
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These are really good ported music!
I'm happy :)

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