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SMW2: Yoshi's Island Layer 3 Sunset Rip

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Yoshi's Island has got one of the most beautiful graphics, even ignoring Super FX stuff. In fact, there is notoriously special background which took me so long to rip (credit me before using it!): The sunset background seen in e.g. 3-1 and 6-1. The reason it's special is because it uses HDMA to break the 2bpp limit (I mean, it is a layer 3 background). Here are some images showing this background:

In fact, it's supposed to be faithful to the original background so parallax, wave effect and palette animation are included.

Enjoy! (But only if you use SA-1 and don't use a layer 3 status bar.)

In addition, I also release the script (or rather an updated version thereof) I used to "rip" the HDMA gradient: Link
My man this is looking sick! I forgot how beautiful these backgrounds were. Didn't even know they were Layer 3!
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Holy crap, that looks amazing!

Nice job!
It's very pretty #tb{'_'}
I don't really like the animated clouds though, but that's how it is in the original...
Is it difficult to edit this layer 3 due to the hdma shenanigans?

Anyways really nice work! #tb{:]}
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Yoshi's Island makes such good use of layer 3. If there was a tier list of which SNES games make the best use of layer 3, Yoshi's Island sits two tiers above whichever RPG comes in second place. We're getting a lot of cool stuff to SMW these days between ports from other SNES games + Mario Maker and original content. Really nice to see. I want to applaud you for setting up the parallax too, adds so much to the authenticity.

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I'm not to enthusiastic about the background per se, but I admire how you did this. This must've been a ton of work again for a single background.
It turned out faithful to the original in the end, so good job with that MFG! #smw{:peace:}

Wow Looks Realy Nice and Yeah you are Realy Right that was Yoshis island have Used in Technical Aspect aswell Gameplay Always one of The Best Games the Only Think we Stil Need are Singing Tribal Shyguys :D
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For anyone who wants to experience the effect live: I just uploaded a demo.
Didn't think about it until I tried the demo but it's really jarring how the background scrolls 1:1 with the foreground vertically but much slower horizontally. I guess it makes sense because you wanna show the whole thing on a normal-sized level but I think it would work much better for taller levels. But man, it looks good. It's so versatile that it's only layer 3 too

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I'm not the biggest fan of Yoshi's Islands art style, but regardless, great work! :)
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Dude this is amazing! The fact it's layer 3 and uses parallax. And I thought DKC was the only game that made really good layer 3 bg's as well as parallax 😮
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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Wow, nice to see you've improved on the rip with the scrolling parallax and all! Too bad I can't use it with the vanilla status bar with the parallax, but I could easily remove that and still use the BG, right?
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Damn, that's really fucking impressive. I always forget that YI has some amazing graphics, I can't wait to see people come up with creative ways to use this in their hacks.
That's amazing! Yoshi's Island really has some of the most beautiful graphics of the SNES era, especially with its use of Layer 3, and this background is no exception!
Really impressive that you managed to rip this! Great job!
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All of this is on layer 3? Wow.
I must really take the graphics for granted whenever I play YI. This background is indeed extremely beautiful.

It's very nice that you also included the HDMA codes, most people who use YI graphics don't bother with these, and they really do add a lot to it #ab{:)}
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
I truly believe YI and its art style will still be looked back on many years in the future for how iconic and unique it was for the time.
I can imagine getting this background to work properly was quite tedious so I do applaud the effort. #smrpg{haha}
I'd never considered how complex YI's backgrounds are. The amount of effort that has gone into this is commendable.
Originally posted by Koopster
It's very nice that you also included the HDMA codes, most people who use YI graphics don't bother with these, and they really do add a lot to it #ab{:)}

It becomes even more notable that I have to HDMA. At best, you can leave out the parallax scrolling (idol's Kaizo hack does) but there is no way this background is possible without fixed colour HDMA.

By the way, the primary driver to update the background is a new parallax HDMA engine. The sunset just happen to be a good choice as I also wanted to update my scrollable HDMA gradient (it was removed due to a broken SA-1 function).
It's impressive how people can pull off layer 3 graphics this well.

I could imagine the complexity level that was ripping them since YI graphics are hard to rip #ab{;)}
While i'm not a fan of the background itself, i have to say that it is pretty impressive. Great job.

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