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Super Mario Kart Remix
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2020 - Super Mario Kart Remix
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Hello! Thanks for stopping by on my thread! Today, I'll like you all to show you my main SMK hack that I've been working on the past decade!
My goal today is to put some spotlight to the SMK hacking area, showing what is capable to do! I'll share some other hacks later too You can see the other 2 hacks here 👀
Let's start with the first, shall we? I present you, my personal SMK Hack:

Super Mario Kart Remix
(My hack is the first half of the following video!)

Super Mario kart Remix is a hack I have been working on and off over the past decade! My aim is to create a good chocolate mario-themed SMK hack (mostly new graphics!) with good, keeping in line with the theme, and working tracks designs!


  • 20 brand new, custom tracks! Tracks have been meticulously tested to be completely driven full-speed at 150cc by the heavy characters! (And by extension, all the other characters can race them just fine)
  • Each track is made with an specific focus to feel more unique between tracks of the same theme!
  • Cool shortcuts in most tracks! Masters of the mini turbos will find many ways to cut track sections, as well as precise, but satisfying mushroom and feather shortcuts!
  • 4 new battle tracks! The battle tracks have been made in mind to provide different battling experiences, while providing unique twists in their own!
  • 7 new track themes, along with 8 custom backgrounds! The new locations are made in mind to be a nice contrast with the original themes, while providing some new racing themes that might not have been seen before!
  • Custom road tilesets! The original graphics of the game have been taken as a base and expanded upon to make tracks look more interesting and detailed!
  • Edited miscellaneous graphics: Title screen, menus, driver select, object sprites, podium, and more!


  • Custom Music! I'll be attempting into inserting custom music into the game!
  • Optional MSU-1 patch: This will be an included alternate patch with CD quality tracks! Worry not, I know some people don't like MSU-1 on older games, but I will pick songs that fit the new themes!
  • PAL port after main release. You might be asking, why? Well, turns out that the PAL version of SMK has enough gameplay differences that truly make it stand out than NTSC, so players will be able to choose between their favorite version!
  • Custom sprites for drivers: This is possible, and there are some concepts with the limited palette the game has. I'm no expert spriter (since drivers need around 16 frames between multiple sizes!), but I will look into available resources to see if I can manage this!

Screenshots and videos!

Now, enough rambling! I'd like to present you all the custom themes I have implemented as well as some pics and videos for you to seem them in action! (please note that some colors/graphics might appear a bit hard to see due to the video compressions and small image sizes, but worry not; I've been testing this on the SNES mini and it looks way better in your emulator resolution of choice/TV! Also, remember that these BGs here are not final! I'm still changing colors, adding new decors as well as fixing other things!)

NOTE: Some graphics and track layouts are already obsolete! Refer to the screenshots for more current versions. Some screenshots might also differ slighty since I took them somewhat recently, but I ensured to take recent screenshots for C3

Star Cup Preview:

Themes shown in order: Rice Terrace, Evening Isles, Frigid Mine, Sunrise Ridge and Alpine Pass.

Alpine Pass

Alpine Pass takes place on the lower hills of a series of mountain ridges. Enjoy the scenery along forests and hills on a nice, sunny day! Tracks here are inspired by your typical raceway tracks from racing games, along with dirt patches that might give you to take mini turbos shortcuts!

Sparkle Oasis

The tracks here take place around an oasis in the middle of the desert! The racetracks here circle around the calm waters, as well as racing on a dried up oasis! Be on the lookout for advanced shortcuts to squash the competition!

Frigid Mine

Frigid Mine takes place inside a treacherous of an abandoned mine located in an icy mountain! The ice above is melting as you see in the background! Huge chunks of ice are falling and have destroyed the wooden platforms below, merging with them to become a race track! Be sure to don't fall off!

Evening Isles

The sun sets on these luxurious white sand beaches! The tracks here take place on atolls that have formed over time. The atolls are in a chain of islands along with the active volcano on the distance. Beware the cheep cheeps that like to get in your way!

Jungle Ruins

These courses take place deep withing an imposing jungle! Explore the remains of an ancient civilization that once called home this treacherous place. Beware! The state of the ruins have fallen in disrepair and the water has turned into poison, so be sure to keep your composure to avoid sinking!

Sunrise Ridge

Sunrise ridge is located at the summit of the mountain range you saw on Alpine Pass! The tracks are located high, breaking the clouds below, while you watch the sun rising up. The tracks here have many bumps, so be sure to be on the lookout to use a mushroom for a sweet shortcut!

Rice Terrace

Located at the Chai kingdom from Sarasaland, the tracks take place between the rice paddies of the local area! The road is littered with frail mud blocks that will shatter if you hit them, so be sure to maneuver between them to not get slowed down!

Rainbow Road

And the final racing location! The rainbow road theme has been expanded to look more appealing. Beware! Since this is the final track of the hack, you will need to muster all your skill to be able to conquer this track!

Battle Tracks
(You can click each image to view a bigger one taken with BSNES HD Mode 7 so you can look the details!)

HTML tutorial

The first battle track is the smaller of the 4. Use the zippers on each cardinal location to your advantage for faster movement to dodge and intercept your opponent!

HTML tutorial

Battle Track B takes place on Frigid Mine. This track blends the two themes to provide a twist! Be sure to adapt to the play style of the slippery floor when you're in that section, as well as use the jumpers to move around quicker and ambush your opponent.

HTML tutorial

This battle track serves as the odd one out of the 4. Symmetrically divided into 2 sections, the middle oval is reminiscent of an old arena. Be careful for bouncing items on the narrow hallways on the sides!

HTML tutorial

The last, but not least battle track! Located on the Rainbow Road theme and sporting an unique tiling compared to the course, this map features jump bar sections to help you dodge incoming items. Movement and positioning is key here!

Current Progress
Wow, that was a lot of content, right? Let me share the current progress of the hack, to get a sense when it might get done:

  • All tracks are done, except by one (23 out of 24). Unfortunately I need to redo a track as it had an idea that doesn't work in execution. However, I already know the layout of the new version, so it won't take long to do it!
  • A little more of 1/4 of the tracks needs touches to be playable at full speed on 150cc. Some require small changes in the layout, but some require big changes. Sunrise Ridge tracks are the ones that required more changes
  • Editing the title, cup, character select and results screens is missing.
  • Object sprites, such as thwomps and cheep cheeps still need to be redone
  • Now that all the tracks are done, I will revise the unused space on each tileset to add more decoration the tracks, so they look better
  • Work in custom music will be the last thing to do
  • They are countless minor details that might/will be changed too, such as some BG palettes.

I have planned a 2020 release date, probably in December, as with the whole situation going on I have a lot of time to work into the hack! Cocatriz is helping me in playtesting to ensure all tracks can be done full speed, but generally all tracks have their final design. If an 2020 cannot be achieved, it will probably get released Q1 of 2021. Lastly, I really apologize for not having a demo! I know that I pretty much showed all the tracks, but believe, seeing them in pictures don't do justice on how they play! I hope with all the descriptions, images, videos and all helped you get a good grasp of what I have done so far!

Thanks for stopping by!


Looks like a lot of fun! There's clearly some love and effort put into this. Looking forward to more!

Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
Looks like a really promising hack! You've done a great work on these tracks! #smrpg{gasp}

hello 🙂
I legitimately keep forgetting that Super Mario Kart hacking is even a thing. That being said, I really like all of the tracks that you've shown in the trailer! I especially like how you mix and match track themes to create entirely new ones. Like making an icey ghost house or a swamp fortress. This is pretty clever, because it has the advantage of creating track designs that feel new, yet are also consistent with the existing SMK art style. Definitely one of the coolest non-SMW things I've seen during this C3 so far!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I can just see myself falling off of that new Rainbow Road track like a bazillion times now.
This looks so cool! I am pretty impressed by what you have done. Super job, gridatttack!
Wow It Looks Great I Like How Different The Tracks Look Keep up the Great Work :D

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

Dang it looks even BETTER than the original SMK! I love the custom graphics and map design also! Definitely looks like worth checking out.

What-A-Blast has been cancelled...
**Layout by Erik557

Woooooah! This is awesome! I dabbled into mario kart hacking a while back, hacking in custom graphics is no easy feat for that game. Atleast, for myself anyway. Great work!
Going to second that notion it looks a lot more fun than the original SMK and I would play this on a console if I could. Track design is really tricky to make balanced for all kart types so I applaud all the diligent effort put in to achieve that, and it just wouldn't have Mario Kart charm without shortcuts. They are all substantive, not too short, and I like that just a few of them are almost 2-minute long races. The fact you can play Bowser/DK Jr. like a boss and make this game look so easy when it's clearly not just tells me you have spent ages playtesting everything to the finest detail.

The new track themes and graphics are also stunning: I really like the jungle ruin, ridge, desert, beach, and mine especially with that old rail on the long portion of the track. You achieved having a unique look for all the tracks. That new Rainbow Road seems to be more of a "deluxe" version of the old - expanded and even slimmer - and I can see many Game Overs being had before passing that.

I am assuming you have seen N-SPC documentation for the custom music planning (MajinBlueDragon's F-Zero sound document is a great one and should help significantly for SMK) and I look forward to seeing updates on this in the future!

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Very seldom do I see Super Mario Kart hacking content, so this is a nice surprise! The tracks all look pleasant, especially considering the custom graphics and aesthetics. You did a great job at making them feel true to the original Super Mario Kart, they really do look like extra tracks straight from the game.

The fact that you've been working on this ambitious project for the past decade is also very impressive, I can tell you've poured lots of love and effort into it. Currently looking forward to the completion of this hack, keep up the superb work!

What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
This looks much better than the original tracks, especially the mine one!
But sunset rise is also very good #tb{;)}
And I have to agree that the track design itself also seems to be more interesting #tb{:]}
I'm very interested in playing this.
Where are smk hacks uploaded and is there any way to get notified once this is done?

My Youtube channel

Currently working on:
Project C

Finished project:
This looks awesome! Can't wait for this.
Wow, i gotta say i had never really seen anything related to SMK rom-hacking, so this was some really interesting stuff!
It's cool to see the potential the SMK hacking scene has with modifying the game.

I can see you put a lot of love and effort into this! It's really impressive to see you've been working on this for a whole decade!

I love all the new themes you've created by mixing stuff found in different tracks to create new environments, and these tracks look really fun to play through, with all the mixed gameplay elements and all the possible shortcuts that can really spice up the races! It really shows you have a good understanding of the game's mechanics, and you're taking full advantage of them with designing these tracks!

My Youtube Channel
Super Mario Kart hacking is one of those things that I forget exists, and when I stumble upon it, that's when I realize just how much I've been missing.

I really love the way these tracks look! The aesthetics are super on point and look so much nicer and more varied than the original game's. The palettes are also so satisfying to look at, and it's hard to pick just one favourite. Alpine Pass looks super lush, Sunrise Ridge and Evening Isles have a perfect purple/orange combination, Rice Terrace has a nice pale orange and green combination, and Jungle Ruins's deep purple and green fit together nicely. I'm looking forward to the custom music to see how everything will be tied together.

Finally, a Rainbow Road battle course is just we need. I'm excited to see the finished product; it's already looking super promising!
I played SMK back when I was younger (nowadays... not so much). Either way, from the graphical standpoind, the tracks look very awesome. My personal is Fridgit Mine which reminds me of Yoshi's Island cave waterfalls and Jungle Ruins where the foreground looks especially awesome.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
Giga perfect work, gridatttack!:O

Currently working on The Mario's Greatest Adventure. My next projects will be The Mario & Stitch vs. Devil Ztar Trilogy (MSU-1 only with some SPC), The Mario's Greatest Adventure CD (MSU-1 only), Super Mario Land 4: Wario's Return, Super Mario Star Ocean (SM64 hack) and Super Mario 64+ (SM64 hack). My list of music request is in my bio. List Graphics
I haven't seen that many SMK hacks before. But from the ones I have seen, this has to be the prettiest one by far. Those tracks look like straight out of a Super Mario Kart 2!

I don't know what to say beside that I am really impressed by this and that I can't wait to play an eventual Demo or full release of this!
Great work! #smrpg{y}
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by RPG Hacker
I legitimately keep forgetting that Super Mario Kart hacking is even a thing.

Same here! Don't know why, but I completely forget that someone would even hack this game.

Nonetheless, this is one really interesting hack! I'd definitely play this over the original even. Seems to being out a lot more interesting courses and overall feels like a fresh take on it. ^.=.^

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
Thanks all for your comments! The new themes is perhaps the thing I'm most satisfied & like most/had fun doing so! (not leaving the tracks too! It''s been fund designing them to fit each theme) I spent quite some time thinking what themes would be better, but I'm just happy that I finally have them all set and defined. Alsom glad to hear SMK hacking is being known a bit more after this 👀 I have another collaborative hack that I'm working after this one. Expect a thread soon detailing it along with another hack I made the tracks for!

I'd like to talk a bit on SMK hacking right now to give info on how were holding up: recently, someone else has decided to take a look into the inner workings on the game, so hoping for more stuff to be brought to light! For example, it was found out how to edit the credit sequences on which tracks are shown! The base editor is already excellent and easy to use (and includes compression/decompression tools!) We're being held back right now by limitations of the background (it's only 3 8x8 tiles in height that only allows 3 colors plus alpha for each tile. Right now each theme uses 16 palette pages made up of 15 colors plus alpha that holds all the colors. This means that you could theoretically give each driver a different palette per theme, but it's hard sinde 4 pages are used for al the 8 drivers, meaning each driver shares colors with another one. If we could somehow overcome this limitations of graphics/tiles/colors by expanding the ROM, we could do some even crazier stuff 👀

The other huge roadblock regarding tracks is the ghost valley pillars. These objects work in a very different way, and right now it's not possible to move them in the editor. I plan to change the pillar into icicle stalagmites.

For other stuff, I know a bit on what it entails modifying the menu, title screen, results, and podium select, so not too worried about that. Music modding is what worries me the most, however, it seems the aforementioned user that is discovering stuff for the game, made a track composer for the game, so will be using that! If not, in the least, MSU-1 will be a thing, just need to corroborate how to apply it/if the current public patch will not mess with my current work done 🤔 I'd appreciate any info/help on these topics! 🙏🏻

Originally posted by Counterfeit
I am assuming you have seen N-SPC documentation for the custom music planning (MajinBlueDragon's F-Zero sound document is a great one and should help significantly for SMK) and I look forward to seeing updates on this in the future!

No, not really! Do you have any info/link for these docs? I'll love to keep them as reference when tackling music in the end 👀 Right now I just have vague concepts on what effort is needed. All I know right now is the music is very limited in the game.

Originally posted by NGB
Where are smk hacks uploaded and is there any way to get notified once this is done?

Right now we have a discord, but it's been a bit quiet in the past few days. I think RHDN would be your best bet. In my case for the hacks I'm working on, I will put release trailers on my youtube channel, so you could use that to keep track of this mod!

Anyway, I made a render for Rainbow Road using some CSS trickery to rotate images, so you can see the final rainbow road in detail:


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