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Vanilla-Styled Treetop Graphics


So, I noticed a lot of people in the SMW feat. Marisa Kirisame C3 demo thread were commenting on how good the treetop platforms looked. So I decided to release them in this C3 thread!

Here are a couple screenshots:

And here's the download link:

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Nice graphics, going to try them #smrpg{:D}
Just some Ys fan lol
They look really good!
I think the graphics look a bit weird, since the upwards section has a ton of little "bumps" while the downwards has only a few big "bumps" (yeah, I couldn't find a better way to express myself here lol). Still, thanks for the release. I think they can be useful for choconilla hacks.
Weird or not, they do look like vanilla, so they're good for what they are meant for.

They will probably be used a lot, thats for sure.
Hey, that looks pretty good! Nice job on those!

I do agree with Darolac though, in that they do look a bit weird, due to how flat they are in the top, compared to how round the leaves are in the bottom.
But, to be honest, i'm not exactly sure how/if they could be 'fixed', while still making it clear they're a platform.
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If I was doing a vanilla hack, I would definitely use these to spice it up. Looks like you'd find it in VLDC. Nie work!
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Simple, but nice. It works well. #smw{:TUP:}

looks very cool.

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Pretty cute graphics. I agree with Darolac about there being somewhat of an inconsistency between the bump sizes, but it's not that terrible. I suggest that you experiment with taller leaves, though. Also, more assets for this tileset would be cool, seems like there's some room for expanding on this idea 👀
That graphics are great #smrpg{:D}
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
They are pretty simple and effective.
really like the idea of giving level creators more tilesets to work with that fit in really well with the SMW style.
Pretty neat SMW-styled GFX out there, FailSandwich! I can't wait to use this for my hack.
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These fit the simplistic vanilla style well and are certainly usable. However, it could be great idea to expand the concept further. The platforms are relatively flat and to me, they look a bit artificial. I think adding some basic decorations - bushes, leaves, more branches, even just non-interactable bumps - could be an effective way to make the tileset look more natural.
This is a cool idea. I think one reason why the top part might look weird compared to the bottom part is that the bottom has very thick shading with the darker shade of green, and while the top part does have that shading, it's a lot thinner than it is on the bottom. They still look pretty nice, though!
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