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maxo's unfinished bundle of (almost) unsampled ports

MusicSuper Mario World

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Couldn't show up this C3 with nearly as much as I had planned originally (thanks to college), but I couldn't just not show up. :P There's a few that I have already shared in some way before but none officially until now.
I guess I'll update this thread later in the upcoming week with one or two more songs I wanted to release among these. For now, hope you like these!! (also, a lot of these are long so it's ok if you don't listen to them entirely)

• Celeste - Joy of Remembrance | Play - Download
• A Hat in Time - Windmill Peak | Play - Download
• Hollow Knight - City of Tears | Play - Download
• Hollow Knight - Mantis Lords | Play - Download
• Hollow Knight - White Palace | Play - Download

by the way, i had planned to port a couple more from each of these three games, is there any in particular you'd like to see done? :P

e: c3 scheme is screwing up my tables #tb{>:(}
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already listened to all of these hahahaha but good ports nonetheless

edit* brain fart
Incredible work you've done with these ports, going to give a try on my next projects #smrpg{gasp}
Just some Ys fan lol
Given how amazing the Hollow Knight soundtrack actually is, there has been a surprising lack of ports from it. I'm glad you fixed this! I especially love the White Palace port, such a good song
Originally posted by Pinci
already to listened all of these hahahaha but good ports nonetheless

you are officially nominated god by porting hollow knight
The celeste port is OH MY GOD
I'm a sucker for celeste music of all kinds and this port is just so good. Makes me want to make a level just to use this single port. I'm actually probably gonna do that.
Those ports of hollow knight are really nice, I just wish they were sampled... either way, good job!
I had the White Palace port playing in the background for a solid ten minutes before I realized it wasn't the "relaxing VGM" playlist on Youtube I'd been listening to before. #tb{''}

Yeah! Hollow Knight musics, finally! Thank you very much, Maxo.

Also, another port of Celeste, yay. #smrpg{:3}
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Oh god, these ports are beautiful! Celeste, Hollow Knight, and A Hat in Time are good games to pick to port! I know a certain girl who'd love these ports. <3

Excellent job, Maxodex! ^.=.^

awesum poarts
maxo baest porter evr

(nah just kidding, but these ports are pretty cool ;) )
I've already heard the Celeste port on your YouTube channel, and that White Palace port? Well, let's say I downloaded an SPC of that when I joined the Fortaleza Reznor server for a good laugh or two, hehe. Both are very nice, and I like what you did with that string in the latter.
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Five songs from three popular indie games (and platformers on different genres to boot).

I can only judge for Hollow Knight as I played neither Celeste nor AHIT. Either way, nice to see that we get the first songs from Hollow Knight ported to the SNES. They certainly sound pretty well with SMW's samples.

This is so damn impressive, you managed to make everything very faithful to their originals using (almost) only smw samples. These Hollow Knight ports are absolutely on point!

Originally posted by Maxodex
by the way, i had planned to port a couple more from each of these three games, is there any in particular you'd like to see done? :P

this one pls
Thanks again for making me notice HK's music is just not ambient sounds LOL

Seriously though, great ports! You really nailed adapting those songs to SMW's instruments. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the tracks you've been working on eventually 👀
While I never played any of these three games, I know, atleast, the soundtrack to Celeste. I feel like a lot of folks are hungering for more tracks from these games to use them in rom hacks, these are all great! :D
Your ports always sound great and this time is no exception, I really like how these sound. I can't imagine the amount of effort you put into them but it seems to have been worth it, great job!
Those are some really good ports.
I'm always really impressed with what you can do with no or minimal samples.
Really great work, thanks for sharing #tb{:]}

I don't really have any song in particular in mind but a hat in time has so many great songs #tb{;)}
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The Hat in Time port sounds really nice! I'm not familiar with the other songs but the ports sounds great.
There's one AHiT song I really like, shame it isn't in the final game. Might be kind of tricky to do unsampled but what do I know about porting almost nothing
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