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Dark Prince's Buff Smas Smb1 & 3 Sprite Sheet!


Yep, that's right! I managed to fit almost every sprite in those two games in 3 (actually 4) .bin files, with extra content on them!

I included some save states so you can have some of the palletes for those, i also included some cool bananas sample .palmask files, for easy insertion of the palletes!

In this pack you have:

-Unused graphics
-The kings in their two forms!
-Three different bowsers, with one of them being the bowser in the letter of super mario bros. 3!
-Some effects that are there cuz ye
-Two different mario graphics, including the unused super mario bros. graphics!
-Battle mode graphics!

I could easily continue lol

Screenies (snipping tool sux, should i say it?

I know, most of them are ripped, but these actually ARE intended for smw use, and they are also easier to insert, since they aren't ripped of snesgfx, but directly ripped from the super mario all-stars rom!

Wow, Really Cool #smrpg{:D}
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This is a nice sprite sheet. Being able to fit almost all of them between those I can image takes some effort to make sure it works. Kind of like playing Tetris I imagine. hehe

Well, this might make it easier for me to find graphics for my hack. Good job! #smw{:TUP:}

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thanks everyone!
Originally posted by Scrydan
This is a nice sprite sheet. Being able to fit almost all of them between those I can image takes some effort to make sure it works. Kind of like playing Tetris I imagine. hehe

yeah, the tetris got intense at the time to fill a line with graphics #tb{^V^}
This is a really great sprite sheet
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Nice!!! Neat stuff and definitely something I'll be using!!!
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
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Thank you so much for making these sprites more easier to insert. It may not be mindblowing stuff, but I applaud you for this neat idea. I shall try to use them in the future. Thanks. #smrpg{y}

Now THIS will make sone good resources for future hacks... Nice job compiling them!
woah, thank you guys!
Thanks for doing all that work for them to be easier to insert, just to let us not have to do all that work!
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Those will surely be helpful for those SMB3 hacks! I'm not sure if it's actually possible to submit those to the graphics section or it goes against some guideline though.
thanks! ill submit them in their apropiate replacements if i submit them to the smw gfx section, as this "tetris" does not respect the gfx submission guidelines, also, i will submit their respective palletes as well
The graphics definitively are too unorganised to be used in a regular hack. Nice job, nonetheless!
You're doing great, Dark Prince! (Satan, is that you?)

Keep it up, man!!
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