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Miku art request thread (Requests on pause to do current requests)


I'd love if you could please do your own personal depiction of my OC, Skiddi! Thank you!!
Could you draw a portrait from Beatrice from Umineko no nako koro ni? (1) (2) (3)

Yo! Hope you doing well. I'd like to see Unknown Specimen 4 (aka Tirsiak) from Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, if possible. Thanks in advance.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I wanted to ask for a Seal but looks like someone got there ahead of me. #smrpg{gasp}

In that case I'd love to see you give my little Taijna a shot. Pose and all up to you to decide. Thanks!
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Hey hey 👀
Could you draw Kanon Matsubara?
Can you draw me a Milo Murphy? It doesn't need to be in any specific environment, just draw my boy wherever you feel best.
No hard feelings if you don't get to it!
Could you draw Amy Rose from the Sonic games?
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by: (🔞 Warning)
Glad you're back to this business! I'm more than sure you'll do fantastically this C3 despite not having made any request threads for a while.

Anyways, my request is Iris's (she's from Mega Man X4) bust shot. It should be simple. The whole body would be too complicated IMO. Here's the reference.
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Thanks for all the requests!! I will try do them as fast as possible. As For the now:

Sorry to be bum but going to ask for a pause on asking for requests for the now so I can catch up with all the current ones I have!
Thanks for waiting!

Originally posted by kyasarintsu
Palutena dressed up as this medic from Etrian Odyssey 2 would be cute. They're both characters of personal importance to me. It doesn't need to be a full-body shot or anything if you don't feel up to it; it can just be from the chest and up.
I hope it's a simple enough request. I can change it if you need me to.

An interesting combo! Havent played Etrian odssey but it does looks good and I love kid icarus uprising lol

Originally posted by Teyla
Please draw Snow Halation Nozomi

You can skip the frills and just draw her from like, the waist up if that helps on complexity.

I went a bit funky with the colours but I hope you can still enjoy it!

Originally posted by SF - The Dark Warrior

If possible (as in, if its allowed), could you do a 160x144 px version of the above using this palette?:

Medium preferably is pixel art.

I am wanting to do all these requests on illustrator this year, so I understand if that makes you want to change your request, thats fine same goes if you still have the same request but I holded off doing it just to make sure. sorry!

Originally posted by Matheus2653

Blobly blob

Originally posted by Ninja Boy
A new art thread you say!
I'd like to request my running joke character Plumber Who
He looks like Mario without a hat and dresses more like the 10th doctor in a trench coat and 3D glasses except the glasses are more like the ones I have on my avatar.

Hope this is close to what you wanted!

Originally posted by MORC

Simple little happy bee!

Originally posted by Ruberjig

Not certain why but I felt like it would carry about mail lol!
Originally posted by Miku

I am wanting to do all these requests on illustrator this year, so I understand if that makes you want to change your request, thats fine same goes if you still have the same request but I holded off doing it just to make sure. sorry!

Well i'll be real, that is something you should be upfront in the OP about the kind of art medium you'd be willing to do on the requests since you didn't specify other than to keep it simple.

I don't mind you doing my request in the same style as the others but that is something to keep in mind.

Anyways I like what I see with the rest.
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Projects I support:

Rainbow miku set or one of them

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

That Vi looks lovely! Thank you Miku! #smrpg{<3}
Plumber Who is so good thank you!
Can you draw pony Midnight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but with an appearance resembling the Pokémon Keldeo's Resolute Form? She looks like this.

Here are some examples of Twilight Sparkle with that appearance.

But note that I don't want Twilight Sparkle, I want Midnight Sparkle.

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Hey Miku, long time no see! If you get to my request, then draw up best girl Bernadetta von Varley!Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
Great art, as usual for your high standard.