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My WIP Graphics and Hacks(?) Showoff Thread

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots

Hello and welcome to my Thread where I will show some Unfinished Graphics and my Unfinished Contest Entrys.


1 - The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Overworld

After I see This Submission, I decided to make a styled Version for the Overworld. It's is are in a Good state of submitting it for the Site, but I need to make some Adjusts and I don't know if I really want to Submit now.

2 - Seiken Densetsu 2 - Overworld

I was Searching for some good Overworld Graphics to rip, and I came across on this one. They are far to be finished and I don't think that they will be Used after all. I know that is Secret Of Mana but I like more the Japanese Name.


1 - CUSTOM - City(?)

Well, I started this based of Skewer Graphics, but I ended up making Something very Different. I have to tell that i'm very proud of this one, since it's my first Custom graphic that I will send in the Site. I still need to make some adjusts, add more elements and make some Palette Variants for the Tileset.

2 - Kid Tripp - Grassland

I decided to Rip some Mobile Games too. It's in WIP, and i'm thinking to Submit Every Tileset seeing in-game, so it will take a while to Finish it.

Unfinished Entrys

1 - 24 Hours Level Design Contest - ???

They doesn't have a Name, but is based of "Sector 4" from "Metroid Fusion" (since that the contest was revolved around the number 4).
I don't finished it, but it has a good Level Design and are in good state of Progress for making a One Level Hack.

2 - Chocolate Level Design Contest - Ruins of Fate/Koopa Ruins

The Level Begins Simply (Jump over Platforms, Kill the Enemies, Etc).
The second part of the Level, you need to find 2 Keys to Open the Big Door, so you need to go to the Left Door (Conveyor Gimmick) and the Right Door (Current Gimmick) for after it Pick up the Treasure and Escape from a Giant Rock (Like Indiana Jones).
I have to say that this Level had Potential, but I couldn't finish by Time.

Well, That's all that I have to Show for Now. I know that's not TOO much.
I hope that you like it and Thanks for See my Thread! #tb{;)}
We really lack ripped overworld graphics on the section (imo) so it's good to see more of them. Other than that, nice rips! Hope you finish them.
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More overworld graphics are always welcome, since there isn't too much of them now.
Nice graphics you got there!
It's always nice to see more Overworld graphics, the Link's Awakening set specifically looks really cute.
Also really dig those FG sets, they've got some nice structures and good looking decorations.
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The graphics are looking good, we can always use more OW graphics.
Ohhh man, I would love to see this Link Awakening Overworld stuff done. I love this game so much. Also, I found very creative your idea about the Metroid Fusion Sector 4.

Looks great good to see more overworlds

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Thank you, guys! I will really try to Finish these Graphics and Unfinished Entrys, but since that my Computer isn't work properly, it will took a while until I go back to finish it.
I hope you'll find a way to fix the technical issues with your computer.
These rips are well made and it would be sad if you'd lose your progress on your entries.

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldScreenshots