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The poor spriter's C3 thread (a single sprite release)


Hi! I'm poor. I have only one sprite. (and no, it's not even that exciting)

This is a simple kabomb: it walks around and, when it comes in contact with some selected sprites, it'll turn red and chase the player. The sprites it comes in contact with can be customized, and it's possible to use normal and extended sprites, and both normal and custom sprites.
See the .asm file for customizing and for other options.


Well, that's all. I surely missed some bugs in the 30 minutes I took to clean it up, so post here if you happen to notice any.

EDIT: Oh right, almost forgot: the graphics weren't made by me, they were made by Epic_stuff, so remember to credit him too. (and yes, I did get permission)
That's actually a pretty cool sprite that comes from one of my favorite NSMB DS levels. I can see some interesting ways to use it. Good job.
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i love this little man. what a good sprite
This is such a good little boy, can you specify the sprites that will trigger it to be mad?
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
This is such a good little boy, can you specify the sprites that will trigger it to be mad?

They're customizable, you can find a bunch of tables for them in the .asm file. I added a few ones (the hopping flame, the player's fireballs a bunch of extended sprites). You could make it trigger even with a brown chain platform, seriously.
It is exciting to me though #tb{''}

Cute sprite - I believe I saw a similar one in Fedora.
Fantastic work so far. Truly a source of inspiration for devilish hackers like us.
Pretty neat sprite! Very cute indeed as other have said! Good work! :)
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I can see a lot of potential with this one. It can totally go with SMB3's chasing flame, variants of Bowser's flame, Bowser statue fireballs, even venus flames! (I'm assuming?) Support for custom and extended sprites really broadens the uses of this. And that's just to name a few.

Nice little sprite!
Nice little sprite you got there.
It's cool to see a Bob-omb variant, especially one that can interact with other sprites (It's something i love in the SMM Bob-ombs, being ignited by flames). I can see a lot of potential for this little guy!
Good job!
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Sometimes, simple ideias are the best. Really nice sprite, I love the fact that he chases Mario after being ignited by the hopping flame or fireballs. It's not complex per say, but it leads to interesting level design. And that's what matter. #smrpg{:3}
What a nice and useful sprite! Kab-omb is such an underrated enemy from the Mario universe, so it's great to see it as an SMW hacking resource. The way it works here is especially neat, and I agree that it can make for various potential uses.
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Really neat enemy! The sprite is cute as well.

Very nice work! #w{:>}

The sprite is nice and would be very interesting to use.
Is it easy to define how many sprites trigger the aggressive mode?
Good work #tb{:]}

On another note I can't download the sprite without requesting permission. Is this intended?
I can do so, but I'm just asking.
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This sprite seems pretty cool! I would probably make it so it would explode when Mario is near to make it even dangerous, but as is is already pretty good.
Originally posted by NGB
On another note I can't download the sprite without requesting permission. Is this intended?
I can do so, but I'm just asking.

Um, nope, that's weird. I've reuploaded it to My files, anyway, so there should be no problems now.

One word: Beautiful.

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I definitively remember those guys. I agree with the others: It's rather simple but these sprites always add a nice touch to levels (and can make interesting ones with explosion sensitive blocks).
Nice, what happens if you stomp on it? I've never heard of a Kab-omb before...
Hello world!
I love when sprites can interact with things like this. I can't believe this didn't exist any sooner.