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Rykon-V73, the .json converter - MechIggy, Giant Ninji and Fake Ghost Door converted

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You might be thinking: oh come on! But hear me out. I don't have much, like 5 converted sprites, but added other options to them, which should make then worth it.
I'll start with the first one:

Mikeyk's Electricity sprite

Here are 2 screenshots with variety 1:

You can see above it occupies the wiggler GFX. Wish we had a way to fix that mistake:

It's the same sprite, but you can see above the GFX problem has been fixed.
Here's another version:

The sprite occupies the unused candle GFX. It's used as decoration in castle and that's it.
You can also edit the tilemap and forgot this:
You can change JSL $00F5B7-hurt routine with JSL $00F606-kill routine.

Download Mikeyk's sprite

Imamelia's Fire Snake

Above is their tilemap. A user will need to edit this. I did come up with 2 solutions:

The tilemap overwrites the unused part, making the sprite easy to insert now. Also:

The version above uses SP3, overwriting the hammer brother GFX.

Download Imamelia's Fire Snake

Yoshicookiezeus' Falling Block

I already showed my edit, but I'll also show:

You'd think if Mario moves on it, he'll be hurt right?

But no, he flat out dies.
You can also edit the tilemap and palette besides the contact routine.

Download Ycz's Falling Block

Imamelia's Rex

Yes, the Rex from SMW. The first one is the same, just converted it to .json, but the second, besides conversion, has other small configs:

This version, aside from palette change, moves a bit faster and if...

...stomped, moves really fast, like in the old O Ninja Negro(The Black Ninja).
Aside from tilemap and palette, the contact routine can be changed, as well as the 2 X speeds.

Download Imamelia's Rex

Koyuki's Giant Parakoopa

Hey, I already did the conversion. What gives?
The first one is the same. Look at number 2:

Ignore the palette, as you can change it in the .cfg file, this one moves a bit faster and bounces at lower speeds.
For both, you can edit the X and Y speeds, tilemaps and contact routines.

Download Koyuki's Giant Parakoopa

That's all for now. Not sure if I'll do tommorrow.

I'm curious of what to hear here.
Such a simple thing but it's actually really helpful especially for newer users who may not completely know how to edit graphics.
Quite an interesting technique you have here. It's definitely useful for those not aware of how to manually do all that stuff. Great work! :)
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As you said, great for newer SMWCentral users. I have converted 2 more sprites. They do have a lot of tiles. I'll start with:

Imamelia's Banzai Bill disassembly

It's your generic banzai bill, but with imamelia's option of heading to the right via extra bit. There's also:

I call this the Forest Banzai Bill and the palette isn't good. Here I edited the X speed to make it almost as fast as the one from O Ninja Negro and gave it the thunderous SFX.

Download Imamelia's Banzai Bill

The last sprite is interesting, as it's made by:

Darolac's Bill Bomber

The .json of the Banzai Bomber was harder, as I had to set Bob-Ombs, too.

Download Darolac's Bill Bomber

Also, sorry to Darolac, as I didn't know to contact him first.
Perhaps I'll do soem tommorrow.
I always appreciate you took the time to convert a lot of sprites to json format as I'm usually pretty lazy to do that with my sprites lol. Don't worry about contacting me, the updates seems very good and I really encourage you to continue with this json conversion of the sprites section!
This does depend on my time, Darolac, but I'll see what I can do.
Showing the last update before C3 Summer 2020 is closed, I have:

Mandew's MechIggy

The thing that screws me is that at the 2nd screen there are 3 more GFX of the MechIggy at the top right. Were those to be used, too?
Also, there's the next version:

This overwrites the GFX of the pipe and some of the lakitu fishing hook.
Compatible with explosions. You'd assume that using the red palette, besides being the forest type, it hurts Mario like the forma one, correct?

Wrong! This kills Mario in 1 shot.
You can edit the tilemap and contact routine.

Download Mandew's MechIggy sprite

The next sprite is made by the well-known:

RussianMan's Giant Ninji

The version above that no ceiling fix applied.
There's also:

Ignore the thwimp GFX. This one is green, has improved GFX, has its Y speed changed a bit, has ceiling fix applied and overwrites only the Magikoopa tiles, making it useful for castles.

Download RussianMan's Giant Ninji sprite

The last sprite is made by 2 users:

Telinc1 and dahnamics' Fake Ghost Door

The version above uses its own palette and it's good for boo houses, but it can also be used...

... at the castle section.

The version above is better, as it uses the SMW palette A, meaning it has drawn GFX. You can edit the gravity option X speeds of fake and fading fake boo, vanishing time, distance and speed of boo(speed in pixels) sound effect and sound bank and tilemap.

Download Telinc1 and dahnamics' Fake Ghost Door

That's all that I have. I hope I'll meet you at the future C3.

Feedback is appreciated.
Are you planning to convert all the sprites from the SMW sprites section to .json files?
For the most part, I convert the sprites used for my hack. Others I can't, because of the extra bytes feature.
I'm impressed that you're doing great at converting .cfg files to .json files. Still, a great achievement, that is!
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