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WIP Pasta Land Foreground

GraphicsSuper Mario World

This is a work in progress. Inspired by Pasta Land from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Currently includes:

- Tablecloth ground (solid and "cloud-like");
- Spaghetti in fork tree.

To be added:

- Tomato sauce water and/or lava;
- Macaroni bushes;
- A background in the same theme;
- More texture in the tablecloth (currently it's very flat);
- Alternate palettes for the tablecloth (specially red);
- Pasta vines;
- Maybe more things.
Just what we needed to finish this event: some nice Spaggheti! :)

I'm curious to see even more of this tileset in the future, but it has a lot of potential, so far.

Pizza Pasta Pizza Pasta makes sense now.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
This is hype right here. I can't wait to see it finished! (no pressure)

asm coding time
My current(?) hack (outdated, possibly)
I hope she made lots'a spaghetti.

This is such an odd theme for a Tileset but thats what I love about it. I get some Earthbound Vibes from it.

Seeing the WIP tileset against those checkered tiles game me some strong Magicant vibes from Earthbound... aside of that, it is nice that you are willing to deviate a bit from the classic themes to create an original tileset like this. Kudos to you, and I hope you manage to successfully draw it.

Dream team (feed them, please):

I crack up everytime I remember the existence of the Mario cartoon. Sometimes it feels like it was a delirium.

The fork with pasta looks really good, and the tablecloth pattern surprisingly works very well as a tileset and even dismisses the need of extra shading. I really hope the background in the screenshots isn't the actual background of the tileset though, cause those colors are pretty jarring lol

Looking forward to seeing more sumptuous assets 😋
Like Major Flare, this resembles Magicant from Earthbound in a way. The fork with pasta looks clean and detailed, even though your pasta looks more like a bee hive than anything, lol. Glad to see the checkered "background" isn't the actual background, though. Looking forward for more (delicious) assets #smw{<3}
Great idea! And the graphics are looking good! (Bom trabalho!)
Pizza pasta time! Idk how usable it is but it is entertaining.
Finally my dream of creating a pizzeria level can be realized.
Oh no! It's that cursed cartoon. For some reason I like the fact that you turned something from that show into SMW Graphics.

Also, when I saw the screenshot, I didn't realize the ground was meant to be a tablecloth, I just assumed it was just generic placeholder graphics, similar to the ones you find in unused/test levels for 3D games.
Mamma mia, I love this idea! It's nice to see specific aspects of the Super Mario franchise get turned into SMW Central resources like this. The graphics themselves are looking very well so far, keep it up!

Also, just a small suggestion, but I think you should add meatballs to the tileset, simply as another decoration to use. Meatballs tend to end up in pasta a lot, so it would feel fitting.
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
Ooh, food set. I have a couple of suggestions for your list of additions: A container of parmesan cheese (would fit perfectly with your existing foreground colors,) meatballs, and basil + garlic particles for the tomato sauce lava.

Just look above you...
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Sorry, the jokes don't stop! But this looks rather interesting nonetheless.

The show had some weird backgrounds and stuff like this is quite interesting to see! #smw{<3}

Some memories are best left dead and buried.

Seriously, tho~. Can't wait for the finished product!
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Man this really reminds me of that one guy who is making the Super Mario Bros Super Show an actual game. It's funny since the Pasta Land theme is in that project too, so it's a funny coincidence that there's an SMW version of it as well now. Good work my dude!
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GraphicsSuper Mario World