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some mario maker 2 rips

GraphicsSuper Mario World

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mario maker gfx are always nice, because a lot of people know these visuals.
They also fit quite nice with vanilla gfx
Thanks for making and sharing #tb{:]}
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These rips are so good. They maintain the original SMM2 quality. Good job!

Layout created by Dominicentek
Yay! Moar SMM2 rips! Gotta download 'em all!!!
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It's always nice to see more Mario Maker stuff being ripped. I specially like the big coins and the icicles from here!
~ More SMM2 rips and a simple background that taked me 2 days to rip correctly ~

NOTE: They are included in the SMB, SMB3 and SMW styles (except the big coins and the background).

|Big Coins (update)|
Update info: now includes the NSMBU version.

Download Page


Download Page

|Stone (story mode)|

Download Page

|Forest Background (SMW)|

Download Page
UNPERISHABLE - July 2023 Prototype (Download)
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SMW: Endless Night

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GraphicsSuper Mario World