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[SMBX 2.0 - Mini-Episode] Super Mario Signal Interference

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Hello guys! How are you? #tb{:]}
It's my first post, and I don't know if I can post here, but I'll try. This is my smbx 2.0 beta 4 mini-episode. #tb{^V^}

Originally posted by History
Mario feels strange energy around, it's like a problem with the island's signal. This signal seems to come from the strange satellite still in orbit. It is frequented by some explosions and climate change. Mario's mission is to deactivate the satellite and find the creator of this signal interference.

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Originally posted by Important!!!
- Only 1 player allowed
- It's only work in SMBX BETA 4
- 16 levels
- Plis, don't forget to download the new hotfix of the SMBX 2.0
Levels - new patches
- Just replace the file ;)
Level - 6 -Tribal Totem Trouble - Fixed the lava speed of the last section

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Main creator - Shinbison
Luna Helper- 8luestorm
Special Thanks Airship/Shyguy/Vinny/Mechdragon777

I hope you enjoy! #smrpg{y}

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