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pat's unnamed and unfinished kaizo hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

dude i'm running on fumes right now but i'm here to present my unnamed kaizo hack that may or may not be finished one day

sorry the gifs suck. i'll probably upload proper videos when i'm not so busy.
but yeah there's 2 levels that are missing bosses i have planned so you just get a generic ending in both of them instead. have fun #smw{:trollface:} and i'm really sorry if the second half of the star level screws you over with the timing, that'll be the first thing i fix if i ever get to it


Looks like a pretty interesting Kaizo hack. A shame it hasn't gotten more notice from anyone.

Nice job and keep up the good work!
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hey, this is simultaneously really pretty and really creative! Pat makes awesome bosses too, so people should really give this hack more respect.
Oh geez, layer 2 smash Kaizo. Does that moving grass platform at the bottom have its drop feature removed? I think that star countdown and the various different stars is a neat feature too. I can feel the tension of that number getting so low down and you see the next star and think you're not going to make it rather than listening for the music to stop and counting in your head.

I like the colors you're running in your gifs. Layer 3 rocks with the green and mint colors look like mossy stone in the cave. The mist in the second one looks surreal and turns it "purple mountains majesty."

Just look above you...
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Kaizo usually isn't a difficulty I play often, but just looking at those GIFs certainly piqued my interest. Both snippets of gameplay seem to be pretty fun, the timed invincibility gimmick especially. The aesthetics are simple, yet quite effective as well.

When time allows it I'll be sure to give these levels a shot!
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So I just gave this a quick play after lunch and my jaw dropped. For someone who made that one ancient kaizo hack a few years back, this is some great improvement. However, as clever as the 2 levels are, they seem a bit too demanding, but I'm not sure if you do plan to keep them in the same order.

The layer 2 smash level seemed a bit over the place sometimes, and a few glaring spots I had to screen scroll are jarring and required tough timing, only for you to include one single midpoint after everything I went through. I hope it's not the first level after all...
The other level combined two great gimmicks in one. Nice to see an invincibility gimmick that excludes the starman music and has different timers too, but I just happened to run into THE GAME

A midpoint or two would have been crucial here.

Keep on developing, my man! With experience comes skill, and that seems to be the case.
Not a huge Kaizo guy, but what I've seen so far looks pretty cool. Just a shame I'm not too good at it. Great work! :)
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots