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A couple of weird ports

MusicResource Release

Hi! You've probably seen my other thread. Sinc-X and I actually made quite a few ports for that hack and I figured I'd release mine right away (with the exception of the title screen theme, which I'll release whenever Sinc-X decides to upload his own two compositions). Due to my ports varying in quality, I decided I'll only be submitting a few of them to the section, with the others ones just being downloadable here.

Ones that I'll be submitting:

Baba Is You - Cog Is Push (Chrono Trigger style) // In the style of Secret of the Forest, specifically.
Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance // Lui coded beat blocks for SMW, so I made this because a rhythm level in odd meter seemed like an interesting idea.
Petscop - level2 // Covered using Earthbound samples for ???? reasons

Ones that I won't be submitting (note that most of these are horribly unoptimized):

bill wurtz - at the airport terminal (SMW style) // For one of gbreeze's levels. I had no hope of porting this accurately, so I did a silly arrangement that goes through a bunch of SMW songs instead.
Bobacupcake - Theme of Really Cool Bird // Covered using MMX samples. I don't particularly like how this one sounds, so down here it goes.
Danny Elfman - Breakfast Machine // Based on the loop used in the Blue Ball Machine YTMND rather than the original recording.
Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon // Medic came across this midi file and we knew it had to be ported. While porting, I was mainly concerned with preserving the midi's immaculate energy.
kfaraday - goldberg miku // This one was removed from the hack because no one liked it lol. Here it is anyway!
kfaraday - i gave up and sent in dancing mad instead seeya nerds // This was used in the best level in the game, looking forward to everyone getting to it
Super Mario World (Pirate) - Credits // This sure exists.
Agatha Christie's Poirot - Main Theme // This one is particularly wretched and barely good enough for the level it's in. Use at your own discretion.

You can download all of them here.

very good shit btw; gonna have to listen to the rest later, but I just like this for the kfaraday and bill wurtz ports alone lmao
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Weird ports are some of my favorites!
If I ever get good at porting I have a lot of weird dumb songs I'd like to port.
I love the dancing mad rendition and cog is push the most.
Great work!
I really liked the Baba is You port, always nice to see music from that game.
petscop rocks

Seriously though, all these really rock, great work!
Good ports you got here, even the more meme-y ones are enjoyable and they work well in the context of YUMP 2.
The airport song always cracked me up, lol. I didn't know its origin until now.

Really good stuff, both the polished and unpolished ones. You too know how to balance silliness and quality quite well. Petscop is the nicest of the bunch in my opinion.
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Originally posted by Lazy
This one was removed from the hack because no one liked it lol. Here it is anyway!

I liked it. :(
It took some times to get used but it felt very yumpy. Better than the current one oh well...

Also that dancing mad remix is the best.
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The airport theme really amuses me, I like it as it remixes in a fun way~! Also find the Blue Moon one also fun to listen to as well.

Overall, those are some interesting and fun ports you got there!

You absolute madman, you ported Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon! You do you release that you have officially opened yourself up to a lot of Fallout - New Vegas jokes. It would have even funnier if you ported Big Iron by Marty Robbins. I might un-ironically use your port of Blue Moon for the town level in World 4 of Super Mario Zeal

These are some quite good ports, even if many of them might not be submitted due to their single level use in YUMP2. Really enjoyed the Baba is You port. The Chrono Trigger style works really well :D

The airport theme is really catchy; it sounds like it could be an inverse SiIvaGunner remix (in that the base song is non-VGM and the other songs remixed in are VGM).
Thank you so much for the port of Really Cool Bird. I requested that like months ago in the request thread, it's awesome to hear it in MMX style.

All of these are pretty sick though, not gonna lie.

MusicResource Release