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Ruberjig is going to give free art requests to 5 people but...

ArtRequests it's too late we have our 5 people.

... I'll post the rules soon. :)

Here are the five requests!
star road 2 (the normal exit have water and is a water level)
i can request this character?
ok but I'll do it when the rules are posted lol
Vanilla Secret 3, with my boy porcupuffer.

Could you draw my bun please? Hoping that's within the rules.
Yoshi's island 4

I want my joke character Plumber Who, he looks like Mario with no hat and clothes similar to the 20th doctor in his trenchcoat and 3D glasses like I have on my avatar.
Picking Donut Secret 1 because yeah.

Echoing myself from other art request threads, could you draw my character Milo Murphy?
Draw him in whatever environment you feel best. I hope it fits within the rules.
i guess everyone did it before i posted the rules... welp lol

I'll have them done before the end of C3 voting!

Really though feel free to post the rules I'll update my post or reply to follow them.
I won't be doing more than 5, sorry.
I'll post them all at once when finished.

Also my apologies for being unclear.
Thanks a million my boy Ruber, I love it!!
Loving all your art so far, good job with whipping up your talents #ab{:)}

tfw I forgot to provide a reference image before