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Kiavik's Rage Quit by Mojojojo

File Name: Kiavik's Rage Quit
Submitted: by Mojojojo
Authors: Mojojojo
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Rom Hack Made by Chica Lochita (AKA Mojojojo)
No custom Musics (Custom Graphics Made by Me)
This Rom Hack is a better version of Kiavik Adventure (NEVER RELISED). It's a pretty basic rom hack with 8 levels. This Hack is made for the streamer Kiavik
Chica Lochita Team Youtube Channel, for be updated for futur project
I looked in Lunar Magic and could not find a way to finish the first level. Beating Levels don't trigger events so this hack is technically 0 exits. The vertical screen scroll in level 1 is unlocked which reveals lots of off-screen cutoff, also allows you to go over the level. There is lots of cutoff throughout the hack. Many of the levels are just the same style of jump copy and pasted a few times, I recommend adding some variety to the level design.

The Water Castle is full of empty map16 tiles, it appears you either did not save map16 or intentionally filled the level with these tiles.

The Cloud level is completely cheeseable, you can fly under OR over the level.

The level that is a single shelljump can be completed without doing a shelljump in 2 different ways, getting pspeed or walljumping to the goal.

The Meh Finale feels like a non-kaizo level, there isn't much going on in the level aside from the tight timer