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Mario or Sonic?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - Gaming - Mario or Sonic?
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I prefer Mario, but both are equally great characters.
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I always liked Sonic as a mascot more to the point it was my second-earliest childhood obsession after Barney the Dinosaur, but Mario games were more enjoyable and I played them far more. Sonic was tough for me because of the physics and back then the lack of save files; Mario's controls were tight and the pacing was just right from game to game. Sonic has by far the better television series and movie around him than Mario. Both franchises are vibrant and engaging, with stellar soundtracks to listen to after the fact.

Nowadays, the Sonic fan community puts out far cooler ROM hacks than the Sonic Team's games for the most part and it's very nice how close Sega is to the fans. Sometimes there's an awesome Sonic game out, but usually it's a throwback-style one like Generations. Nintendo is still on the ball with quality Mario games with classic 2D and modern 3D gameplay, though they are much more distant from their fan base than Sega and more controlling of their intellectual property use.

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The Mario games are funnier than Sonic games, but Sonic has a mature history, so i prefer the Hedgehog Just look my profile

Mario or Who?

Jokes aside, my pick definitely goes to Mario. I'm generally not very much into edgy/cocky characters, which Sonic has definitely been since his modern redesign. Really prefer his classic design, which is more of a balance between "cool" and "cute", but even there I have to say that his cool attitude isn't doing much for me. I definitely prefer his cute side. And that's why I prefer Mario as a character. He isn't really trying to be cool or anything like that. He's just this chubby, humble, clumsy, adorable little goofball who's there to save the day. Sure, he also gets a darker attitude sometimes (like in the Smash Bros. games), but it feels less like a character trait of his and more like just him getting serious. In some ways, Mario is the kind of character I'd like to be and I consider him a role model of mine.

Aside from the characters themselves, the games are of course also a huge factor, and here Mario once again takes the lead in my opinion. Mario has consistently delivered games of a high to very high quality (aside from Sunshine, maybe, which I consider pure jank), whereas the quality of Sonic games has been all over the place. Even when disregarding the controversial (or just outright bad) Sonic titles, I have to say that his games just aren't really my cup of beer. I just don't really enjoy Sonic 1 to 3 very much, which are probably the fan favorite titles in the franchise. I played all of them a couple of times, but I just never learned to like them. I completed Sonic Mania, but only because a friend nudged me to. I didn't actually enjoy most of my time playing it. I think Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were both enjoyable games, but I only consider them decent. Really, the only Sonic platformer that I sincerely like is Sonic Rush. I think that one is pretty great. Aside from that, I have only really been into Sonic spin-offs, like Sonic Battle (despite it beaing a broken mess).

Ultimately, there just isn't much there for me in the Sonic franchise, whereas Mario gave me Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, which are all games that I enjoy a whole lot. So for me personally, Mario is definitely the clear winner.

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Mario, although my preference for Mario nowadays has been almost exclusive in form of ROM hacks, because the new 2D games are too sterile and basic for my taste. Mario Maker has potential, but that's not a standalone game, even if it has Nintendo made levels.

I know there's no reason for Nintendo to make a "core" platformer, they're focusing at being accessible for beginners, and that's super ok.
But I wish there were some optional stuff with hard and creative challenges for experienced players.

*Core platformer means a game that focuses on platforming as its main thing, it's not about exploring and finding collectibles or utilizing gimmicks that completely change the gameplay, or any game where the platforming is too much of a basic thing or a secondary aspect to the game.

Sure, Mario has always been pretty simple and beginner friendly for its time, but... I just feel like at least in the 2D games (which again, is what I prefer for platformers), it has been significantly less interesting. Not in terms of difficulty, but there's a general lack of surprising ideas in level design and challenges (again, not the level of difficulty, but the obstacles and the way the levels are arranged).

It doesn't help that the presentation for the 2D games hasn't left the NSMB style, which is from 2006 or so. The older 2D games changed styles and setting more frequently, so it made things at least feel fresh, even if there weren't many crazy differences in every game.

I know Nintendo has it in them to make interesting stuff, Mario Maker 2 proves it, there are some cool official levels and a bunch of nice mechanics, but... they're not in a standalone game, and sadly, if a new 2D game comes out it will be like NSMB again, most likely.

Now... for Sonic.
I played a lot of old Sonic games, almost all of the 90s games at least, including all the spinoffs and whatnot. I enjoy my memories of those games, and I can enjoy them, even with their flaws. But I'm not a big Sonic fan per say, I haven't played many of the modern games, only the Advance games and probably something else I forgot.

I also don't care about the gameplay of 3D Sonic, at least not by looking at it. Sonic Adventure 1 looks like it would be fun for me, and I have yet to finish watching raocow play Adventure 2 (which has cool looking moments, but I don't have much to say about it).

What I do like about Sonic is actually the fangame factor. The fans are free to do whatever they want with fangames, and that by itself makes me excited because it creates a community where you're free to experiment and there are indeed a lot of fangames I think are amazing.

I gotta say I appreciate Sonic music a lot more than Mario music though. I don't care much about the buttrock Sonic songs, but they grew on me by watching raocow play them, but I absolutely love the 90s Sonic OSTs.

Mario songs are cool and all, but at least in the main series, there aren't a good variety of songs, while in Sonic, each new location has its own song. Mario spinoffs have significantly better music, especially the RPGs and even the sports games and Mario Kart have a lot of cool songs. So I don't know why the main games tend to keep a standard of 1 song per level type (desert, grass, mountains, water, etc).

In terms of visuals, Sonic also usually wins for me. Especially the older games with the more surreal and super colorful aesthetics mixed with the ecofuturistic vibes it has going on. I love that stuff.
While for Mario, my favorite games visually are the RPGs and the Mario Land games for having a lot of variety in locations (especially the second game), and in those games the worlds feel so alive.

One thing I also appreciate about Sonic is that they at least tried to put the other characters in more games to be playable. While for Mario, they're usually just in spinoffs, unless they're Mario, Luigi Toad, Peach or Rosalina. And they also usually don't have many differences in gameplay, which Sonic characters at least try to differentiate a little more, even if they have a lot of the same core abilities.

I'm gonna end this comment here, because it's getting too long.

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