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Usernames and profile pictures

Sometimes, I like to overthink usernames and/or profile pictures. A lot of them don't mean anything, some have hidden meaning and others are just... different.

Anyway, how did you come up with your username? Does it mean anything? Where did you get your pfp from? Why?
My username comes from a Pokémon character, I just decided to add the K to make it more natural. I also had the name Archie that I (subconsciously) got from Pokémon.
I first registered with miguel21450 and it portrays my real name and random numbers I thought off the top of my head. Don't even count on my main alias Salad (thanks to my #hyperpower baes).

As for my avatar, it's Bart and it randomly suits myself.
"Tahixham" comes from me registering on some random SMWC-spinoff SMW hacking site sub-community thing (the kinda thing everyone was doing in 2012) because someone asked me to register there. I didn't want to be TOS/The Oncoming Storm any more so thus "Tahixham" appeared. Random word I pulled together, to be honest. No meaning really behind it. Was still TOS on SMWC for a while after, until the draconian rule of "one name change for the rest of your life" changed to something more fair - and then I changed my name here to Tahixham.

People often pronounce my name wrong when I hear it on streams and videos and stuff. Common mispronunciations include "Taxi Ham", "Tax Ham" and "Tax Man". Or people get the "Tahix" part right, but put too much emphasis on the "Ham" like I'm some kind of sandwich filling. It's more like a "hm", like places in England like "Birmingham" aren't "Birming HAM", it's a "hm".

As for my avatar, the goose thing stems from me making an IRC channel back in like... 2012-ish? I used to randomly select one of like the six people in there to be "Today's Silly Goose" and give them a prize - which was they got /kick'd. Somehow this then became me being the goose. I used to use some Wikipedia photo of a domestic goose. Then bebn finally drew me a goose and I turned I cropped it into an avatar.

Originally posted by Katerpie

omg I remember salad.
Golden Yoshi is a long time username of mine dating back to the Acmlm's Board days. Originally goldenyoshi2000, I chose Yoshi because it's one of my favorite Nintendo characters and Golden because of its regal intonation.

My current profile pic is of a Tostarenan from Super Mario Odyssey as I felt they were quirky and fun characters in that game.
King Boo because I like King Boo. Luffy from One Piece because I like One Piece.

You might be thinking too hard about this. Your username could just be Ecosia since you like Ecosia.
Mine is a combination of red (previously) being my favourite colour, and my (previous) desire to camoflauge like a chameleon so I could just be invisible to the world and not have to deal with others. Needless to say it doesn't fit me whatsoever anymore, but people are pretty used to it so I kept it despite going under a different username in other places.

I also used to have a red palette-swapped version of Sting Chameleon from Mega Man X as my avatar, since I have always loved Mega Man games and MMX was my favourite back then.
The first name i've ever had was "Pitchin Luigi"
I didn't had a pfp at the time

My second name was "Yume Nikki fan"
And my pfp was Madotsuki, protagonist of said game
I made this because i have a big appreciation for that game

And my last name is the one i currently have, it's the name of the guy who makes the Nostalgia Critic series
My pfp is a gif of Doug Walker himself, i'm now like that because i thought it would be funny to do this
Mine comes from the title of a stock puzzle game called Sokoban where you push around boxes (or boulders, moneybags, or gems depending on the particular skin). Sometimes I abbreviate it as Soko. My current profile pic is the final boss of Hollow Knight, and before that, a picture of Jevil from Deltarune.
Legacy custom music
A site where you can be able to hit that dislike where your dislike will be visible to other people and not have to rely on a browser extension as well as actually watch my SMW hacking content

My first username, Austin, which I had until late 2012, was due to being a big fan of baby show The Backyardigans at the time. I think the avatars I used gave that one away, but a lot of people thought it was my real name.

I came up with Koopster in late 2012 and I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it's very Nintendo koopa character-esque, is it not? I just remember thinking it looked cooler than Austin, so I changed and stuck to it. I ended up sketching a character of sorts to go with the name around 2013.

My avatar is currently nothing technically as you could probably guess is a random collection of art people made for me during C3 (except for Ladida's which is as old as 2013), representing my character or otherwise just a green parakoopa. There's not that much of a distinction because I don't care about having a fursona that much #ab{:P}

I usually use random Aoba as my avatar, she is a character from a show I never watched (I don't actually watch anime), but Hina does - he made a huge collection of screenshots of her making funny faces (in 2017) and I made this avatar out of it, lol. There's actually plenty more I could use from that collection, so who knows it might get an update one day.

Originally posted by Sokobansolver
Mine comes from the title of a stock puzzle game called Sokoban where you push around boxes (or boulders, moneybags, or gems depending on the particular skin).

The fact you chose to explain what the game is made me feel really old all of a sudden.

My name comes from 2016 when I started doing an Xbox Live account for Minecraft and then I used it in other places.

My avatar remains a mystery tho.

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My current username is a feminization of my original name: aj6666, I removed the numbers at the end and added an a, which is a common termination for girl names in Spanish.

My avatar is Maki from Hoshiai no Sora. I use characters I like as my avatar.
I was someone who had a habit of changing usernames every year. The current username is not a username- it's my real name.

The guy in the pic is irl me
Originally I was Leomon (the Digimon character) since his Tamers appearance was sort of my second gay awakening (first was Claw/Vega/Balrog from Street Fighter at the age of 3) and thus, I have a huge crush and appreciation for him as a character, as embarrassing as that may be.

Later I just changed it to lion out of simplicity and catchiness (and in a way it kind of feels like nicknames like carol or dragon or Romi lol). Though originally I had it as an irc name to go along with a friend who went by cat (her real name being Caitlin). She's usually modeus the lustful demon on Discord now tho. Lions are my favorite animal, mostly because of Leomon, again.

Avatar is Takato Matsuda from Digimon Tamers. I just relate strongly to him as a huge nerd and crybaby who wants to just do the right thing.

I thought about changing it to Big the Cat the other day and I might end up doing it. He's a jolly ol' dweeb.

My user-name comes from my first name and the first letter of my last name
My PFP comes from this picture that i made when I was bored:

(edit: changed my pfp)
Waaay back in 2009, I wanted to play Platform Racing 2 over on Kongregate. At the time, all of my screen names were stuff that I picked out from my room, and this time was no different. What I did was take a good look at the wall next to me and said, "yeah, that works." I was (and still am!) theclock on PR2.

Up until recently, I've had names with a variation of "clock" in the name. I just thought the concept of time was really cool.

As for the image, parts of Windows is eye catching to me. The MSN butterfly is just an example of that. I don't change my profile pics very often, but I tend to promote something that I appreciate.

Edit: Great, now I had the urge to change my pic. Go figure :P
my username came from a time when i was young and watched perfect blue and then got obsessed with yukiko okada

being an idol is like the ultimate dream

profile picture is just shit from line that i thought looked nice.
Reasoning behind all my usernames:

SuperAgentYoshi - Honestly I have no clue
Undertaker - Named myself after this fucking legend
Decoy Blimp - Its a reference to an offhand joke in Parks and Recreation
Samantha - Its me
There are two reasons of my username:

Alex is my irl nickname. My real name is Alexander.
The "X8" comes from a bad joke with some friends. I don't like Mega Man X8.

That's how my username was created, very original...

And, my pfp, I think is pretty obvious. I'm a fan of Mega Man X series (Not, X7 and X8).
"Con" is part of my first name, which sounds like it's from one of those hick midwestern places.

"SD" Is because I am from one of those hick midwestern places and I actually don't mind being from here.

My pfp is one of the all-time greats.

If I figure out how, I'm gonna have it cycle through multiple musicians. Or just through a bunch of album covers or something.
I'm Basch von Ronsenberg.

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022