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Mario and the Gem of Power - officially cancelled - resources included

Hey there. After some thinking, I decided to do this after all. Read this link for details.
The screenshots posted in that thread were okay, but I decided to spice things up by adding .gifs of my hack. Those are a bit better on my laptop, although I had to close a few things to do it.
You know the title screen, so here's a new .gif.

Here, the koopa is talking about the gems he discovered in the mine.
The second screenshot is in 1-1. Not telling where since it's easy.

The 3rd screen is the Yellow Palace. It's in 1-1 and not telling you how to get to it. In the 4th screen, you also see giant koopa. This is told by the message in 1st level.

The 5th screen has 'cannons' in mind and the 6th screenshot has those leaf-drawn enemies drawn by me.

The 7th screen is castle 1. You'll also see a cross between Wizzro and a minotaur. That's what the podoboo is: a minotaur head with a mouth.
The 8th screen is a .gif with crabs to focus on.

The 9th screen has swooper and giant swooper variations and a shell bro, too and the 10th screen contains poison shrooms as threats.

The 2nd level of world 3 has parallax scrolling and the SMB Scroll should have worked, but it doesn't. Not sure if I can find a way here and for spoilers, the 3rd level of the same world is an endurance boss level, because Bowser talks there, too.
That's enough of screenshots.
But I'm not done. I need to show the OW submaps and main map with world 2. Here and I did say in the C3 thread I'll change the layer 3 border. Here it is:

World 1 without events

World 1 with most events unlocked.

World 2 is beach world. I'll need to finish the reast of main map.

World 3 is the organic world. It does look good.

What I did:
-added level names for the 3 levels of World 3, as well as level names of every completed level of every world.
-edited the Ultimate Noob boss sprite. Now most castles will be using that sprite;
-added HDMA to world 1 OW.
-added HDMA to some OW levels.
-messages do work with HDMA, thanks to my improved SMWFixOfficial patch. I will release it at the Winter C3.

To do:
-after completing world 3, I'll re-insert everything, making sure the Overworld Indicators patch works this time;
-ask some betatesters via PM to test my hack for C3;
-revamp some level sections due to betatester suggestions;
-change the beach GFX of Fly Guy Frolics to use my GFX.

The hack will progress slowly, but at least will progress.

World 1: 6/6 - complete
World 1 submap: progress 100% - complete
World 2: 6/6 - complete
World 2 submap: progress 100% - complete
World 3: 9/9 - complete
World 3 submap: progress 100% - complete
World 4: 1/5 - in progress
World 4 submap: progress 100% - complete

This will be updated.

Feedback is appreciated.
Not sure why there's no response here, perhaps because where I live or people don't care that much. I'm not sure, as I'm half romanian, half german and even half czech, even though I don't know the language, but still, I did 3 upgrades to BG + added new GFX for Fly Guy Frolics. Check the screens below:

Screen 11 or 2nd level or world 3 had parallax scrolling, but now you'll set it in fully glory in level 1 or world 3:

Screen 6 or Brute Bush also got a parallax makeover:

The last screen will be the most interesting here.
I did mention Fly Guy Frolics will receive not only a GFX makeover, but a parallax makeover as well. Here:

The level uses my drawn GFX and I'll release those at Winter C3. Feedback is welocome.
Threads nowadays don't seem that active from what I can see, at least not the wip ones.

This is some cool looking hack tho. Really like that third world theme
Thanks. As I said, progress is slow, but there's progress.
Also, thanks to a sprite conversion that would be ideal for the Winter C3, because it took a lot, I decided to give a peek of 3-3.

You should figure out what this level really is.
Feedback is welcome.
I did say progress is slow, but it's there. Level 3-3 is complete. Here's a peek of part 2.

What do you think?
I used a special boss recolored to fit the organic theme.
After working on my entry for the 12th VLDC, I decided to continue on working on my hack. After I finish world 3, I'll port everything to a new ROM, hoping to fix the things that have shown up. They're minor.
For now, I did half of 3-4. Not sure what to call this. It involves Thomas' one-way on/off blocks. Here's a .gif:

You might be looking at those arrow blocks. Look okay, but they don't fit the theme. That's why I updated them. Check the screen below:

Feedback is appreciated.
Level 4 of world 3 is done. Blame my laptop this time.

Feedback is welcome.
Thanks to a potential virus from my laptop, I have to redo those lost levels. I need to remember what the gimmick was.
I'm not sure where the graphics came from, but I will say that this hack has some very nice visuals. They clash with the original SMW sprites, though.
your simplistic human mind cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of my thoughts
I tried to make certain sprites have the organic theme. I did very little there. After finishing 3-4, 3-5 and a special level, now I'm showing 3-6. Half of it is done:

Feedback is appreciated.

This hack looks really good so far!
I especially like the overworld design. Nice job. #lm{ow}

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Thanks. Also, if you do want to support my hack, you can choose one of the 2 following userbars:

You can choose the first one with the organic feel. Within your profile thread, at the footer I think add between img and /img with rectangular parenthesis.

The second one is for the beach-related theme. Within your profile thread, at the footer I think add between img and /img with rectangular parenthesis.
Sorry for double-post, but I've done 3-6 and I'm starting on 3-7 where Mario goes back to the organic realm.

A bit of the other half of 3-6.
Also, starting with an enemy:

This only uses white and black and spits blood. Feedback is appreciated.
That message box, which you gave me absolutely no time to fully read it at once, is not necessary. You're just pointing out the obvious, once the player presses the switch he'll notice what happens. And i don't get that yoshi coin setup... it's literally right there and... you grab it, horray? I think you should switch the arrow blocks in that part, it would work much better. And i guess the enemy is nice, i don't understand why it's only two shades out of a sudden, pretty clashy i guess.

Edit: i think on top of removing that box, make the 4 second blocks a different palette than the regular one, that way the player would know what he's dealing with next time there's just regular switch blocks.
I'd actually prefer the message box here. If I try your way, it might waste a bit more of the time needed for the hack.
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
I'd actually prefer the message box here. If I try your way, it might waste a bit more of the time needed for the hack.

Yeah like ten seconds
I still have to tamper with GPS. I'll consider it. In the meantime, I updated the piranha statue:

Even so, after I sent the .bps file to a beta tester and if it tells me the YI coins are weirdly placed, then I'll change those.
The progress on my hack is now really slow, but that doesn't mean I'm dead. Here are screens of 3-7:

Not sure how you get up there.

Now I must go down? Not sure how can I do that,

Also did do the changes Amino Retro suggested. I changed the arrow blocks to a lighter color.

You can guess the gimmick of 3-7, or you can check the hidden sentence.
In 3-7, there are sections where you must wall kick to progress. To jump all the way down without risking, sometimes the wall kick is beneficial.

Feedback is welcome.
My hack sure gets no attention, probably because there are other hacks that are progressing. Still, I hope these 2 .gifs satisfy you:

With the other half of 3-7 done, I can say 3-7 is finished. You can see the wall kick in action.
As an added bonus, because I couldn't believe it myself, here's 3-8 finished.

Mario must ride on the creating/eating cement block to advance. Major thanks to Von Fahrenheit for helping me with the better snake sprite.
Feedback is appreciaed.