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Show off your musical creations here


This is my side project I'm currently in. I show off my original EDM music and remixes in my Soundcloud right here (@RommicOfficial). I mainly make progressive house, big room and uplifting trance music, so feel free to listen.

Some of my signature tracks:
1. Living The Life
2. Free Will
3. The Rush
4. Hardwell & Joey Dale ft. Luciana - Arcadia (Rommic Remix)
5. Heights (Album) [PREVIEWS] (I even released my free album!)
6. Thomas Gold ft. Bright Lights - Believe (Rommic Remix)

Here's a WIP. Didn't want to post it in my own thread because 1. it's not technically finished, 2. it has more of the video game feel that people might be more familiar with. Personally, to me, it's supposed to be more of a blend of a classical style and video game style, as those are the two styles I'm most influenced by. It consists of a March section (C# Minor) and a Trio (C# Major), and goes March-Trio-March (the full scale will be that way, the recording I posted cuts off at the end of the Trio). The March section is pretty much finished, and is the more video game-y part, whereas the Trio section is (or will be, more like) far more classical, and will be characterized as such particularly by its orchestration and harmonization.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think so far, there's not too much more work to be done, but currently my symphony is a higher priority. I'll likely finish this work when I've completed the symphony, or if I get randomly inspired beforehand, which has definitely happened before.
Originally posted by MariosHub

Prog rock band Rush has a song called "Freewill". Is this just a funny coincidence or an intentional reference?
i wrote this song a long time ago. The mixing is pretty bleh, but I still really like it. Whenever I sit down to put a song together i usually get a rad percussion section going and dont know where to go from there. I also have trouble finding a way to evolve a song beyond just adding a new instrument every 8 counts. This was my first real attempt at avoiding that and yeah. I'm proud of it. :)

edit: there's also this, i guess. I mean, this was more of a desperate attempt at seeing how much longer i could make the song (it was originally half the length) but I still think it works. Again, I love the percussion and it's mixed like shit, but hey, it's something.
I make a lot of music.
My music:
My writings:
Piano Scherzo in Db Major

This is one of my best piano compositions to date. It's actually kinda weird contrasting it with the Day/Evening/Night piece I posted on this very thread several years ago - the improvement is vast.

Anyway, the scherzo is a type of jestful, light-hearted dance, and I feel as though my piece encapsulates that mood well.

I'm also loving the Yahama CFX soundbank, it's super sweet.
I never realized so many people on SMWC do music. And it's all so good.

here's my Bad Music™
please let me know if that link doesn't work.
My last Vaporwave Album for this Year
Super Mario Travelers

Hey guys, it's been a really long time since I've been on this website in general (besides for when SMM was a thing, I made a post once about a few levels I made). I just wanted to see what's up around here and noticed this thread. I haven't the need or want to get back into hacks, but I have been making music and much of it sounds oddly video-gamey from what others tell me.


Hope you guys like it and or leave constructive criticism. (I am trying to figure out how to make songs, in the industrial/80's synthpop/Whatever-MSI-TIGHT-era-is frame, to be exact but I am having much trouble with that so far.)
It's weird you have inclusive pronouns, but still only have the binary options for gender. Where is Non-Binary, Agender, etc? Not a gripe. Just curious lmao.

also some TFV styled covers because why not (if no one knows what TFV is, then you MIGHT know about the Thunder Force series. if not that, then just look up Thunder Force IV or something and then look up Thunder Force V, I dunno):

Thunder Force II: Knights of Legend

Sonic 3: Big Arms (Final Boss)

Megaman X: Boss 2

also here's a extra cover, because why not

all the TFV covers + that extra cover were made with SCVA + FL btw, the DKC one was made with FL + a shitload of synths (mostly Korg Legacy stuff tho), and the MMBN one was made with SNESGSS + SPCTool, like most of my SNES covers

most of these tracks are also on my Youtube btw
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The final movement of my symphony

I spent the better part of the last two years on this movement alone, and I started the whole work back in 2012. Crazy how time flies.


After almost a decade I finally leveled up!
I'm making a song called Coffee. It's an electro-swing (esque) remix of Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee.

The finished version will be uploaded here in 24bit FLAC:

This is the video on what the project looks like so far:

I'm working on a liquid DNB track called Hydrous Cacophonous too:

Been trying to get in to more soundtracky music lately. Here is a track I finished the other day. Could work in a town, village or other similar setting. That's just how I picture it though.

A short song I finished the other day. Inspired by the likes of Mort Garson and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Behind A Waterfall.
Originally posted by Jonny
A short song I finished the other day. Inspired by the likes of Mort Garson and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Behind A Waterfall.

That's a really chill song. It might actually translate well into becoming SNES and N64 music.

Would you like to see the samples converted and scores arranged for it to play in a ROM hack? ^^;

Project Passion: Stoya

Something short I wrote for a somewhat devious group project on another site