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Which physical media do you prefer?

Which physical media do you prefer?

Physical media was a noble idea for watching movies in your home. There existed (and some still exists) 6 physical media options I know of.

VHS was the thing that started it. You could rewind a movie the best way possible, there was stuff beyond movies, overall it’s just good. At my time VHS were obsolete but my friend’s dad has a TV on his library at school and we used to watch movies on VHS until he sold them. Released on August 23, 1977

LaserDiscs are very outdated. They were a noble concept but I haven’t seen it when I was a baby, but now that I seen it, yeeeesh, it’s bigger than those big records. Sega even supported them with the Pioneer LaserActive and not only you could play games on a LaserDisc, you also could play Genesis and Turbographx-16 Games on it. Released on December 11, 1978

Video CDs are a format NO ONE remembers. In fact, I almost forgot! This is just DVDs before they existed. They were more versatile than LaserDiscs. Released in 1993

DVDs are basically the best way to watch a movie at the time. So many bonus features, creative menus, episodes of a show, and other stuff. When I was a baby, my parents bought me many DVDs with kid cartoons (The kind that I am not interested on anymore which are rated TV-Y). Now watching it doesn’t feel good with SD technology, but it was jam-packed with bonus features and all that stuff. I will never forget the outtakes... Released first on Japan in November 1, 1996

HD DVDs were the successor to DVDs and it was just a DVD but with better technical specifications, with the speciality being the fact that it was HD. Sadly, it lost against Blu-Ray. Released on April 18, 2006

Blu-Rays are... just HD DVDs but with not that much flavor from DVDs. James Rolfe said that it’s worse than DVDs, but by Image Quality, I think it’s better to watch a movie there than on DVD, but DVD wins in terms of creativity, but 4K UHD? Count me in! (Kinda) Released on June 20, 2006

In my opinion, streaming is better, but I just wanted to talk this with you. So, if you choose an option from above, you can optionally post why you love it the most

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