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why tf is there so many anime pfps

Because I love anime even if my picture isn't.
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I completely loathe anime with every cell of my body, so you'll never catch me with an avatar like that, but I do understand why many people have them. A lot of video game fans simply also like anime. I'm not sure why there's such a strong overlap (I guess because video games and anime are both often lumped together as "nerdy" things?), but there is an overlap nonetheless.

Also, the difference between the anime "style" of illustration and most other types of drawing and illustration is that characters in anime tend to have more realistic proportions than other cartoons (there exist exceptions of course), making anime characters feel more "attractive" than many other exaggerated styles of cartoon drawings. It makes sense that such characters should appeal to people more.
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I use characters I like as my avatar, and more often than not, those characters happen to be anime characters.

That said, I'm not as much as an anime fan I used to be, these days I only watch anime occasionally and on recommendation.
Originally posted by Katerpie
Because anime doesn't suck

yeah on oppsoite day!
umm... can i help you!?
Anime is best described as seizure-inducing.

Don't worry loganj551, you won't see any anime around me.
In a very technical community like SMWC,I think there will be more nerds inevitably.
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Originally posted by loganj551
does it look like im saying anime sucks

yes but actually no
I hardly use anime pfps but I like the artstyle nonetheless.

And yes I agree there are overlaps between the anime community and the gaming community.
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is it still anime if its a character from a game

Forums give people the opportunity to pretend, so it only makes sense that there would be a lot of anime pfp's.

And anime is popular so.

Twitch < > Dailymotion < > Youtube

everyone loves cute anime girls
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Originally posted by Torchkas

lmfao, that van's very butthurt it's not an AE86

I'd say there's an anime that resonates with everybody (whether you can find it is a different story). It's just japanese animation, and there's tons of art styles and plots.
More modern anime has perfected the kinda pop-culture niche comics and such have settled in. So you get that. It's kinda like asking "why are there so many memes?", it's a pop-culture niche and certain groups have a core membership in that niche. Like everyone else said: nerds are one of the core members.

(fwiw I "hate" creepypasta/memes/YTP/etc. and being generationaly associated with it. I feel we did it in moderation but "little kids looking up to big kids" and "parents being hip" kinda overdid it to the point where much of it is a cringefest to me)
Because yes
i just lurk sometimes
I'm assuming that because the gaming community and the anime community are really popular and continue to grow, they both cross paths most of the time...

Something like that... lol. #smw{o_O?}

I find it kinda amazing how discussions like this always get revived, and people can get weirdly heated about it. lol
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Blunt answer: It's the internet

You know... the place where all the V-tubers anime girls exist.