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[002] Statue Overhaul-update-disqualified
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Hey there. In my vanilla level, the gimmick here are the grey statues you see in the .gif below:

Some are decoration and some can damage you.
I also added ground decorations vanilla style, like those pokies on the ground.
I'm not getting any attention here. While I wait, I present you half of the level and the secret part of the level complete. I only need to do the other half to finish.
Here are the .gif of 1st half.

Here's a bit of the secret part of the level:

Comments are apreciated.
Hi Rykon!
I appreciate the concept of having more statues. As it seems, which ones hurt and which ones are decoration seems pretty clear (bone beetles, ball'n'chain).

Also the line-guided part seems neat.

I like to see how this contest lets interesting mix'n'matches emerge.

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I really like the statues.
In term of gameplay, you should make sure that the player can know beforehand which of the grey statue is solid, and which is not. Looking from the gif, it seems that only the spikey statues are solid, so a message box explaining the gimmick would be sufficient.

I'm digging the aesthetic though.
Okay. I'm glad to see you're digging into this gimmick of mine. Here's a .gif of the second half:

Perhaps I'll finish this today. Who knows.
Feedback is appreciated.
looks pretty damn cool!

haha cape goes nyoooom~
I hope the result will be good, too. The whole level is complete. Here's a .gif of the half of the level.

I'll need to do some testing first.
Feedback is welcome.
I've tried and finished using the right path. The other one was tried too but only some screens were completed.

The aesthetic is rather simple but efficient, straight to the point.
In fact, it was a bit weird to not be able to spinjump/bounce off enemies where that's usually possible: Thwomps and Pokeys notably.
In fact, I fell for a Thwomp at first, but then the habit of avoiding them was taken. That was the only one misleading statue of them all, so it's correct.

A nice lil level :)

Previously known as Darkslayer (2008-2020)

My video game resume
Thanks. Anyway here's the level:

Only the regular path is shown. Layer 3 BG was added and also added compatibility with goal tape using vanilla magic.
You can download the entry from the submissions thread.
I'm not fond of the castle rocks being of the same color as statues if the rocks are solid. You could use a more obvious indication that spiked statues are harmful also. Maybe a message or yet another palette. IDK if there's a message saying spiked statues are bad as I haven't played the level.

I like the concept otherwise.
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Is this better?

Those rocks have a lighter color now.
I think the best way to distinguish contact statues versus non-contact statues would be to give the contact ones a black outline and a wider range of greys, and the non-contact ones have less contrast and saturation (less extreme difference between the darkest and lightest) so that they seem to recede into the backdrop. Where you have a royal blue sky and white clouds, this becomes tricky because they are at opposite ends of the brightness spectrum. I think the easiest way to make it possible to perfectly distinguish untouchables from contacts is to start by lightening the sky color.

I have not played your level, but if I were to guess by the screenshots, I would say that all of the statues appear to be contact objects. I would be very confused if I tried to jump on a statue suspended from a chain only to fall through it. I am also not sure if the Thwomp is safe or not: while the enemy is dangerous on all sides, as a statue it appears safe since those edges don't look sharp.

From a level design perspective, the statues seem less front-and-center: they lend to a "discovery" theme. It seems like the remnants of a hall frozen in time in a Pompeii-esque manner with these grey statues and more of the same buried in the dirt. You are also unveiling secrets throughout. I quite like it.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I can pretty much agree on everything Counterfeit said. She especially explained the flaws quite well and how to improve them.

1 thing I'd also add is that it is pointless to use different music for the 2nd half. It only makes your level feel less consistent imo, since nothing changed, except for the music. Plus personally I liked the 1st half's track more.


Keep in mind that Counterfeit replies this much on most hack or level threads, but understood his opinions and decided to go to a decision:
with such arguments, I decided to continue improving on my level and the bonus section is done. The FG remake was done vanilla-style with some ideas from WhiteYoshiEgg. I'll show the screenshots now:

I went for a castle-esque theme here. You'll also notice that the elements that are meant to hurt you like the Ball'n'Chain and spikes have a lighter color now.

The elements that are harmless have the same dark color.

Golden pipes have been added here.

Last section of the alternative section.
Feedback is appreciated.
I do have a question: Based on the screenshots, how do you think I added connector ledges to the stone blocks?
Sorry for double-posting, but I re-did the first section of my entry.
Here are screenshots:

The beginning. You'll realise the colors are right this time and there's also a second message box near tbe first.

Darker stone blocks are added. Mario can pass through those.

The top part has been revamped a but with more decorations and an enemy.

The path has been extended a bit.
Again, feedback is welcome.
Again sorry for posting a 3rd time, but here are screens with the final section:

The area has been updated a bit.

You'll have to be more careful here.

See that '30' over there? I placed it there because it's my parents' 30th year anniversary.
Feedback is appreciated. Will release my entry today.
I uploaded my entry to YouTube again. Hope it's better.
The level is okay, though personally, the alternate path seems a bit useless. If it were a secret exit, that would make sense, but since it leads to the same exit regardless, I don't get it. Also, those two invisible blocks near the end need to be either placed a bit higher or there just needs to be one. It's too obvious and it can get in the way. Not bad overall though.

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Just wanted to post very quickly that I tried to download your entry, but your link in Rules and Submissions Thread doesn't work. That's not a good sign. I had no problem to find it in your files, but I don't know if organizers are gonna do that or they will just disqualify you. You better fix your link fast.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest - [002] Statue Overhaul-update-disqualified

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