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Would anyone be interesting in helping with custom player sprite?
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Hello, i was wondering a few things been working on my hack for awhile and i must say its going very well got some great ideas and advice, got to learn my strenghts and weaknesses regarding hacking and unfortunately patching and downloading files and such isnt really my strong point so ive had to change a few of my ideas for this hack for the time being until i get relatively better. However one thing i would like for my hack is a custom player character. Since time is unfortunately against me and i might not have the time to learn how to do this i was wondering if there was anyone with more knowledge with this sorta thing who would be able to help me with this, if i could provide the overall design? If anyone could do so please PM me. It would be most appreciated.
A custom character is a big file plus a few fragments and quite an undertaking. It is also one that many would be reluctant to invest in without some sort of promise that a work gets published that uses it so having a lot of progress to show might make artists feel better about volunteering. You may find yourself having to do it if you are not yet at that stage, or put it on the list of things to do later. Instead of trying to approach it all at once or thinking it must be done before you do too much - a very daunting thing - my recommendation to you would be to break it into several steps.

Skip right to step 3 if no non-native setup is needed (i.e. everything SMW has as default behavior is perfect for you,) and remember everything about the character graphics implementation can be considered as late as the very end of your project development.

1) Is my character going to have different physics/powers/size? Patch in the code that will actually represent characters' abilities, especially physics, because your entire hack's design will depend on physics. Size will impact how tall your corridors should be, e.g. if your character is always going to be two tiles high then your design liberties will be different than if it were 1 tile high. Then, if any powers are necessary for progression or change how the character interacts with the level in a manner that you may get softlocked or forced to lose the power before progression, you will want to handle that accordingly. This is the most essential part to have done of your character before you get too far into your hack, if it applies.

2) Does my character have a health system (and do enemies have variable damage?) It can be added much later into development, so that you can distribute healing items to rebalance it, but should not inhibit designing levels.

3) Do I have my character design laid out?
- Sketch a few poses and expressions that suit the actions being performed. It doesn't have to be detailed or exact, just a rough representation of what you are imagining.
- Consider the style of your hack. Unless you are going for something with super realistic proportions, your character's head might be close to or even half the height of the full sprite since the face and hair/headwear is a predominantly defining feature of a character compared to the rest of its body. Look at Mario and Final Fantasy for examples of what you can expect to fit into this space and what proportions to keep them expressive and identifiable.

4) Set up your work environment.
- Back up GFX00 and GFX32, as well as SMW's default palette.
- Set up roughly what you want the colors to look like for the new character in a copy of the shared palette on palette row 8, but bear in mind that SNES has less color depth than what YY-CHR can show. Every R, G, and B value that is a multiple of x08, but starting with 00, will have representation in SNES. Lunar Magic will round the color if it is not valid to one that is valid. Bear in mind that color 00 is transparency and changing this will affect nothing nor show a color, and 01-07 are used by other sprites. 08 through 0F are strictly your character unless you are redrawing and recoloring other sprites, which can also risk being altered if your powerup changes your character's color.
- Determine whether you want to use the existing tilemap or remap the character tiles. Remapping offers the benefit of not worrying about playtesting for alignment issues so much, and giving you the freedom to arrange tiles as you please. You can use SMW Player Tilemap Editor to easily preview and save changes to the tilemap, and you can use an infographic or a control GFX00 and GFX32 in another tile editor window to see where poses are if you intend to leave tile mapping alone and still cut + paste tiles to see how they align. Feel free to open yet another instance of YY-CHR as "scratch space" to draw a full-size 16x16/24/32 frame if you are more comfortable cutting and pasting completed frames over old ones. So again:
* Copy of GFX32.bin for your new character
* Copy of regular GFX32.bin for reference OR tilemap infographic from the Data Repository forum (if needed, not so much if you are remapping everything)
* "Blank" 4bpp SNES window to draw in if cut+paste is preferred.
If your OS supports multiple workstations, I would put them all on their own station apart from your web browser window or whatever to keep it organized.
(Worry about GFX00 last IMO. In the SMW Data Repository there is a nice reference for which poses these tiles appear with. You may find yourself not needing GFX00 hands, feet, and cape parts, in which case you can delete those tiles to free up some space.)

5) Start drawing. Pixel art is very different in practice from hand-drawn art, since it's more about easily-changed placement of these single-color squares to build a picture rather than steady strokes, pressure, and precision. If you search "Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial" - I have sworn by this one for anyone learning pixel art because it is so quick, simple and clear with good examples, although you will find as you get more experience, you may not need so many steps to flesh out what you are making, especially if it is a small sprite. Plan to work on-and-off on this for several days if you invest like a half hour at a time, because it is not a one day project. I can't see it taking less than 3 hours for even the most committed spriter for a full GFX32. Insert your work so far, including the shared palette, and change the other 3 Palette 8 rows accordingly.

6) Play test to verify alignment and to see if any necessary frames were missing. Grab powers to see if the four palettes you are given for the character are alright or need more adjustment. See if anything you modified in the palette affects sprites. Using Tweaker, you can remap the palette used by most sprites away from 8 if they are negatively impacted but look good with other color sets. You don't have to finish your character before you playtest, but can preview what you have done so far.

It will come together in time. Just remember. Prioritize, organize, and work patiently. If any character already uploaded to SMWC looks similar to what you need, e.g. you have a Mario fan character or Mario universe princess that is similar in a lot of ways to Peach but is not hosted, you can also save time by tweaking color and less pixels than a full revamp, but more likely than not your ideas will be different.

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Well to be honest, im not looking to do anything major to the Mario sprite. Really just a re-skin of the mario sprite or masking or new palette whatever the correct term is. Basically not many changes just the overall look of that sprite but with the same properties i suppose. Im aware of the amount of work and my limited skills in that area as well as my limited time that's why i was gonna make a job offer of it. I do have the designs and i have the full mario sprite action sheet, i just need the new character painted on that. Again if time was on my side i would have no qualms unfortunately it is not.
Counterfeit is right good luck trying to get someone to make you a sprite.
A re-skin as you're calling it follows the same steps as the post above and is not just a simple 5 minute job it takes quite a bit of time to get everything to work right plus you have to test it to make sure everything is good it's just not really a simple task.
I you want to give the player a different palette sure go for it, that's easy, just edit Mario's palette in Lunar Magic without the custom palette box checked. There's also a drop down which let's you edit Luigi and the fire powerups for both of them.

My advise is don't try and guilt people into making you something cause "time isn't on my side" this is a hobby not a job you have all the time you'd need to make this yourself.
Ok well first off, im not trying to guilt anyone into anything, since time really isnt on my side that being said i simply posted a question and see who would be interested the end!

Secondly: im actually not looking to simply switch the colour of mario although that is a route i could go down if worse came to worse :)

Thirdly: Could i not simply '' paint '' over the existing Mario using the YYCH-R tool??
In short yes
Would that require much time? or have any effect on the game codes and whatnot or would it be a ''clean change'' I remember someone on here telling me how to do so and i had started doing it but i basically had to go animation by animation and i had only gotten as far one animation which was just him standing lol! Also 3 things:

1- how would i go to putting this version of mario into the game

2- i seem to be having a issue with my YYCH-R program as it wont load when i click on the icon. I had the similar issue back when i was starting to work on the sprite before. Always had a hard time getting YYCH-R to run???
Well you'll need to edit Mario's frames 1 by 1 so not sure what to tell you there since there's no easy way of doing it.
No idea what you mean by clean change either but no there's no coding or other asm involved if you're just editing the graphics.
To get your graphics in the game it's simply press #lm{extgfx} editing GFX32 in yy-chr or any other graphic editor program that can open bin files and then pressing #lm{insgfx} to insert them.
Not sure what to tell you here you're giving really no info about what the program is doing or what operating system you're using.

Most importantly YES this will take quite a bit of time which has been a running theme in this thread.
1- '' clean change'' as in wont alter the code or require patches of any kinda, since i would only be changing the appearance of the sprite.

2- its not doing anything period. As in i click on the YYCH-R icon and the window wont even come up. To answer your question im using WINDOWS 10 LAPTOP

Oh and one last thing in the level editing, i always seem to have issues with multi levels. Example castles and ghost houses. I seem to be able to edit the starting points which i have but this seems stupid but how do i edit the rest of the level? Like when you go through doors, since those parts do not show up on the map. I assume i have to click something for that yes? A word i seen often is sub-levels? or is that a entirely different thing? As i said im kinda learning on the fly and i do what i can first and then ask around later for the rest lol!
There are two versions of YY-CHR hosted on SMWC. Since you can run Lunar Magic, you should be able to run YY-CHR, but you're missing a dependency or two.

This is the 2012 version and should work out-of-the-box. If it doesn't and your software updates are current, you're probably missing a DLL that YY-CHR is dependent on. Copy cmd.exe to the directory of YY-CHR so you don't have to cd C:\to\it\manually and run it, type in the program as named and see if it yields an intelligible error report. You sometimes get information this way that you don't in other ways. If it tells you it can't run because ?????.dll is missing, has them. Just make sure you're downloading the dll and not clicking on an ad, and extract it to either your system32 folder or where YY-CHR is.

This is the 2020 version written in C# and will require either the .NET Framework or Mono. If you have been trying to run this version and couldn't, first check to see if .NET Framework is up to date. You can try Mono too but it's pretty redundant. If it doesn't work, then try the above solution once more to see if there is another missing DLL.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - SMW Hacking Help - Graphics & Related Topics - Would anyone be interesting in helping with custom player sprite?

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