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New Yoshi’s Island Hack (planning stage)


Hello. I’m new to this website, so sorry if I do something wrong, but I just wanted to know.

So, I kinda want to make my own Yoshi’s Island hack. I notice that Golden Egg is a bit outdated but arguably the best editor.

I can’t make it straight away because I don’t have a Yoshi’s Island ROM, and I only have a Mac, not a Windows, so I don’t think it will work.

However, I could use this time to plan what I’m going to do before I start making the hack, which might not be for at least a few months.


World 1 will just be a plain grassy world at first, but eventually turns into a water world during the second half. The bosses are Marching Milde and Salvo the Slime,

World 2 starts off as a mountain-esque world (similar to World 2 in the OG game). However, it eventually becomes a spooky/lava world. The bosses are Tap Tap and Naval Piranha (could I possibly put lava in the Naval fight)?

World 3 is a sunset/mountain world. What I thought is, every level in World 3 has a "gimmick", such as levels being a bunch of minigames, or just being transformations sections, or all the red coins being from rainbow eggs. The bosses are Potted Ghost and Hookbill the Koopa.

World 4 is a jungle. I was wondering, maybe I could edit the lava sprite and make it purple, so it is similar to the purple poison water in the modern Mario games? The bosses are Burt and Sluggy the Unshaven.

World 5 is a snow/ice theme, with the bosses being Froggy and Raphael the Raven.

World 6, I thought instead of just being a dark lava world (like World 2), could be like a sky world with a sunset background or something. The bosses would be Bigger Boo and Bowser.

I was thinking of making a custom boss, but that would be way too difficult to make.

The hack might also be a bit easy too, as I want to make a hack which my non-gamer friends and family can try out.