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Yoshi Arm Fix (For all Yoshi Colours) by Desert

File Name: Yoshi Arm Fix (For all Yoshi Colours)
Submitted: by Desert
Authors: Desert
Type: Original
Purpose: Miscellaneous
Description: Fixes the colours of Yoshi's arms from orange to the correct colours.


I'll have to reject this one , since it's a simple edit and it breaks one of the Core Values.

Originally posted by Core Values

Avoid submitting simple edits to the section, unless you are absolutely sure that your simple edit: would be useful for everyone; is a general improvement over the original graphics; does not take too little time, effort and thought to be made in any graphics editor; warrants a place in the section, not cluttering it up and not making it costly to browse and filter in the process. This is a good example of an acceptable simple edit.

It's so simple to do. It can be done in five seconds. Please be more careful next time.