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A port that made you check for the original source (and ended up loving more)
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A weird topic/question thingy, and this might not be so relevant now because of how samples have gone a long way there any ports that made you want to check out the original? When I came up with this topic, I had to make it haha.

For me, I guess the biggest one would have to be Nightwish - Ever Dream, ported by MidiGuy. I first heard it from SMWCP's final level, and when I found the port later I ended up loving it. I know people meme on @17 (the distortion guitar instrument command for those unaware), but the way it was used there I feel is one of the best uses outside of anything by imamelia. Years down the road I searched up the original for curiousity sake...and I ended up immediately downloading the original on my dinky little MP3 player I had. It introduced me to a new band, as afterwards I ended up loving another song by Nightwish called "Ghost River".

Funny how I found a really good band from a community Mario ROM Hack, huh. Funny world. I actually ended up using a sample from Ever Dream in my "Master Challenge" composition for Krack The Hack. I guess consider that a nod of sorts... SMWCP had a number of really good ports at the time, despite it being flawed level design wise now-a-days.

Anyway, I'll pass the question to you peeps. What's your story? Is there any port that you liked that made you curious to check out the original? If so, did you like the original?

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I usually only check the original when I want to listen to a port while doing dishes. Since I don't have an SPC player installed in my phone YouTube has to do, and that rarely has SMW ports of the songs (unless I like bring my laptop to the kitchen, but it's not in a very carryable state right now).

Sometimes I have pleasant surprises. Most recently I stumbled upon Cog is Push's original version through these means, which is wildly different from Lazy's arrangement, and is very cool in a quite different way.
I remember using a Requiem for a Dream theme hosted on here ages ago. It was the first time I heard that track and decided to look it up. Sounds awesome.

EDIT: this one.
Pretty much everything I heard on SMW2+3: The Essence Star and Anikiti's rom hacks! Particularly, these two songs, from each one, respectively:

DKC2: Forest Interlude by Golden Yoshi

Megaman 2: Metal Man Stage by Jimmy52905

I was never really too much into gaming, but hearing these songs made me go through the effort of playing and finishing every single game which had their music featured in the the hacks above =)
I'd say pretty much the Top Gear ports - I've played the game before and I'm a huge fan of races in general, so it's not a surprise, but it's still pleasant regardless.

Same thing for Deltarune. I've never played it prior to introducing some of its ports in a hack and, in my mind, they just rocked. Playing it afterwards was a refreshing experience.
I remember hearing the port of Infinity Mijinion's stage from Mega Man X6 before the original, then deciding to listen to the original track and really liking it.
Quite a lot to name. The Romancing SaGa games come to mind, even though the series it fairly obscure, its music is amazing. I think I have VIP 4 to thank for that. Same goes for a few Sonic songs as well. It's honestly weird how much music I've been introduced to through custom music in hacks.
Tunes from Fortress 2 Blue and Tower of Heaven.
Especially Fortress 2 Blue: I love its music full of character. Thanks to worldpeace for porting a bunch of that game's tunes years ago!
Marginal Conciousness (from Battle Garegga / Stage 7 "Airport")
Song is in YUMP 2, "Cape Fear" level.

When kaigem ported The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie, at that point, I had only been familiar with Nirvana's cover of it through MTV Unplugged. Now, having familiarized myself with Bowie's original, I really love it a lot more than the other renditions I heard and took to exploring the meanings behind the song. It sticks in my head quite a lot at times. The SMW port is wonderful too.

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Eschatos - Point of No Return and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Scorch 'n' Torch are two ports that come to my mind in regard to their originals. Both were coincidentally made by musicalman, and both had me intrigued as to what their original compositions were like.

Point of No Return is very energetic, many notes full of powerful synths that give off quite the motivating feeling. It sounds like music you'd hear in a mechanical kind of area or spaceship. Scorch 'n' Torch on the other hand is atmospheric and grim, with orchestral instruments embodying the thought of fire and smog everywhere. The music also echoes, which makes the instruments come off as very hard-hitting.

So overall, both compositions are absolute bops, and musicalman did a great job with making their ports sound as similar as possible.

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