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Noah's Kaizomatic World by Noah_aka_Feldi

File Name: Noah's Kaizomatic World
Submitted: by Noah_aka_Feldi
Authors: Noah_aka_Feldi
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Hey! This is my romhack... Its a demo with 6 levels and 5 exits (For some reason the game said at me 5 exits after finishing and beating all 6 levels). Hope you will have fun playing it. :) And i have to mention... This is my first romhack EVER... So don't expect extremely good levels...
I am rejecting this hack for a couple of reasons:

Even though you are aware of being able to cheese the first water level, you should still find a way to prevent it. I was able to swim under 75% of the level, and there are patches that prevent this cheese.

You copy pasted the final sublevel from the first water level into the second one. I recommend making a new ending for that section.

There is a speed oscillation dependent jump in the slope level, the jump where you run back and forth to get pspeed. I recommend slightly loosening it by moving the first top muncher up one tile and the second bottom muncher down one tile, this would remove the luck factor in the jump.

There are some very confusing gfx used in the slope level as well, the sloped ceiling and ground that kill you in the second sublevel. Either replace them with munchers or find some better gfx to show that they will kill you.

The final level is a HUGE difficulty spike from the rest of the hack. In particular the ball n chain in the first room is incrdibley tight and difficult. The section feels savestate tested as well because the wendy fight rng can randomly kill you, which is super painful due to the lack of cp in the level. I recommend finding a way to make wendy consistent or adding a cp before the fight. The pipe entry is also incredibly tight, maybe consider loosening it up a bit. This isn't a rejection reason, just a tip