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Waluigi's Road to glory: Horlogic will go on (05-10-2020 BASE ROM) (COMPLETED)
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Well, as a suggestion for Takoyaki Volcano 1, you can keep both keyholes and make the level a 3-exit one instead of 2, maybe you have to modify the overworld paths a bit. I've sent you some more feedback in Discord.


- World 8 complete
- One Extra World Level
- South Nahow City normal exit
Wow, the finished hack.
Sorry for the delay, I'm busy lately with a lot of stuff. With that said, I gotta say, world 8 was easier than world 7, at least, in my experience. There's only one particular stage that was hard. So, before I talk about things that need to be fixed, I'll say about some stuff I liked.

Stuff I liked


I forgot to tell you, but I really found this boss to be very neat and creative. Simple and intuitive to fight. Great job!


Really neat use of one of my rips. But here's a suggestion for the level to look even better: adjust the palette. The grainy pattern of the ground fits nicely with the background, but the fences and flowers looks off. Here is a image of the original game, so you can have a idea of which tone of colors to use. You don't need to change the graphics, only adjusting the color would make the FG + BG perfect.


Really creative gimmick. I find it to be very fun and challenging, so excellent job at that.



Fix the color of berries at end of the level. The green of the bushes does not match the green surrounding the berry. Also, sorry, I confused Quagmire Quirks with Unfunny Fish Route in the last playtesting.


You did write very well this message box, but there's a small error there. "Will you" is only used in interrogative sentences, the correct would be "you will". Aside from that, the gimmick is well explained, so good job at that.


While it looks okay, I think you should add some yellow / orange outlines near the lava to make it look a bit better. Some lava bubbles exanimation would help too.


I think you could make the green of the grass looks more closer to the background.


While it's a neat gimmick, I found it a bit nerve-wracking. If you can add a subtle hint, like a simple shadow or something, that would make this level more enjoyable for me. Not exactly a flaw per se, more like a suggestion.

Chuck's Arm

You can fix it with this simple patch. Make sure to always backup your project before inserting patches, though.


Like I said before, please make the big dino guys immune to fireballs, so the players must be careful and use the jump to defeat them.


I suggest you use this overworld player for Waluigi. It has both Wario and Waluigi. Or you can use this overworld player too. Choose which one best fits your hack.

And well, that's all I have to say. You don't need to follow the palette improvements that I suggested, but they will make some of your levels look more beautiful.
Haven't got time to test fifth ROM, so I decided to wait for next ROM and then test it.

EDIT: Finished testing, the Takoyaki Volcano and Haunted levels have very nice gimmicks, and I think the intro screen text should be updated.

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge



-This SMW Hack have 12 Worlds.
-World 8 Overworld have some improvements.
-World 9 Castle is half-complete.
-World 10 is the final world.
-Still, i need some time for bosses from the anime/cartoons.
-I couldn't ever change the Dino-Rhino like enemy because my ASM knowledge is limited.
-Added Waluigi Overworld graphics.
-Other things, whatever...
Sorry for taking so long, I always restart the hacks so I make sure that everything is working properly, so yeah, took me two days to finish the demo. Anyway, I don't have much to say this time. World 9 felt easier than world 8, for some reason.

Anyway, there's some stuff you need to fix.


For some reason, it only happens in the current version. The secret exit of this specific ghost house won't trigger and unlock the other path. You need to fix that, since everything else in the overworld seems to be working properly.

In the case here, you need to make the "outline" of the paths (the black color surrounding the path) to match with the one you use for the map (that blue dark color).


The vine is almost invisible, because it blends with the background. I suggest adding a vine of other color.

That's it I have for now. Not much else to say. Good luck finishing the hack. #smrpg{y}



Added 2 new bosses:
Genicia Merald (World 6) and Touma Kamijou (World 7)

Replaced Joe Biden with my OC Horlogic.

Things need to finish my Waluigi SMW Hack are:

-Two bosses
-Other stuff
With this hack nearing the completion, I've been running of things to say, since a lot that I mentioned has been fixed. But anyway, I'm gonna leave feedback in things that I liked first.

Neat Stuff

Title Screen

I think this was a great choice. Horlogic fits the game lore so much better than Joe Biden. I approve this choice. Also look how he's like " I'm going to stop Waluigi at all costs!"

Castle 9 (Horlogic's Lair?)

I think this was a superb level. Very fun gimmick, quick and direct to the point. These dark rexes are very dangerous, but I found them very creative. Nothing much to say, except that this level feels a blast to play.


The bosses that you added were also great, specially the one from the special world. I didn't play the final boss because you said that you didn't finish two bosses, so I'm going to wait to do it in the last demo.


The final levels just had the right amount of difficulty, with the only lacking thing being that one of the secret exits is not accessible. I'm curious to see how the lore will end.

With that said, you still need to fix some stuff.


Spring Lawfare 2

P-switch timer of this level is too short and I was unable to proceed. Good thing I managed to recover my old srm, otherwise I would be stuck. This should be easy to fix.

Yellow Switch Palace

Using a tool called Tweaker, to edit vanilla sprites, you can avoid players from killing the Porcupuffer by making it immune by fireballs, iirc. You should try out and see if works. Also, I think that the CFG editor, that's included with the Pixi, can do the same to the jumping lizards from Invidiary Meadows.

Green Switch Palace

It's possible for a skilled player to use the Fishin Boo in their favor using the cape and spinjumping in his head. Like I said before, I think that you can use Tweaker to change that or do something so the player can't cheese the level.

First ghost house exit is broken again

You need to fix the "normal" exit. Check the events and exits properly of this level and then, check the overworld events to make sure that it does not break. It's a long hack, I know but shouldn't take too much time to fix it.


First, you should apply the note block / walljump fix found here. Your levels are tough and wallclips can harm and take out the fun of the challenges, so if you patch it, everything will be consistent. I jump close to walls so wallclips are common.

Second, I suggest you replace the green ropes of the level above with an updated version of it found here. The new variant includes wings which make the ropes look nicer.

Change the title screen's "save files". Instead of Mario A, B and C, you could put something else. You could try this patch, but make a backup of your rom first, just in case of some weird incompatibility. Or you can try this tool to change the text.

And that's it, good luck finishing this hack.
 Anorakun Roberto zampari: I've been checking the South Ghost House level in Lunar Magic and looks like it has these settings in the overworld:
Base event for when level above is passed: 19
Direction to enable when normal exit is used: Left
Direction to enable when secret exit 1 is used: Down

I guess something got messed up in any of the directions. Normally, as seen in SMW, Big Boos are set to trigger secret exit 1 so you may try enabling left direction for secret exit 1 and down direction for normal exit.

EDIT: I just tested this idea in another copy I made for the hack and it worked for me. However, after getting the normal exit the normal path won't get coloured and the secret exit path will trigger instead, but at least Waluigi now goes down as intended when you get the normal exit.

EDIT 2: I just discovered one thing. I used a cheat that instantly triggers a keyhole secret exit when you enter a level (cheat code 00A6E88D in Snes9x) and the path that should work with the normal exit triggers. There must be something weird there.
Heya Roberto I'm glad you sent me another bps file, and the new hack name fits perfectly. Here is my review:

Well, as I noticed, South Ghost House normal exit is broken, because darker path tiles didn't bright up, however, with a little help of Lunar Magic, I managed to enable the direction the normal exit was going in order to play Forest Cliffs level.

Also, in Fight or Retreat I didn't managed to find secret exit, please insert entrance to the sublevel in order to reach secret exit.

But! In South Nahow City I also noticed that the shortcut to fiery world 8, which can be accesed by getting 50 exits, is broken, because the door won't open, even if I pressed up button

The rest of the levels are fine. Can't wait for the full version!

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge

The Waluigi SMW Hack is now complete!!

Well, after all the flaw encounters from the beginning of the testing, my playtesting is officially complete, even if I was still playing the hack.

Well, this time I want to tell that I didn't found secret exit in Fight or Retreat yet.

Also, I discovered that you inserted the hack into Waiting Files section. Let's see if it can be accepted or rejected.

This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!

-Rena Rouge
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Hack Testing - Waluigi's Road to glory: Horlogic will go on (05-10-2020 BASE ROM) (COMPLETED)

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