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Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
Forum Index - Important - The 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
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I decided to play all entries and make some feedback. And since Hobz and Rykon-V73 covered beginning, I decided to play all entries in reverse order. I usually play with savestates and rewinds, but for this run I will try to avoid that. I may use rewinds though to check something like for example is certain block can hurt me or not.

1. DetectiveZvarri - Fudge cave

Last minute entry and... it doesn't work. That's not a good sign. I guess this one will get disqualified.

2. Flagpole1up - Ropewood Forest

Dumb death #1: after midpoint - did red koopa jump and failed to land on wooden log. When doing jump I thought "I will fail" and I failed.

Second time work like a charm. Though jumps on 1 tile blocks and logs were scary. I liked graphic of the forest. Logs surprised me, because they can be passed, but they look solid. At least for me. Also water isn't swimmable. Good thing I checked that by throwing shell. Later there is something like underwater passage, but again water isn't swimmable. I almost got fooled there. Other than that it was pretty fun entry.


Is it just me or this feel like chocolate level with Princess Peach green messages and number of Area in upper left corner. Also really unique concept with jumping into arrow blocks to create blocks or doors. Is this really vanilla?

Dumb death #1: Not understanding the concept, because message is a bit cryptic led me to not create door to next room. So I was forced to fall into dark pit.

Dumb death #2: Jumped into diagonal fireball after freeing them with vines. That was stupid.

Dumb death #3: Obligatory death at the midpoint.

Dumb death #4: Reward for hitting all arrow blocks like an idiot is death. I should have known it can't be that simply.

Luckily the rest of the level I managed to beat without deaths. Last room was especially scary. But that's really great puzzle level. I enjoyed that a lot. Also aesthetics are mind blowing. Really good level.

4. eltiolavara9 - THE GOOP FLOW

No idea how to pass 3 urchins near beginning without getting hurt. Also 2nd springboard jump I failed and after redoing section I noticed that wooden spike despawned. You also don't need to put springboard on 1F0 tiles. You can put it on solid blocks and easily jump on higher platform, which kinda makes wooden spike obstacle pointless.

Dumb death #1: blind fall down from water into bottomless pit. I noticed only 1F0 tiles, so I need to have something to put it on them?

Dumb death #2: blind fall again, but this time I figured out that I need to take urchins with me. I tried to spin jump from 2 urchins on the left, but it wasn't enough. Also really deep pit.

Dumb death #3: wanted to avoid porcupuffer and accidentally jumped on it.

This time I decided to play smart and kill porcupuffers. Riding springboard on 1F0 tiles was really scary. Also upside down wooden spike is exposed, so player can see cutoff. Also aesthetics made me think that I'm gonna press the switch to deactivate solid blocks and activate non solid blocks, but that's not in the vanilla. So I got a bit tricked by it. Overall level has small visual and design problems, but still it's fun to play.

5. MegaMarioMan9 - Sandsift Temple

I managed to barely avoid death in 2nd half after I got hit by fireball and lost reserve mushroom in dumb way. I like sand graphic. Also avoiding ground blaarghs to get springboard was creative. There is a lot of spin jumping on enemies to get higher. Level starts as easy, but it grows to normal difficulty. And music is really calm. Overall, really liked this entry. It's fun.

6. RanAs - Platforms of Escape

Dumb death #1: Jumped into stray bullet when trying to jump on hammer bro's platform.

Level beaten on 2nd try. Level is about flying diagonally grey platforms. That's rare gimmick. Because there are bullt bills shooters at the bottom, I felt lower part is actually harder than upper. Also obstacles are a bit random. Level starts with fireball plants and koopas, later are bullet bills and even bullet generator. At the end are grinders falling on my head. But good effort. Also level is very short,

7. ASMagician Maks - Actual Loopholes

Dumb death #1 and 2 - I play on ZMZ and level detects that I play on SNES9x, so it kills me. I guess I will play on zsnes.

Restarted on zsnes and I'm stuck in flying position while at the middle of the blue screen and in slowdown. At least message didn't show up, but fast forward does nothing. Maybe on bsnes level would work, but I'm not a big fan of bsnes. So I give up with this entry.

Edit: Checked this entry in Lunar Magic and noticed there is section that looks like kaizo. So I'm happy that I gave up.
can you give me details on why mine didn't work? i just patched it to a clean rom and it worked for me.
So patching works fine, but rom doesn't load. It says "bad rom" in the corner. And true, sometimes rom will still load. But your entry greets me with endless black screen. I tried again using bps from official release of all entries archive and still doesn't work. By the way I tried on both ZMZ and zsnes with the same result.

By the way, I noticed big bell near my thread's name. Anybody knows what does that mean? I hope I didn't break any rule by making this thread.
Originally posted by Galaer
By the way, I noticed big bell near my thread's name. Anybody knows what does that mean? I hope I didn't break any rule by making this thread.

It means you're watching the thread (which happens automatically to threads you create), so every new post here will pop up in your "Alerts" menu. You can disable it by clicking on "Unwatch Thread" next to the reply button.
Oh, it must be some new feature. I don't remember this when I was making my VLDC 11 entry thread. Thanks for information.
Originally posted by Galaer
Oh, it must be some new feature. I don't remember this when I was making my VLDC 11 entry thread. Thanks for information.

The ability to watch threads, including your own, is recent actually. It was added a year and a half ago.

Here's the message Snes9x says when I try to play DetectiveZvarri's after patching it to a clean SMW ROM:
"__}n2_n2__2_#_________" [Bad checks
um] LoROM, Corrupt, ROM, NTSC, SRAM:
Corrupt, ID:_k_, CRC32:43B2FA1F

So, yeah. Something's borked with that .bps somehow. Maybe it wasn't actually created with a proper clean SMW ROM?
Yes, you should play ASMagician Maks' level on bsnes (or Bizhawk).

I'm surprised that a level can even detect what emulator you are using.

If it's pure vanilla, that's really amazing.


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Thank you for playing my level! The enemies are very random but they're usually clumped together by type ("organic" enemies near the beginning, "mechanicals" near the end, etc.). I noticed the lower path was tougher than the upper path, but without any ideas to even out the difficulty I just sorta left that in as an incentive for the player to keep switching platforms. Either way, thank you!

Dumb death #1: Jumped into stray bullet when trying to jump on hammer bro's platform.


SnesLab / The Cutting Room Floor
Today only 2 entries, but mostly because they are both death festivals. Especially the second one. Also they both suffer from lack of extra checkpoint.

8. Saibot1997 - Wooded Snow Cliffs

Winter level with scary platforming. Kicking koopa is strategically placed to easily hit you. And then I barely do last jump to the midpoint. Then I got hit by double saw above bottomless pit while spin jumping and barely saved myself by spin jumping from lower saw. Boy, these jumps are really tricky. Almost got tricked by safety hole where another double saw patrols. And then...

Dumb death #1: died on muncher while trying to jump back on 2nd hammer bro's platform. But yeah, I was lucky for too long.

Dumb death #2: died on 2nd double saw above bottomless pit. I actually died by making full jump, getting stop by higher wall and falling down to the pit. Lesson for later: spin jump on saw.

Dumb death #3: jumped over 1st double saw above pit and overshooted, which led me down to the pit.

Dumb death #4: small spin jump on 2nd double saw isn't enough to clear gap.

Not really sure how to do jump over saw with munchers on ceiling while big Mario. So I attempt hammer bro's platforms as small Mario once again. Very scary last jump and I enter pipe, which leads me to lava cave. And there is no checkpoint. Very tricky jumps on hammer bro's platforms over lava and very tricky jumps on moving platforms. And in the end is jump from hammer bro's platform to pipe over lava.

Dumb death #5: by the way, I failed this jump and fell to my doom. And really, no checkpoint?

Dumb death #6: I managed to jump into ceiling munchers above saw as small Mario. So this jump is trickier than I thought.

Dumb death #7: I spin jumped from 2nd saw over pit as big Mario, but failed to squeeze into 2 tiles passage. This sometimes happens.

Finally managed to do duck jump over saw with munchers on ceiling. I hate this last jump in winter section. I didn't failed it yet, but it's really scary. Also I'm using savestate for lava cave, because this level kills me a lot and there really should be 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #8: jumped on 1st platform and then walked back right into lava. Very stupid death.

Dumb death #9: jumped on last hammer bro's platform over lava and hesitated, which led me to walk back into lava.

Dumb death #10: failed 1st jump over lava.

Dumb death #11: failed 2nd jump over lava.

And finally I beat this level. Looks like if you fail entering pipe you can drop right on ground. Level is very tricky and I actually liked it, but it needs 1up checkpoint in lava zone. Visuals are also good.

9. Kori - Monty Migration

Moles on 1F0 leafs and flying fishes? And...

Dumb death #1: not making jump to tree from 2nd mole.

Dumb death #2: died jump a bit too late, which led to 3rd mole go into pit and not respawn. So I tried to spin jump on fish, but failed and dropped into pit.

Dumb death #3: died by touching back of 4th mole, because you need to do jumps pretty fast and you also need to worry for fishes. This level may look amazing, but it's really deadly.

Dumb death #4: went too fast and failed easy jump on 2nd mole.

Dumb death #5: tried to be more careful, but died on fish while jumping to 4th mole.

Dumb death #6: again the same fish, but I was big and jumped too late, so I fell into pit. Seriously, in this place you are forced to get hit by fish.

Dumb death #7: bonked my head on above tree, so I failed jumped on 4th mole.

Dumb death #8: progress. I failed jump on 5th mole, because lots of fishes.

Dumb death #9: failed jump on 1st mole after stack of moles.

Dumb death #10 and 11 and 12: failed jump on 4th mole.

Dumb death #13: no idea what mole, but there are 3 fishes and lower one killed me. I think I'm gonna savestate after 4th mole.

Beat section #1. Actually I forgot to do savestate, but there is section #2 and there is no checkpoint. Luckily I managed to make savestate at the start, because...

Dumb death #14: killed by 1st saw.

Dumb death #15: killed by flying fish.

Dumb death #16: missed mole on 1F0.

Dumb death #17: killed by 2nd falling saw.

Dumb death #18: jumped into fish, because I didn't notice that I'm safe on mole. Yeah, this level teached me to jump as quick as possible when I see fish.

And after this mole is... midpoint? So this level isn't over. Oh boy. I made another savestate in case I will accidentally load previous savestate. Section #3 is autoscroll going left. And...

Dumb death #19: missed 1st mole on 1F0.

Dumb death #20 and 21: a bit lower part and autoscroll decided to go right. I got confused by movement of the moles and fell into pit. Also jump on wooden branch with flying fishes was blind, so I got hit.

Dumb death #22: pretty much the same situation, but further.

Dumb death #23: missed lower mole while jumping from higher mole.

Dumb death #24: again confused by moles, so I failed jumping on left mole. Thing is I should stay on right mole.

Dumb death #25: confused again, because lower mole appeared later than usually, so I made late jump and landed on spikes instead on mole.

Dumb death #26: failed jump on mole.

Dumb death #27: jumped right from mushroom block and somehow got on roof. I went right and dropped on platform where moles were. Then quickly dropped down and failed jumping, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #28: first I forgot that I need to jump on 1st mole, so I got hit by saw. Then 1st mole on the lower part killed. I was trying to do tricky jump over fishes while having mole behind me, but I landed on his nose. Speaking about this part, there is mole and lots of fishes to dodge. I have no idea how to beat this part without tanking 1 hit.

Dumb death #29: missed jump on 2nd mole, but luckily landed on spikes and then jumped on platform. Then finally past previous situation by going after mole, but second later died while trying to jump over fishes.

Dumb death #30: same part, but I didn't jumped, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #31: beginning of lower part. My timing was different, so 2nd fish appeared further than 1st fish, so I failed to jump over it.

Dumb death #32: failed to jump on 1st mole in lower part. And finally noticed that I can wait for mole, because it comes back.

OK, so I finally manged to get back to mushroom block and decided to do savestate, because this level has no mercy.

Dumb death #33: returned to moles on spikes. Their movements confused, so I lost both mushrooms there, but I managed to get on platform with pipe only to be killed by saw just before entering it.

Finally did it and there is section #4. And just like in 1st half there is no extra checkpoint. I wonder if author knows about 1up checkpoints and Yoshi coins checkpoints, because they would be really useful in this level. Anyway, I made extra checkpoint at the beginning of this section. Surprisingly it wasn't needed, because this part is the easiest part of the level.

Level has very good graphic and good music. Usage of moles is very creative, but there is very little leeway. It's for experienced players. Lack of checkpoints other than midpoint is really unfortunate. Also section #3 felt like many times I needed to do action blindly and because of autocroll I didn't have enough time to react.
ASMagician Maks's entry is also one that make me skip to the next entry. I checked this in LM and it seems to be unplayable. Not sure if it works with BSNES.

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
ASMagician Maks's entry is also one that make me skip to the next entry. I checked this in LM and it seems to be unplayable. Not sure if it works with BSNES.

NeutronCat mentioned that it's playable on bsnes and bizhawk. I don't think I'm gonna play it, because I experienced some tiny lags when using bsnes. As for entry itself, I suspect author used Arbitrary Code Execution in bsnes(he mentioned using it for entry for BLDC, but failed to submit it in time). It may be questionable situation, but I think that he barely avoided breaking the rules.
I'm not sure if I'm going to play that entry. If I do, then I hope Fraps is compatible with BSNES.

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
Today real variety of levels. There is tricky puzzle level, hard water level, easy level, 2 normal levels and 1 impossible for me level that I couldn't beat even with tools.

10. Lazy - Thrill Seeker

Dumb death #1: died in 2nd half. The gimmick is to not look left, so I disabled left input in emulator. Unfortunately I had no idea what to do after grabbing blue block and fell on spikes.

Dumb death #2: went after blue block and got confused while trying to turn on left input. Died on spikes again.

Dumb death #3: got messed up in section after brown blocks and got squashed by autoscroll.

Dumb death #4: died on spikes right at the very beginning.

By the way, after 3rd dumb death I decided to turn on left input, because trying to enter reset doors without it was huge problem. Eventually managed to beat it. That's a very creative usage of luring big ghosts. No idea how you made pipes that recognize what size Mario enters it, but that too was creative. Second half was much harder, but still doable. And boss fight was very creative. It uses the gimmick of making Mario small. So I liked it. Still it took me some tries to figure it out. And also there is 1st half that force player to not move too much in any direction or to always move in one direction. Very creative puzzle level.

11. Centipede - Santuario Sumergido

Dumb death #1: killed by 1st fish when trying to get mushroom from bubble,

Dumb death #2 and 3: killed by urchin by the 2nd ON/OFF switch. Also is it just me or outside section has no music.

Dumb death #4: killed by spiny thrown by lakitu after rising water.

Dumb death #5: killed by munchers when trying to pick up blue block to get mushroom.

Dumb death #6: stupid urchin again.

Dumb death #7: died on munchers before 3rd switch, because I thought I can skip troublesome 2nd switch.

Dumb death #8: decided to kill 1st fish in bubble with blue block and accidentally stepped on it.

Dumb death #9: died on hopping fire after 5th switch. I think I'm gonna do savestate there next time.

Dumb death #10: tried to hit 2nd switch with blue block and dropped on munchers.

Dumb death #11: 2nd lakitu after 2nd switch was late throwing spiny and I was in hurry, so I got killed by this late spiny.

Finally got to 5th switch, but got hit by hopping flame. Luckily it went back on munchers. I savestated, but it wasn't needed, because I managed to get safely to pipe with midpoint. Then there is very weird vertical autoscroll going up section with lakitus on side and many enemies in bubbles generating from sides. My execution was very messy. I usually was at the very top and eventually was tanking hits. And then I got 1up checkpoint. Last section is back to normality. It's pretty much the same gimmick like from the very beginning, but instead I need to raise water and it is in advance form.

Overall level is uneven. It's creative and I liked sections #1 and 4. Section #2 was a bit too hard for me even though I managed to finally beat it. But controlling water by bumping into switches while having many enemies affected by water physic and tight timing was hard. Section #3 was the weakest. There is so many enemies there that you just want to stay at the middle top part of screen all the time. And why is there no music in 1st section?

12. kamekku14 - Salty Saltflats

Dumb death #1: got surprised by rock at the top of springy things, dropped down and jumped into green jumping koopa.

Dumb death #2: after midpoint there is section with flying koopas. I couldn't decide what jump to do and it resulted in jumping into flying green koopa.

Dumb death #3: I wanted to kill both goombas at the beginning, but instead I was stomped by second one.

Dumb death #4: failed jump on white platform, but at least I collected 4th dragon coin.

Level beaten afterwards. Level is on easier side, it has nice aesthetics. But it felt a bit random in term of obstacles. There are koopas and goombas, springy things and rock Chuck. In 2nd half mostly there is pit with platforms with koopas. At the end there are goombas and yellow koopas marching at you and splitting Chuck guards goal post.


Dumb death #1: killed by 1st goomba, which I did not notice.

Dumb death #2: killed by pollen when trying to grab powerup.

Dumb death #3: lost my Yoshi, so I'm dead due very short time limit.

Dumb death #4: lost Yoshi a bit further, dropped on solid upside down floor and died in lava.

Dumb death #5 and 6: time up (or should I say "eat up"). I had not enough time to get P-switch in Mario only section. Looks like I need to speedrun this level.

Dumb death #7: I decided to kill myself, because I wasted way too much time at the beginning.

Dumb death #8: lost Yoshi, so I killed myself.

Dumb death #9: died on lava lotus, because I am forced to speedun this level.

Dumb death #10: killed by last goomba. I would die from time limit anyway.

Dumb death #11 and 12: speedrunning level right of the bat isn't really that fun.

Anyway, I finally got to the midpoint.

Dumb death #13: time out. Awesome.

Dumb death #14: destroyed blue block, so I decided to kill myself.

Dumb death #15-30: I can't figure out how to beat beginning part of 2nd half. It's like mission impossible.

Afterwards I resorted to savestates and slowdown and still couldn't make it. So I give up. 1st half was tricky speedrun, but 2nd half is straight impossible to beat. Also tree trunks in 1st half should be darker. The same should be done with giant trees in 2nd half.

14. TriplePat - HELLCASTLE

So after pink into there is red castle. 1st half has some really fun setups with castle enemies. Also funny message at the beginning of 2nd half.

Dumb death #1: to avoid jumping Chuck I jumped right into spiky ball.

2nd time was better and I could beat this level. Really fun setups and nice usage of baserom fix. I felt that pallette could be better. Maybe full red castle was a bit too aggressive for eyes.


Dumb death #1: died on sparky on circle line formation.

Dumb death #2: didn't thought I will manage to jump on 2nd Bowser's statue, so I hold jump and fell into pit.

Dumb death #3: died on sparky after circle formation.

Dumb death #4 and 5: circle formation again.

Dumb death #6: smile formation before circle formation.

Almost fell from platform just before midpoint.

Dumb death #7: moving platform section. Touched 1st sparky and fell to my doom.

Dumb death #8: no idea how to time sparkies from 1st formation and died on next sparky.

The answer was to scroll screen right, so I could easily avoid every obstacle. Lots of stupid deaths. I think I was tired and should leave this level for tomorrow. Overall it's nice looking level with fun setups. No idea how to beat 1st sparkies formation while riding moving platform without scrolling the screen. Still it was fun level.

Originally posted by Galaer
14. TriplePat - HELLCASTLE
Really fun setups and nice usage of baserom fix. I felt that pallette could be better. Maybe full red castle was a bit too aggressive for eyes.

Cool to read you liked it! I knew the palette might have been too red (even though I actually made it less red on the last day before submitting - imagine what it was before that!) but I didn't manage to make a better palette without taking away from the theme.

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33 deaths LOL get gud‏‏‎‏‏‎ 😳

no joking, but there were definetely some underlying concerns i had with my level that i didnt have time to go back and deal with. some sections i built to be played in a certain way and i hoped most players would react accordingly, which doesn't seem like it worked as well with you. did want to get a thread out a week or two beforehand, but didnt have enough time in the end as more testing and refining would've went a long way, but hardly managed to make the deadline in the end.

Originally posted by Galaer
Dumb death #25: confused again, because lower mole appeared later than usually, so I made late jump and landed on spikes instead on mole.

also vertical sprite spawn range was slightly inconsistent, maybe because of the glitchy autoscroll but idk. had an occasional run or two where moles weren't spawning properly for some reason.

but thanks for taking the time to play my level!
Daizo Dee Von's power hour. I'm too exhausted too play one more entry today.

16. Daizo Dee Von - Diet Pit of Vulldec

Dumb death #1 and 2: I didn't manage to press spin jump fast enough after cancelling message.

Dumb death #3 - this time I spin jumped before message shows up, so I finally beat 1st part of 1st section. But died in 2nd part by hitting fire, because it acts as lava.

Dumb death #4 - died by another "get off me" message.

Dumb death #5: died on purple flame.

Dumb death #6: message after purple flame.

Dumb death #7 and 8 and 9: abandoned Yoshi a bit too fast in 2nd part and died in eternal fire.

All right, get to the midpoint. Actually almost died on last flame. These messages can be funny, but I fail spin jumping after them. Really wish that these messages wouldn't appear. "Keep jumping off Yoshi on fails" - oh, that's really funny message.

Dumb death #10 - didn't understood what I need in 1st room and fell together with Yoshi to my doom. At least I'm not alone there.

Dumb death #11 - I judged wrong 2nd room and catapulted right into purple flame. I mean, how should I know there will be spiny under me.

Dumb death #12: looks like I need to jump off Yoshi to cross purple flame. Full jump isn't enough.

Dumb death #13: didn't hold jump in 1st room, so I did small jumps on spinies and died in eternal flame.

Dumb death #14: failed to jump on Yoshi after crossing purple flame.

Dumb death #15: water physics of purple flame messed my guess where Yoshi will land and again I died.

Dumb death #16: after crossing 1st purple flame I hold spin jump, so I failed to jump off Yoshi when crossing 2nd purple flame.

Dumb death #17 and 18: failed landing on Yoshi after collecting 2nd dragon coin.

Dumb death #19 and 24: 1st purple flame.

Dumb death #20: problem with landing on Yoshi again.

Dumb death #21 and 23 and 27: forgot how to play level and abandoned Yoshi too quickly.

Dumb death #22: couldn't control my movements after crossing 1st purple flame and died.

Dumb death #25 and 28 and 29: failed to drop Yoshi on rail, so I'm dead.

Dumb death #26: somehow got hit by 2 grinders on rail, lost Yoshi, message pops out and I died. Is that double sprite glitch? Anyway, I think I'm gonna do savestate for this room.

Dumb death #30: failed on dropping on spiny between purple flames.

Dumb death #31 and 32, 35, 37, 40: made savestate in 2 grinders room and then failed jumping on them. Their movements somehow confuse me.

Dumb death #33 and 38 and 39: got hurt by spiny and fell on grinders.

Dumb death #34: died when trying to jump over flame.

Dumb death #36: this one is weird. I got hurt by grinders, went on flame, message popped out and afterwards went through flame and died on bottom flames.

Dumb death #41: beat this room, but without collecting 4th dragon coin and Yoshi, which led me to death.

Dumb death #42, 44, 47, 49, 51, 52, 53: beat this room with Yoshi and dragon coin, but message about getting off comes too quickly and afterwards I just can't spin jump out of Yoshi. I hate these stupid messages. Luckily I made savestate after beating grinders room.

Dumb death #43: made jump off Yoshi, but failed landing on koopa on rail.

Dumb death #44: looks like I can jump off Yoshi when I don't hold run, but then little koopa spot me. Yeah, I jumped on his eyes and it hurts.

Dumb death #45: finally got dragon coin checkpoint, but I died, because abandoned by me Yoshi fell into lava. Awesome.

Dumb death #46: destroyed turn blocks too quickly without waiting for Yoshi, so I needed to die.

Dumb death #48: lots of grinders room. I jumped off Yoshi facing wrong direction, so he dropped left instead through purple flame.

Dumb death #50: failed to drop on Yoshi, so I dropped on spikes.

Dumb death #54: made savestate on spikes, because I absolutely hate jumping out of Yoshi after message. I wrongly understood grinder between purple flames and not dropped on Yoshi, but on 2nd flame.

Dumb death #55 and 57: failed jumping over high purple flame.

Dumb death #56: lone grinder room. So I abandoned Yoshi and he fell into flame, but looks like I still need him somehow. There is another jump off Yoshi and another stupid message pops out. Fuck me.

Dumb death #58: Yoshi died on flame again, but I noticed purple flame below. Looks like I need to throw Yoshi through it.

Dumb death #59: send Yoshi through purple flame, but unfortunately died on flame.

Dumb death #60: failed dropping on Yoshi moving quickly on rail.

Dumb death #61: hey, it's progress. I finally got to door and 1up checkpoint popped out. And there is boss room. And I have no idea what to do and I feel overwhelmed. So I jump into spiny and die in bottomless pit. This frustrating level just doesn't end.

Dumb death #62: killed boss, but failed to land on something solid.

Dumb death #63: wasted too many blue blocks, so I decided to commit seppuku.

Finally beat the boss and successfully landed on solid ground under flame. Aesthetically level is good. It's creative and I liked boss fight. Level has some nice setups, but it's a bit too hard for me. i also hated this artificial difficulty - messages popping out of nowhere. Look, I see what I need to do and there are coins indicating what I need to do. Messages somehow eat my input, so many times I failed getting off Yoshi even though I was clicking A like madman. Good idea would be to get rid of them.

I also thought before encountering this level that fighting for dragon coins checkpoint would be great idea, but after seeing this level I changed my mind. I'm starting to appreciate authors who give Yoshi coin checkpoints for free, because beating section #2 together with collecting dragon coins is frustrating. Also if you don't get dragon coin checkpoint, you also have no easy access to 1up checkpoint and that's really bad.
I decided that I actually still have some strength left, so I played 3 more levels yesterday. I had fun with them. Though I had one big problem in 2nd level.

17. Torchkas - Elevated Evening

Dumb death #1: died on muncher when trying to jump on Chuck after thwomps.

Dumb death #2, 6, 7, 8, 10: badly times my bounce from Chuck and missed dolphin.

Dumb death #3, 11, 13: missed Chuck before dolphins and when he fell back on ground, he bounced me into lava.

Dumb death #4: upper part - jumped too early from grey platform and missed my dolphin.

Dumb death #5: I had no idea that jumping on rising dolphin will make you to drop through him.

Dumb death #9: started to speedrun lower part and jumped on muncher.

Dumb death #12: jumped on dolphin with too big momentum and had problem to stop. Finally I fell into lava.

Dumb death #14, 15: missed dolphin.

Level beaten. I wish there would be midpoint at the beginning on upper part. Repeating easy lower part every time you die on upper part was annoying. Level itself is fun, but setups are very repetitive. And good choice of music.

18. singlepat - Distorted Chateau

Dumb death #1: mistook what I need to do and I died by touching 2nd fireball.

Dumb death #2: math platforms. Again mistook what to do and dropped like idiot on magic.

Dumb death #3: wanted to go fast to kill magic, but I went too fast and fell into pit.

Dumb death #4: did too small jump from vertical block and fell into pit.

Dumb death #5: went too fast after beating math platform and fell into pit.

Dumb death #6: missed vertical blocks at the end and died by touching fireball.

Finally got to midpoint and what the... glitching through note block in downward direction. Never heard about that.

Dumb death #7: died on spikes in math platform room.

Dumb death #8: crashed between vertical block going up and corner of wall.

Dumb death #9, 10: jumped too fast on noteblock and I think I needed to hold B to get back on math platform?

Dumb death #11, 12: failed to enter section #2 and died on lavaball.

Dumb death #13: tried to enter door to section #2, ride vertical block down and got killed by lavaball.

OK, so instead of holding B on math platform, I hold down and right and somehow got on platform? Weird, but I guess I got on platform thanks to the momentum. I got 1up checkpoint. What will be next? Short time limit, grey platforms, falling into pit will teleport you slightly higher and dragon coin collection. Yup, just like previous room this too is weird.

Dumb death #14: didn't know how to get out from blue blocks near bottom, so I died on spike when trying to jump out.

Dumb death #15: died on the same spike, but this time I jumped from grey platform.

Dumb death #16: no idea how to get 5th dragon coin, so I fell into pit, which clipped me into wall.

Dumb death #17: tried to get to reset portal near blue block, so I decided to use pit and I got teleported into spike.

Dumb death #18, 21, 22: tried to jump to grey platform while holding blue block, but pit teleported me into spike.

Dumb death #19: killed by touching spikes at the beginning of section.

Dumb death #20: tried to collect 4th dragon coin as small Mario led me to be killed by ceiling spikes.

So I did savestate at the 4th dragon coin and wasted 10 or 20 lifes to figure out how to get last dragon coin. I figured out that from grey platform you need to jump as far as possible to the left and hold left and pit will teleport you into last dragon coin. Was that intended? Because I can't destroy 2 turn blocks with 1 blue block. If I throw right into blocks, blue block gets destroyed. If I throw it upward it will also get destroyed somehow.

Dumb death #41?: died shortly after getting dragon coin checkpoint on spikes.

Dumb death #42: it teleported me straight to boss? Boss uses the same gimmick with pits teleporting me up. I died out of time out trying to figure out what to do.

This time boss fight went well and I finished with 6 seconds to spare. It was pretty fun level with some crazy glitches. The only downside is last dragon coin. The intended solution is taking blue block through 2 turn blocks barriers, but I have no idea how and getting this coin was much harder than anything else in this level.

19. codfish1002 - Blossom Ruins

Dark bronze log scared me. I thought it's solid, but it's not.

Dumb death #1: died on muncher under bouncing rock.

Dumb death #2: autoscroll section. I got confused and mase small hop into pit.

Dumb death #3: bullet generator happened and I walked on thwomp before managed to kill him with shell.

And beated. That was fun level. Though it was a bit random. At least bullet generator was well used. It was a bit scary. And I think you were a bit too generous with powerups near autoscroll section. There is 1 powerup just before pipe leading to autosroll and another at the very beginning of autoscroll section. Also I wonder if pink koopas and pink trees represents Japan.
Originally posted by Galear
19. codfish1002 - Blossom Ruins

Dark bronze log scared me. I thought it's solid, but it's not.

Dumb death #1: died on muncher under bouncing rock.

Dumb death #2: autoscroll section. I got confused and mase small hop into pit.

Dumb death #3: bullet generator happened and I walked on thwomp before managed to kill him with shell.

And beated. That was fun level. Though it was a bit random. At least bullet generator was well used. It was a bit scary. And I think you were a bit too generous with powerups near autoscroll section. There is 1 powerup just before pipe leading to autosroll and another at the very beginning of autoscroll section.
Also I wonder if pink koopas and pink trees represents Japan.

OOH mah good another person played my level yay :D

Originally posted by Galaer
Also I wonder if pink koopas and pink trees represents Japan.

yeah it is i got the inspiration from newer smbs sakura village world

Originally posted by Galaer
That was fun level

glad you liked it :D


This is my layout i plan on adding one soon

I have a discord server smwc users only

i have a few hacks that are currently in a wip state you can check them out here

Before I start I wanted to talk about singlepat's entry. Next day after playing your entry, I think I have an idea what's the intended solution is. I need to throw blue block into turn block, then run down, pick another blue block, fall into pit to get teleported up and go through turn block to next turn block. And I need to do it fast. The thing is level doesn't prepare you for this precise puzzle. Oppositely this section is on easy side. I think better idea would be to get rid of turn blocks near 4th dragon coin.

For today I have 3 easy levels and 2 hard that I needed to use savestates to beat.

20. GabrielJohn - THE DARK FOREST

First right side is off screen (far on the right), so it was uncomfortable jump there. And there was another uncomfortable jump to what I guessed correctly was a pipe to midpoint. Then a lot of flatness and few reset pipes for no reason. Destroying turn blocks creates cutoff in the middle of tree. Also in 3rd message area I can fly over high log to get to goal post. Earlier it was blocked, I tried. You can also find another hidden pipe in another suspicious place indicated by walking blue koopa.

What a weird level. It's easy, not particularly interesting. It looks OK. It felt flat and the gimmick of finding hidden pipe wasn't developed very well.

21. Maruhai - SUBLIME

First invisible block really scared. I thought there is bottomless pit under me. I like water indicated by bunch of small fishes.

Dumb death #1 and 3: rotating platform + dolphin. Couldn't jump to ground on the right, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #2: did bad jump on koopa between triple platforms, got hurt by it and fell into pit.

And I beat the level. Well designed short level. I felt palette was a bit too dartk for my taste. Also rotating platform for most of the time is very badly timed with dolphin, so it was hard for me to do this jump.


Dumb death #1, 6, 8, 9: died in pit under 2nd lone wiggler, because I have no idea where to go. Speaking of which, there is another weird wrapping of screen gimmick with wigglers. This time thanks to wigglers I can return from pit. Weird.

Dumb death #2: died on flying up wiggler.

Dumb death #3: I bounced on red wigglers, let flying wiggler to vanish, hold right and died. Oh yeah, physically I am still in pit, but this bouncing on upper wigglers is confusing.

Dumb death #4, 5: didn't jump from eating block fast enough, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #7: failed to jump from eating block, because mushroom is messing my timing.

Dumb death #10: failed to jump well from falling wiggler, so I died.

Dumb death #11: failed to jump on higher koopa first, so I died.

Dumb death #12: tried to get blue blocks while bouncing on wigglers and accidentally fell into pit.

Dumb death #13: jumped on higher koopa, but missed turn block. Luckily landed on wiggler and then on green log. This surprised, so I failed to notice I need to go forward. So I died on black blocks.

Dumb death #14: stupid pit near blue blocks. I managed to jump there perfectly from grey platform.

Dumb death #15: looks like I need to throw blue block into shell.

Dumb death #16: managed to free wiggler and jumped on him, but failed landing on grey platform.

Dumb death #17: pit after throwing 1st blue block into shell.

Finally got a midpoint. After reading messages I have no idea what's a gimmick of it is, so I will probably die couple of times to figure it out. And collect dragon coins for checkpoint - oh, no! Not again.

Dumb death #18: no idea how to get through spiny at the beginning. Died by not understanding the gimmick with wigglers on ropes.

Dumb death #19: died trying to get to Charlie. Also red wiggler go stuck on corner and was levitating above pit. Weird.

Dumb death #20, 31, 36: failed to jump out of vine in time.

Dumb death #21 and 27 and 30: died by smashing munchers after vines.

Dumb death #22: noticed that wiggler on rope has only head and no rest of body and I fell into pit.

Dumb death #23: didn't notice red wiggler on rope after activating P-switch, so I died in pit.

Dumb death #24: failed to jump out of vine, so I got killed by munchers.

Dumb death #25, 26, 35: noticed finally wiggler above Charlie, so I tried using him, but when I got close to Charlie, I coward and fell into pit.

Dumb death #28, 33: jumped on 1st wiggler, but back off too much and fell into pit.

Dumb death #29: failed bouncing on koopa, so I died on smashing munchers.

Dumb death #32: tried to jump on P-switch, but instead I grabbed it and died on wiggler.

Dumb death #34: activated P-switch and bounced on koopa into turn block, wiggler didn't die. Instead he walked right, so I got hurt on munchers. I jumped right and bounced from red wiggler, but I went too far and then landed in pit.

Dumb death #37: red wiggler on rope hesitated too much, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #38: died on this lone muncher floating above pit.

Dumb death #39: finally got to mushroom. Also I jumped on red wiggler from below and I got hurt. 1st message was lying. Died because I didn't noticed munchers covered by rope.

Dumb death #40, 42: got killed by munchers, which was on invisible noteblock at the moment.

Dumb death #41: died by touching Charlie.

Dumb death #42: savestated after bronze blocks, because this section is just going and died by not understanding the nest room.

Dumb death #43: died after bouncing once on wiggler and thinking he will immediately go right.

Dumb death #44: died by smasher.

Dumb death #45: died because I need to do small jumps on wiggler, worry about smasher, wiggler's movement and collecting dragon coins.

Finally got all dragon coins and went to next part. Short vertical section with spinies falling on your head and then weird puzzle with wiggler to get to orb. This last part though was the most manageable and it had reset door.

This was very creative usage of wigglers. I liked the most section #2 even though I died the most there. But last smasher and collecting dragon coins was a bit too overwhelming. At least you didn't put another long section afterwards.

23. Rye_ - Convoy Infiltration

Dumb death #1: died because wanted to go through 1 tile passage that I think is actually solid. And coins was indicating to go down.

Dumb death #2: 2nd half. Hard to notice some bricks on ceiling, so I get hurt in dumb way. Also I have problem with grabbing blue blocks (too many sprites). And finally small thwimp killed me.

Dumb death #3: died on red koopa, because I was checking if I can go via roof.

Nice looking level with really loud music. It's on easy side, but it has invisible walls that are annoying. Especially in last part I got hit by them few times.

24. MiracleWater + GbreezeSunset - Temple of Assorted Nonsense

Dumb death #1: no jumping challenge. Died in section #2 by touching lower red koopa.

Dumb death #2: section #1. Killed by 1st green koopa.

Dumb death #3, 6: killed by moving hole.

Dumb death #4: tried to go through door quickly and was killed by thwomp.

Dumb death #5: killed by 2nd green koopa.

Finally got to midpoint and I have 40 seconds to kill all Chucks. And with this gimmick probably. Wrong, because I can jump.

Dumb death #7, 10, 13, 16: killed by 3rd Chuck.

Dumb death #8, 9, 11, 20: 2nd Chuck.

Dumb death #12, 14, 24, 28: killed by pollen.

Dumb death #15, 17, 19, 22, 25: Chuck from 2nd kill room.

Dumb death #18: killed by lava lotus.

Dumb death #21: killed by black blocks in 1st kill room.

Made savestate in 2nd kill room, because I hate this killing Charlies gimmick that has absolutely nothing to do with fun gimmick from 1st half. And you only have 1 mushroom for all 3 rooms.

Dumb death #23, 27: black blocks in 2nd room.

Dumb death #26, 30: bounced out of Chuck into black block in 3rd kill room.

Dumb death #29: Chuck in 3rd room.

Dumb death #31: this one is very painful. Died from time out in 3rd room just when I wanted to use door.

Finally got through these stupid kill rooms and level continue with yet another gimmick - wall run on nothing. Looks fun, but no checkpoint. Luckily I made savestate, because...

Dumb death #32: I wall ran into munchers.

Finally beat this section. Then I looked at the last room and I have no idea how to proceed. Luckily level end before I will encounter enemies.

Level looks good. No jumping gimmick and wall run gimmick are fun. Kill rooms aren't, especially 2nd kill room. It sucks. If you would rid of these killing rooms, this level would be really fun to play.
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