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Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
Forum Index - Important - The 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
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Today I have 3 normal levels and 3 easy levels. One of them confused me a lot and I needed to check Lunar Magic couple of times.

25. E-man38 + bebn legg - Greenhouse Effect

Another level with forest fishes. I wonder why people want fishes flying in forest this year. Nevermindn now there are flying munchers. And there are falling piranha plants. So level is easy, it's fun, but also a bit weird.


Forest level with solid leafs and Castlevania music. Some branches are weirdly solid and it indicates that they aren't solid. But I think it would be better to use different shade of bronze. Also I think I may miss mushroom somewhere. And I got to midpoint and out of nowhere I got feather and reserve mushroom.

Dumb death #1: had no idea what to do, so I dropped right, but there was only pit.

Returned to start and found mushroom in passage I avoided. Still have no idea where to go. All right, I checked in Lunar Magic and this is idiotic. You placed invisible door under message box. How in the world anyone could figure it out?

Dumb death #2: got 1up checkpoint, then went right and died in the same way like last time. There is probably another invisible door there, right? No, it's even better. My previous death was obligatory, because 1up checkpoint reveals path forward.

Dumb death #3: got hit by bullet while on rope, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #4: after some random freeze out of nowhere, didn't notice spikes, so I died.

Looks like freeze always happen on the far right side after dropping out of rope. And now some enemies didn't spawn.

Dumb death #5: didn't know that rope will go up, so I dropped. In the end I jumped into bullet from generator.

Didn't notice grey blocks, because they look like elements of background and I almost died. Almost died in explosion, but luckily finished this level. Replayed the level. So message about "look to the Heavens" means to press up. I understood this as find pipe somewhere on the sky. You give me feather after all. 1up mushroom didn't pop out this time. I needed to go through the hardest part of level, which I missed. So I played this section (didn't count deaths, because I already beat a level). Got 1up checkpoint after beating it and I'm confused. Is this level randomized? Nope, you just put 1up checkpoints in 2 different ways and I was lucky with finding early 1up checkpoint. Also after getting 1up checkpoint and dying, path to 2nd 1up checkpoint gets locked. So it's like I played only half of level because of that.

For the most part level looks really good, but in 1st section there are these grey part of trees that doesn't look good. In 2nd section there were grey spikes and blocks that are barely visible, because grey brick background. Using invisible door wasn't good choice. In 2nd section there is no point of putting 2 1up checkpoints. It's just confusing. Some enemies don't spawn and there is this one freeze that always happen on the right side when rope drop down. Speaking of which riding ropes was fun, but bullet generator was annoying.

27. Heraga + Darkbloom - Mahagony Layers

You can jump into 1 tile passage without destroying turn block.

Dumb death #1: fell into 2nd lava in 2nd section.

Dumb death #2, 6: died on grinder above 2nd lava. I'm not sure, but autoscroll does something with my movements.

Dumb death #3: died on grinder, because I can't time it with thwomp.

Dumb death #4: died in 1st lava. And now I'm certain, I ran slower than usual, because I went against autoscroll.

Dumb death #5: failed easy jump by bomping my head with bronze blocks and I died in lava in 1st section.

Dumb death #7: died by 2nd grinder again, because it moves together with autoscroll.

Wow, this midpoint is very bright.

Dumb death #8: died in 2nd lava pool by overshooting platform.

Dumb death #9: died by grinder near black blocks, because I need to babysit sparky and use L and R.

Luckily this babysitting was short and I managed to beat level. Level has some creative setups with autoscrolls and grinders. For section #2 would be good to have message box warning about Mario movements getting rigged by autoscroll. L and R area is my least favorite. Also I didn't like that 1st powerup in this level is protected by grinder. It was always scary trying to get it.

28. EternityLarva - Floating Ruins

Dumb death #1: killed by 2nd grinder in section #2 with vertically moving water and walls.

Dumb death #2: died in pit under 4 grinders on line.

Dumb death #3: killed by very 1st koopa.

Dumb death #4: failed to jump on 1st koopa in section #2.

Dumb death #5: fell from water at the end of section #2.

Dumb death #6: bounced from koopa right into sumo bro.

Dumb death #7: died on double saw while fighting with vertical water.

Dumb death #8: failed to jump on horizontal platform, because I waited for reserve mushroom.

Dumb death #9: died on 1st sparky in section #3.

This time I avoided sparkies and had really fun ride on grinders. Section #4 is just 2 jumps on dry bones to goal post. That was pretty fun level. At first I thought choice of advertizing no midpoint is a bad idea, but level isn't that long and the only tricky part is section #2 with moving water.

29. jdl - The Bustling Forest

Cave has confused me a bit. Didn't thought I'm on top of vertical section, so I got hurt in stupid way by muncher. No, wait. It's not vertical section after all. It's still horizontal level. Hey, I found the moon. Hm, very small cave with Yoshi and I got hurt, because of invisible 1up block and I missed reserve flower. Luckily powerups are very close. Also hit blocks in small cave stay bronze after reentering it. Weird. Also you give me springboard, but jump to go up can be easily done. Then I finish the level.

Level is on easy side, but it has some weird design decisions. It looks good and it's fun to play.

30. Digital Entertainment - Orange Jungle

Moving pipes that looks like land. That's interesting idea. Also I found bonus room. These are rare in this contest. 2nd half. Looks like water at the bottom isn't water. Glad I checked that with fireballs. Then easy autoscroll section and I realized that somewhere I missed 1 dragon coin.

Another easy level. But also really fun and great looking. Using moving pipe was interesting, though you could go even further with it. Just like this last pipe trying to squash you.
Next are 3 levels: tricky puzzle level, very hard level and easy level.

31. S.N.N. + idol - Petronas Towers

Missed mushroom. In next room I thought I need to throw blue block at ON/OFF switch again, because I thought blue barrier is solid. Turned out it's water. Oh yeah, ON/OFF blocks aren't vanilla. I always forget about that.

Dumb death #1: killed by grinder in next room after throwing blue block.

Dumb death #2: killed by spiky ball in race with blue block.

I had problem with blue block from race. For some reason after throwing it, it touches side springboards and gets destroyed. Luckily after few tries it worked. Midpoint. Good way to deal with this annoying koopas kicking shell is to scroll screen in their direction. 1st puzzle was weird and I hate this kicking koopas.

Dumb death #3: 3rd puzzle. Tried to throw blue block upwards, but feill into fireballs, which acts as lava in this level.

3rd puzzle. What's the point of throwing blue block in 1st spot. You can easily do this jump. 4th puzzle (with P-balloon). First few times blue block was bouncing perfectly, but right now it immediately gets destroyed. Oh, so this time I need to throw blue block left to make it work. OK, so I need to throw blocks without moving from place.

Dumb death #4: puzzle #6. Tried to quickly throw blue block to destroy turn block, but I got killed by lavaball instead.

Dumb death #5: killed by shell kicked at me at the top of the tower.

I threw shell behind kicking koopa and somehow shell that he was kicking got destroyed. I had problem with throwing springboard upward. Weird. Oh, I died right at the end.

This level looks amazing and it's very creative. But gimmick not always works. Luckily there is a lot reset doors. Except very start of level. The most annoying was P-balloon puzzle. When you know what to do, level goes quicker.

32. Incognito - Hebra Mines

Dumb death #1: woah, I fall on Charlie. Woah, ice physics. Woah, I throw shell, which kills me in the end.

Green koopa thrown off shell bounced from slope and returned to me to be killed. That was hilarious. Oh, white ice block hurts and message above it tells about that.

Dumb death #2: went to blocks looking for powerup, but found only coins. Not knowing where is land, jumped on white ice and died. Blind jumps are the biggest problems in vertical going down levels.

Dumb death #3: killed by 1st ninji after bouncing off Charlie.

Dumb death #4, 8, 14: again blind drop on white ice.

Dumb death #5: avoided 1st Charlie, so he started to dig rocks and when I tried to get mushroom, one of these rocks killed me.

Dumb death #6, 11, 15: killed by ninji. I really have huge problem noticing this white ice as dangerous thing.

Dumb death #7: wanted to kill 1st Charlie, but instead bouncing on him again, I got killed by him.

Dumb death #9: killed by shell, which was stuck above me, but when I went down after hurting me, shell went after me.

Dumb death #10: jumped over rock, but then slide down back on rock.

Dumb death #11: wanted to kill Charlie with shell, failed, got overwhelmed with rock and get killed by them.

Dumb death #12: section #2. No checkpoint yet. In blue cave there is blue crystals that hurt and just like with white ice I have huge problem seeing them.

Dumb death #13: cool that I can restock in section #2, but I got to layer 2 part and this is a bit much. So next time I get to section #2 I will do savestate.

Dumb death #16: bounced from rock into Charlie in part with stairs.

Dumb death #17: killed ninji jumping with rock, somehow glitched through it and got killed by it.

Dumb death #18: killed by rock.

Dumb death #19: section #2. Savestate done. Failed to jump on rock, so I fell on blue crystal. Then I tried to go back on rock, but fell to pit.

Dumb death #20, 21, 23, 24, 29, 30: Finally got midpoint, but the level doesn't stop. Layer 2 crystals killed me.

Dumb death #22: killed by rock when I tried to jump to mushroom block. This jump is tricky. Maybe too tricky for just getting 1st powerup.

Dumb death #25, 31: noticed that blue crystal is blocking my way, so I jumped to pit.

Dumb death #26, 28, 32: rock fell on me. Why everything is so tight?

Dumb death #27: tried to kill ninji, but he bested me.

Dumb death #33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 43, 44, 45, 47: white ice in section #3.

Dumb death #37: savestated at the beginning of section #3. It's long autoscroll and I died, because I couldn't avoid 5 sparkies at the time. Also I saw weird clutters of hot heads. It looks weird.

Dumb death #40: killed by sparky during climb on rocks.

Dumb death #41: crushed by layer 2 autoscroll, because I couldn't retrieve my powerup.

Dumb death #42: killed by ninji after getting hurt in dumb way.

Dumb death #46: savestated at the mushroom, then I died on pair of sparkies.

Looks like I was very close And yellow switch palace title is correct. I'm glad it's over. You know, checkpoints could appear often, powerups too. Had huge problem to notice hurting ice. And this is very tight level, so player will die a lot. Also some blind jumps in section #1. Level looks good, but it's for experienced players.

33. SLBros. - Sunset Canyon

Dumb death #1: died in pit after midpoint, because I noticed invisible note block.

Dumb death #2: vertical section. Lost my spare flower, then died by black spikes.

Platforms at the end weren't very well timed, but I managed to get to goal post. Level looks beautiful. It's on easy side and that's exactly what I needed after last level. Setups with platforms on line and rotating platforms are nice. But black spikes looked weird for me.
I played couple easy, but enjoyable levels. And then I one more leveled into the hardest entry so far. Also I beat Josuke Yoshikage's entry, which is the last (or should I say the first) entry submitted in the last day of submission period. That's really rad, 25% levels have been submitted in the last day.

34. Amine Retro - Different Results

Dumb death #1: killed by spikes in section #2.

Dumb death #2: bounced out of mushroom block in darkness into pit.

Dumb death #3, 5: didn't notice hole at the bottom of section #2.

Dumb death #4: time out.

Dumb death #6: no darkness anymore, but still managed to die in pit covered by clouds.

Dumb death #7: time out, because I tried to understand message box.

Dumb death #8: died in pit, but at least noticed exit pipe.

Dumb death #9: failed to drop on exit pipe.

Dumb death #10: spin jumped into wall, which disabled my spin jumped and I fell on sparky.

Dumb death #11: time out at boss.

Dumb death #12, 13: killed boss, but he couldn't fall and boo cloud generator killed me.

Finally killed boss. So solution was to just go more to the side, so I wouldn't see him. Clever stage, I liked it. There is many annoying gimmicks like darkness, short time limit, clouds covering tiles, but when you learn when is exit pipe, you kinda get knowledge checkpoint and you can do shortcuts. Also really weird teleporting boss. I really liked this level.

35. Ralshi02 - semiwaterlevel.mwl

Woah, hopping flames at the beginning. Woah, dying lakitu has plant part. There are also some fishes and moving pipes. But level doesn't go anywhere with any of these gimmicks. Short, easy level that looks OK.

36. Josuke Yoshikage - Autumn Hills

Bush looks like it's on fire. Fire flower is very orange. Super easy level with lots of powerups and slightly random enemies. There was really no gimmick, but level is fine.

37. JupiHornet - Oreo Castle

A bit repetitive section #1. Some tight jumps between spikes in section #2. And a lot of powerups. Lost both powerups in stupid way in autoscroll section #3. Luckily I reached midpoint. Some tricky jumps later there is slightly faster autoscroll section and after beating it is goal post.

Level has a lot of tricky jumps between spikes. There are thwomps and thwimps too. Level is very claustrophobic, so you must maneuver in small space. I'm surprised that I never died. Level is very bronze, which I didn't like too much. And has lots of powerups. I wonder if as Megaman Contest judge, author designed this level in Megaman style. Overall, I had a lot of fun.

38. AnEvilGhost - GHOST FIRE BOP

Spooky level. Music has moments when it sounds that fly is near my ear.

Dumb death #1: observed boo ring and didn't notice that dry bone stood up.

Oh, you give me feather after midpoint (well, if I'm big). That's rare. Some tricky jumps later I finished this level. It has some tricky parts. But if you give me feather, then I think you could go even further with boos. Make some even trickier situations. Still level was fun to play.

39. Rhodonacht - Bastion of Blue

Blue castle with dolphins and there is also eating block.

Dumb death #1, 5, 7, 8, 10: ride dolphin, but got touched by pink spikes, because they have bigger hitbox than it appears on screen.

Dumb death #2, 4: badly jumped on urchin stuck on 1F0.

Dumb death #3: tried to beat dolphin jumping to spikes as big Mario, but fell into pit.

Dumb death #6: blind jump on falling dolphin right into pit.

Dumb death #9: activated eating block and dolphin fell way too quickly, so instead of falling on it, I fell on spikes.

Dumb death #11, 12, 13, 16: activated 2nd eating block way too quickly and I fell on spikes.

Dumb death #14: died in lava where 2 dolphins bath.

Dumb death #15: failed to jump on urchin from jumping dolphin.

Dumb death #16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26: lost my patience with never ending level and savestated just before 2 grinders on lines, because I was certain I will die and I died. Why there is no checkpoint yet?

I screwed up eating block puzzle, so I'm send all way back just before turn block and grinders. Come one, you sadist. Why not send me in front of eating block like in previous parts of this section?

Dumb death #22: couldn't reach turn block to send down bronze platform, which by the way is very tricky jump. So I died in pit.

Dumb death #23: activated eating block too quickly, so jumped back into spikes.

Savestated just before eating block and after few tries I went to... midpoint? How long is this thing? Let's talk about 1st half. 1st jump on dolphin reaching ceiling spikes is super tricky. Usually I got hurt there. There is tricky jump from urchin to dolphin between spikes. Eating block parts are very picky. You must time it super well and reset for last eating block is bullshit. It's so easy to screw it. Dropping bronze platform is random. Sometimes you can drop it by jumping once, some other times 5 jumps aren't enough. And this jump on falling bronze platform is very hard. Oh, and this section is very long and deadly and has only 2 mushrooms.

Dumb death #24, 27, 33: failed to jump on platform from 2 grinders, so I fell to pit.

Dumb death #25, 26, 31: figured out where to go from platform a bit too late, so I dropped on grinders. Also where is powerup?

Dumb death #28, 29, 32: went between grinders right into pit.

Dumb death #30, 36: went through down arrow blocks right into pit.

Dumb death #34, 37, 38: died on urchin (1 out of 4).

Dumb death #35: stupid spikes hit box is too large.

Dumb death #39, 40, 41, 43: savestated just before bronze platform and saw. And was killed by saw.

So in part with dolphin and double saw I can go on roof and skip this part. How generous?

Dumb death #42: died on spikes, because water was moving down with grey platform. And that confused. Jumped on water, but it went below spikes.

Dumb death #44: failed to jump on dolphin, so I fell on spikes.

Dumb death #45: section #3 and no checkpoint. So I savestated. And good I did that, because I died on spike, because water moved up.

Dumb death #46, 47, 48, 49, 50: ride dolphin and together we fell into pit? Why didn't he jump? After few deaths I have no idea how to ride dolphin up. This is really messed up section.

Dumb death #51, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58: savestated after beating this stupid part and after dolphin jump I found mushroom. Finally. Died by hitting grinders while babysitting bronze platform.

Dumb death #52, 55, 59, 60: died on spikes while trying to do easy jump from dolphin.

Dumb death #61: savestated after babysitting part and died on spikes just before door.

Dumb death #62, 63: grinder on line with 2 dolphin above and below.

Dumb death #64, 67: spikes near said grinder.

Dumb death #65: dropped on grinder, because moving water went down.

Dumb death #66: grinders after grey platform.

Last jump to door is very weird, so I savestated and after many tries I savestated again after beating it. I'm starting to worry for time limit.

Dumb death #67, 69, 70: another part I don't understand and I died on urchin.

Dumb death #68, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75: spikes in the same part.

This part was so dumb that I needed to use slowdown. And next is dolphin generator?

Dumb death #76, 77: died on ceiling spikes. Luckily I savestated before that.

Dumb death #78, 79: died on bottom spikes.

Dumb death #80-103: died in dolphin generator. Fuck me. With savestates and slowdown I wasted more than 100 lives in this level. Luckily this shit is finally over.

Level looks beautiful and is very creative. But it's also super long. To get to midpoint you need to beat super long section. To beat rest of the level you need to beat 2 super long sections that are much harder and weirder than anything before. And a lot of rooms is weird in it's acting. You can very easily die and powerups are very rare. Also there is no extra checkpoints. This is the hardest level I played, so far and it's definitely level for super players.
Today is bunch of easy and normal levels together with short, but deadly entry from Morsel.

40. Quantix - Apex of Ascension

Vertical climb with triangles. Section #1 was pretty basic. Section #2 is long and jumps on single triangles are tricky.

Dumb death #1: death by grinder somewhere very high.

That was sweet wall running level. I think it was a bit repetitive though with it's setups. But I liked the final wall run to goal orb. Also it was funny to see the same concept like in my level made in different way.

41. Marcozzo Daro + TuophX - Celestial Wonders

Cloud level with Touhou music. Lots of coin blocks are placed in the way that looks like there will be mushroom there. Also message box from cave scared me. But it was only used once and then level moved to invisible note blocks and jumping on koopas on 1F0. Midpoint. 2nd message box explains how to make shell jumps. What?

Dumb death #1: trying to do shell jump killed me. Also noticed cutoff at the bottom of the cave. Also no powerups after midpoint.

Read more carefully message box and now shell jump worked. And finally after cave is mushroom. one shell jump with munchers on side is tricky, because you can easily grab this shell.

Dumb death #2: killed by fire piranha plant right after 2nd springboard slide, because I did have no chance to check what kind of plant it is.

Dumb death #3, 10: grabbed springboard accidentally during 2nd springboard slide.

Dumb death #4, 6: fell on muncher below midpoint.

Dumb death #5: midpoint again. Spin jumped on wall too fast, so spin jump got disabled and I fell on rocks.

Dumb death #7, 8: fell into pit on 2nd springboard slide.

Dumb death #9: bounced from springboard, but hit log and died in pit.

Dumb death #11: savestated when I noticed that I need to bounce on kicked shell. Later I died by jumping on green koopa, but hit log and died in pit. This 2nd half is much longer than 1st half and there is no extra checkpoint.

I didn't need to solve 2nd 2 shells puzzle, which confused me a bit. Then is last section with hammer bro and finally this level ends. So level has some cool gimmick, but I didn't like springboard ride. It's also hard to throw springboard, because it's easy to grab it immediately. Luckily it's only used twice. 2nd half is long and it could be good to use 1up checkpoint. Using shell jumps was clever, but sometimes you could blindly jump into them or grab them. I didn't like cave background clouds to be used as platforms. Also in this part floor isn't visible. Also shell jumps at the end are dangerous. Powerups are rare, but in some places (with reset doors) it's easy to restock. But it happens really rarely. Also I think time limit is a bit short. Playing only 2nd half I won with only 42 second left on timer.

42. Morsel - not MORTON'S CASTLE

Dumb death #1, 2, 3, 15: died by roto disc at the start. It's hard to jump out of stairs. Also you can very quickly descend, sometimes too quickly.

Dumb death #4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14: roto discs in bonus room.

Dumb death #6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16: roto discs in verical section.

Dumb death #17-60: died in vertical section mostly on roto discs. I made 3 savestates: on mushroom block, near spring board and on coin blocks. Also savestate at the start of next section.

Luckily next section is easier. Boss though is invincible. Luckily I barely managed to beat him. Then emulator crashed.

Very difficult, but short level. It's pretty much vanilla Morton's Castle, but with 100 roto discs, which are very hard to avoid. No checkpoint and only 2 powerups. Vertical section has some unfair jumps that can end by being hit by roto disc. Especially in springboard part. To go up you need to do very light bounce out of springboard. This can easily kill you.
Boss was interesting challenge though.

43. debug001 - Underearthic Ruins

Light green walls looks a bit solid, but they are passable. Lots of enemies in 1st half, but luckily got to midpoint.

Dumb death #1: died on muncher on ceiling vine.

Dumb death #2: bounce out of jumping Charlie right into muncher on ceiling vine.

2nd half has also lots of enemies. Interesting level, some tricky jumps. I think there was a bit too many enemies at once. Luckily there was good amount of powerups. Level looks all right.

44. SuperMarisa1999 - Destructive Detour

Dumb death #1: killed by saw, because wanted to activate 2 moles, but not the 3rd.

I feel that this puzzle with 3 moles is very random. Most of the times all moles get activated.

Dumb death #2: died by kicked shell.

In guiding mole puzzle position of saws is random, they can be very close to each other. Luckily nearby door resets their positions. Got to midpoint.

Dumb death #3, 4: killed by grinders falling on my head.

Tricky level using mole destruction. It's really creative. Not gonna lie turn block section and Yoshi sections were the hardest. I reset them around 50 times. But level itself was fun.
I played my own entry and decided to put some trivia.

45. Galaer - Power of Suggestion


My entry. I really like playing it. Level uses wall running on triangles + eating block. What's interesting is I never put triangles on ground, they are stick to walls. And for players to have easier time to jump on them I decided to put 3 triangles instead of just 1. Still sometimes you will fail, so there is a lot of reset pipes. And if you wonder why there is no whole walls covered by triangles, then there are 2 reasons. Jumping out of wall while having triangle above will make you to this triangle and drop down. Other reason is triangles are solid and you can stand on them, which nullifies any need of wall running.

For eating block the main gimmick is something I discovered during testing - flying upward eating block. Only thanks to Someguy712x video from 10 years ago I learned it's not a vanilla glitch. Pretty much this is unintended baserom 1.1 glitch and it doesn't work without it. I hope I will not get disqualified because of that. Later I noticed that this glitch can also be initiated by using walls. This way it creates cutoff and my first thought was: "It's not like this level will be beautiful, so let's use it for level design". And that's what I did.

Next glitch I discovered was glitch where eating block just freeze midair. It confused me a lot. Later I realized that it's because of existence of eating block in screen above. So again I'm using this glitch in 2nd half of the level. And this glitch may actually be vanilla, because it also affects normally behaving eating blocks (you can see that in last challenge in 2nd half). And to make them continue their movement you just need to walk on bronze block again.

My idea was to make safe level for small Mario. There is no powerups in this level. Instead of using midpoint, I used 1up checkpoint. But there are 2 ways to die. First is when you fly on eating block at the beginning of both halves, you are surrounded by wall. If you jump you will get pushed into wall and die. Another way is by wall running into hammer bro's platform. This way there is small chance to get clipped into bronze blocks and die.

Never happened to me with this platform, but originally there was 2nd hammer bro's platform in the place the palette swap. The idea was to clip through bronze blocks. But I decided to remove it and put 2 eating blocks instead. Not only clipping through blocks was glitching the level (in the same way like warp holes), but it was also inconsistent. Sometimes you could just bump into platform and fall down, some other you would clip into blocks and die.

There were also other unintended glitches I discovered during testing. First is slow wall run. You can initiate that in 2 ways. Sometimes when you bump into hammer bro's platform, your wall run will not be interrupted and instead your speed will lower. The same effect can be achieved if you start wall running directly on eating block going up. Second glitch is when you reach higher ground at the end of wall run. It's precise, but when you jump from corner, there is a small chance that you will use momentum from wall run to do higher vertical jump upward. It happened to me twice and really surprised me.

I also decided to use creating block for my level, but it's not used very well. Pretty much 2nd creating block is completely pointless and the only point of it's existence is to scare player that bronze blocks below him will soon vanish. Pipe below them should also indicate that. But eating block nearby force player to act fast, so creating block is useless there. Also creating block actually clears block from it's original position, so you can get to pipe below. But it was made as mock pipe and has no exit enabled, so player can get confused.


I played only 45 entries in this contest (including mine) and I can say that this is probably the worst looking level in the contest. Other than cutoffs made by eating block, there is also using default bronze palette for walls and default grey palette for background. I think it doesn't work together. I wanted to indicate eating blocks, so I changed their palette to red. This also mess back of Mario's sprite. Also at the end of level I wanted to use castle entrance, but right side of it has cutoff. To cover it I used stone block at the top and rest is covered by column. Column is solid, so I decided to use it as a very last obstacle.

Let's talk about background. Originally I wanted to put castle walls on sides and make night sky with stars and maybe moon. This would work well with Castlevania music I wanted to use. But I noticed columns, so I wanted to use them on each side of castle walls. But column base has half of 1 base and half of 2nd base in different color. And I really wanted to use them. In the end I just put bases of columns at the middle of screen from left to right. Added columns going up and down and on their ends put stone blocks. Added some clouds and changed background color to grey. And that's how my idiotic background came to life.

And after making my background I noticed that palette at the end of the level started to change randomly. I really have no idea why. To be honest, I found it this palette change as funny and I wanted it to leave in the level. But I found 2 problems with it. First - sometimes palette can change tiles into black. Because of that player may not notice final column and get confused. And also after palette swap last message box is unreadable. For player it will be empty. That's why I decided to put so abruptly wall and pipe at the top. Thanks to that, pipe resets palette back to original.

I had a lot of problem with figuring out what title to use for level. Originally I thought about "Cursed Castle". But it's just really normal name. These kind of names are appearing all the time suggesting the place. Then I thought about "Getting Up 2.0". I could make a joke that this is direct sequel for one of worst levels from VLDC 11 and scare people that played it. But then I was browsing through Thief 2 forum (I'm a member there) and noticed this thread: "What is the worst mission I have ever made...". One of the missions mentioned was "The Power of Suggestion" with it's very far bow shot into small switch. I felt like this title perfectly fits the story without spoiling the gimmick of this level.
Hey Galaer, I think your level is great, it has a very unique gimmick, and I think it worked really well. But I think it's too focused on the gimmick, maybe it's just my opinion, but I think levels play better if they have small sections with common enemies, just to change a bit.
The fact that you can basically not die in the level is something I'm a bit conflicted haha. On one Note the challenge is just the platform sections, but that's kind of the point, and it would be quite frustating to die to spikes or enemies which are not really what the levels wants to challenge me. I don't have a conclusion for that haha.
Anyway, great level!

hot damn, I sincerely apologize for the experience you had playing my level. I knew it was hard, but I didn't think it would be THAT hard, and it looks like I overcompensated with the length too. guess that's what I get for working on it until like the last day and not getting it playtested by other peeps. again, sorry. I'll try to dial it way back next time I enter one of these contests.
Originally posted by Galaer
For eating block the main gimmick is something I discovered during testing - flying upward eating block. Only thanks to Someguy712x video from 10 years ago I learned it's not a vanilla glitch. Pretty much this is unintended baserom 1.1 glitch and it doesn't work without it. I hope I will not get disqualified because of that. Later I noticed that this glitch can also be initiated by using walls. This way it creates cutoff and my first thought was: "It's not like this level will be beautiful, so let's use it for level design". And that's what I did.

Next glitch I discovered was glitch where eating block just freeze midair. It confused me a lot. Later I realized that it's because of existence of eating block in screen above. So again I'm using this glitch in 2nd half of the level. And this glitch may actually be vanilla, because it also affects normally behaving eating blocks (you can see that in last challenge in 2nd half). And to make them continue their movement you just need to walk on bronze block again.

Well, I used that flying upward eating block (and also one that zooms down-right 5 tiles, which doesn't do that in vanilla SMW) in my VLDCX level, and it didn't get disqualified for that. So, you should be fine.

(Interestingly, in the original version of my VLDC8 level, there was an eating block that was supposed to go down at an intersection like it would in vanilla SMW, but it ended up flying upwards instead in the VLDC8 collab hack. The level itself was still beatable, but the hidden moon became blocked off as a result. Fortunately, I was allowed to make a slight modification to that room so that the eating block proceeded along its intended path, and the VLDC8 hack was eventually updated to include this change.)

Also, it is indeed vanilla behavior for a creating/eating block to stop moving when another creating/eating block spawns, until you step on a brown block object again to resume their movement.
First I'm revisiting 1st entry, because I learned how to make it work. You need to use sfc file instead of smc. I didn't saw any rule of what version of vanilla SMW you must use, so maybe this entry will not get disqualified. Afterwards I finish playing entries submitted in 30th August. Most of them is easy, but I end with 2 hard levels.

1. DetectiveZvarri - Yoshi Island 1 (Fudge Cave)

Thrown koopa stopped in falling position in ground? Why pipe is protected by turn blocks if it can't be opened?

Dumb death #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: died on autoscroll, because activated skull raft too early and it went off screen. Also if you get hit raft vanish faster. Learn that I must activate raft as soon as possible.

Level is pretty much a cave with hammer bro's platforms, mud and skull rafts. Some weird stuff is happening. I'm not sure if it's because I am using sfc file. Level design is very basic. Hammer bro's platforms, in area where you climb them, are way too low, so it feels weird. Autoscroll with raft confused me a bit, so I died few times. Level itself is easy and tries to be creative at the end with hammer bros platforms, but then it ends. Also it isn't very pleasant to look.

46. Mario is the best - Chucks Islands

Island with Chucks. 2nd half is a bit more interesting with tight spaces and water. There is a lot of powerups. I wasn't a big fan of palette used in 1st half. Also I finished this level with just 21 seconds to spare, but I was going through it carefully. In the end though I just tanked the hits and ran to goal post.

47. Sariel + Wakana - Tarnished Tartarus

It's a fuzzy level. Ceave Gaming would love it. Level looks beautiful. Gimmick is creative and next gimmick with spin jumping disabled also, but I think the gimmicks could get further. Like in 2nd half I barely had any temptation to spin jump and kill myself. Probably only once or twice. Level is also easy. I would really prefer both gimmicks to be developed further.

48. Zmann - Station Cave Splash

Dumb death #1: jumped into jumping fishes that fell from higher cube of water.

Dumb death #2: 1st urchin. Wanted to jump above him into water, but jumping fish appeared out of nowhere and I bounced from it into pit.

That was creative use of water. I really liked how it was changing movements of jumping fishes and Chucks. Level looks fine too. Layer 2 scrolling though could be used better. It appears for a very short time and nothing special is going on with it.

49. MechaNinji - Ethereal Battleship

Music has some weird sounds repeating sometimes. I have no idea how to explain it, but it's a short sounds repeating. Using wind to act as water is interesting. In next section I don't like how well protected is mushroom. Next I get box (key) and I need to transport it blindly through stream of wind (water) above pit.

Dumb death #1, 2: I died in this pit while grabbing box.

Dumb death #3: died on last sparky before door, but I noticed box isn't needed for anything.

Ups, it was actually reset door. 1st half is longer than I expected. 2nd powerup I was avoiding, because it's really scary to get it.

Dumb death #4: failed to jump high from side of wind, so instead landing on mecha koopa, I landed in pit.

Oh my God, I didn't notice that I'm safe from sparkies on circle lines if I walk on ground as small Mario.

Dumb death #5: next section. Died on sparky on line when I wanted to descend after throwing key down.

Dumb death #6, 31: died in vertical section. Tried to jump on note block, instead get hit by sparky. I think I'm gonna do savestate at the beginning of this verical section, because 2nd half is pretty long and this vertical section has series of really hard jumps. and you have only 1 mushroom for all of that.

Dumb death #7, 8, 11, 14: died on sparky in 1st vertical section. Also managed to despawn few sparkies somehow.

Dumb death #9: 1st section. Got hurt in dumb way by sparky, then got killed by another sparky when I decided to speedrun this section.

Dumb death #10: got hurt by 1st sparky, so I commit seppuku in nearby pit.

Dumb death #12, 13: dumb hit, so I kill myself on sparky. I think I don't care about this puzzle section with box and I just want to go straight to hard vertical section.

Dumb death #15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30: savestated in 2nd vertical section. There should be 1up checkpoint. Died on sparky of line formation looking like "101".

Dumb death #16, 28: died on 2nd sparky.

Dumb death #19: died in sparky tunnel when having box.

Dumb death #21, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 44, 45, 46, 47: died on sparky when I wanted to spin jump on it to gun.

Dumb death #22: died on the same sparky, because I failed jump above.

Dumb death #26: died on sparky in 3rd challenge.

Dumb death #27, 38, 43: died on sparky from tunnel just before pipe.

Savestated just before spin jump on sparky to get to gun, because this section is pretty long. One part are so easy that I just fast forward through it, because you are safe on the side.

Dumb death #37, 39: died on sparky from hard jump above spin jump on sparky.

Dumb death #40: died on last mecha koopa.

Dumb death #41, 42: died on very last sparky in vertical section.

And finally the end. Level looks really good. But it needs 1up checkpoint. Also this spin jump on sparky with box to where gun is is very tricky. It's very easy to die there. And for whole 2nd half you have only 1 powerup. This level needs 1 or 2 more powerups per half. Last verical section is pretty long and difficult.

50. Mr. Pixelator - Frostbelt

Decided to play without pressing blue switch.

Dumb death #1, 8, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21: died in pit in small room with saws.

Dumb death #2, 7: died on saw when I wanted to go under platform.

Dumb death #3: made small bounce from 1st ninji right into pit.

Dumb death #4: after 1st ninji. Wanted to go under platform, but backed off too much and fell into pit.

Dumb death #5, 16: died on double saw from small room. I have no idea how to not get hurt there.

Dumb death #6: died on spikes in small room.

Dumb death #9: tanked my hits on double saw, but platform didn't show up. This room is a bit too much for me, so next time I'm gonna savestate there.

Dumb death #10, 11, 12, 13, 14: got hurt on spikes at the beginning, so I killed myself.

To get past this stupid small room I needed to slowdown the game. Why did this hard room added to the game. Without switch it's very hard, with switch it's easy. This room don't add anything interesting into level. Anyway, got midpoint. So you decided to put powerup filter, so I can only be small. I don't know how I feel with this decision. Oh, boy. Looks like next is some big puzzle with 4 passages.

Dumb death #22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 34: fell on spikes near sign "1".

Dumb death #24, 33, 35: died on saw in section "3".

Dumb death #25: died in pit after destroying turn blocks, because I thought lower turn block will also get destroyed.

Dumb death #28: spikes in section "3".

Dumb death #30: fast forward through filter and accidentally jumped into spikes, so I put savestate after long filter.

Luckily level ends after solving this puzzle. Level looks good. The most I liked was section #1. Puzzle at the end was all right, but I would prefer smaller filter. All this running was long, so most of the time I was fast forwarding. Survival section was bad. Level is creative. The most favorite was section "1" in puzzle room. I really liked this platforming to mushroom. Section "3" was the hardest. 1st saw is badly timed and going under platform with saw above your had is very hard. That's why this section was my 1st choice after getting mushroom.
4 entries today and they are all different. 1st entry is a puzzle level, 2nd - athletic level, 3rd - slow athletic level where you must to judge your movements carefully. Last entry is easy gimmicky level.

51. KevinM - acidjazzed evening

Dumb death #1: fell like idiot on fish.

Dumb death #2, 3: died on muncher, because I had no idea what to do in "R" section.

Dumb death #4: decided to tank Charlie, because killing him is long and troublesome. Then I bounced from koopa into invisible block and got crashed between it and Charlie.

Dumb death #5: tried to dodge sliding koopa, so I jumped into fish.

Dumb death #6: section #2. Died on muncher, because level expect you to have fire flower, but it doesn't give you it. There are also reset door, but it doesn't give you fire flower. And you only have 2 fire flowers at the beginning of section #1. Also previous reset doors give fire flower. So that's really flawed design decision.

Dumb death #7: got baby Yoshi, jumped to avoid spinies, but couldn't see anything, so I fell into mud.

Dumb death #8: died on muncher after 1st Charlie.

Dumb death #9, 10: 2nd half. Died on 1st koopa. So level incorporate slower fall down and also shooting fire ball while wall running. Unfortunately I was shooting fireball while wall running and it just vanished in wall. So i got hit by koopa.

Finally managed to shoot small koopa, but I got hurt by it too. Was it intended? Because it feels like would work randomly. Section #2. There is block that gives me mushroom, but I think I need fire flower to kill koopa, which by the way I didn't even noticed, because he was covered by hud. Also there is ceiling platform that allows me to wall run into it forever. Luckily reset door gives fire flower. Next section has massive slowdown. I have no idea why. Now I know, there is lots of spinies used above. And for some reason coins from killing them don't despawn, instead they fall down and stay there. This wall run to goal post was pretty rad. Also I think I misunderstood how to kill 1st koopa. I probably needed to use other triangle maybe.

Interesting level using fire flower to burn enemies. It has some problems though. Section #2 in 1st half doesn't give you fire flower, so you are forced to die if you don't have it. The same can be said with section #2 in 2nd half. Powerup block give you only mushroom if you are small, so you are forced to tank the hit. Also killing Charlie is tedious. I prefered to tank hit and grab reserve flower. There is one time you may not notice enemy. And there is slowdown in last section. Maybe you should have used less spinies on 1F0.


Dumb death #1, 2: I jumped on rope, but noticed there are ceiling spikes, so I fell down, missed somehow rope and fell to bottom spikes. Maybe it's not a good idea to jump from message box.

Next section is water with fast homing fishes. What are these? Rip Van Fish is usually slower. Luckily got to midpoint. Another rope section and I noticed that ceiling spikes acts as water. That's weird. Too bad I didn't know that earlier.

Dumb death #3: bounce from rex on math platform and realized that it falls too late, so I failed to jump to safety.

Dumb death #4: bounced twice on rex, so I missed math platform and fell into pit.

Dumb death #5: bounced once from rex, but missed math platform.

I had luck with bouncing on last rex (I bounced from his front instead top), then I got 1up checkpoint. So far rope sections are easy. Math platforms get trickier. Luckily feather helped me to not die and eventually skip a bit intended route.

Dumb death #6, 11, 13: noticed rex falling on my head too late, then fell on grey platform too early, so I couldn't jump on math platform.

Dumb death #7: rope section. Noticed down arrow, so I thought this section is over. I was wrong, so I missed my rope.

Dumb death #8: failed to jump on 1st math platform from 2 grey platforms.

Dumb death #9: rope section. Wait, normal spikes acts as lava? Why? Water spikes at the top and lava spikes at the bottom. That's weird.

Dumb death #10: jumped instead of spin jumping on piranha plant, so I died on lava spikes.

Dumb death #12: missed rope in up arrow section.

Dumb death #14: wanted to drop to piranha plant, so I jumped and got caught by water spikes on ceiling. When I fell down piranha plant descend to pit and I with it.

Dumb death #15: I lost my cape, which allowed me to do spin jump, but took my time too much, so I missed math platform.

OK, so it's possible to get in time to piranha plant with feather, then just skip few obstacles to get in time on math platform and go to the end.

Level looks amazing. Math platforms were well designed. Fish section appears out of nowhere and never reappear. It's also the weakest section. Rope was well introduced at the beginning, but in 2nd half was a bit too basic. Only rope after 1up checkpoint presented interesting setups. Also I would prefer that ceiling spikes would be just solid ceiling instead of water. And normal spikes to act as muncher instead of lava. I didn't like the use of feather. It can really easily to mess your timing and also give you too much leeway, so it's easy to skip some obstacles. It didn't happen to me on this run, but spin jumping on enemies that can be killed by cape is problematic, because instead of spin jumping, you will kill them.

53. GranBlind64 - NIMBUS FOREST

Dumb death #1: baseball Charlie killed me near fire piranha plant.

Dumb death #2: after 2nd message box, Wanted to get into passage, but hit wall. I backed off and dropped into pit.

Dumb death #3: died on pollen after 2nd hammer bro.

Dumb death #4: section #2 (after midpoint). Stupid death on spiny.

Dumb death #5: fell into pit under 2 lava lotuses.

Dumb death #6: killed by baseball Charlie near other 2 lava lotuses.

Dumb death #7: killed by pollen in section with 2 lava lotuses above.

Dumb death #8: died by super koopa after kicking koopa, because I tried to speedrun this level.

White forest. Fun to play level with only 1 real flaw. You get only 1 mushroom per each half of level. And level has a lot of enemies. Koopas, super koopas, sumo bros, baseball Charlies, lava lotuses, hammer bros, fire piranha plants and later also pipe lakitu throwing spinies. That's a bit much to deal while only having 1 powerup. I liked how level looks.

54. Luther - Haunted Fun House

Upside down gimmick with boos. So far it was easy, but I just got midpoint. 2nd half adds spin jumping on green bubbles, but it ends pretty quickly. Then there is mock room to transport you to easy big boo battle.

Level looks pleasant. Gimmick is all right, but it could be developed further. Spin jumping on green bubbles was fun.
Time to finish entries from 29th August. Also math platforms sure are popular in this contest.

55. yoshiatom - When the Clock Strikes 12

Dumb death #1, 2: died on rotating platforms above pit. Unfortunately 2nd platform wasn't time well, so I jumped into pit. Also you can despawn green bushes at the bottom if you read message box.

Dumb death #3: died on 2nd grinder during climbing up.

Next I beat this level. Level could have better palette. As for gameplay I actually liked the most section #1 with rotating platforms, moles, grinders and ball & chains. Later there was some fun setups with them. There is also enough powerups. 2nd half is weaker. Vertical section with grinders, sumo bros and dry bones. Most of setups is easy to beat. Except last one - climbing nets moved by Layer 2. That was tricky. Afterwards is Reznor and I really like how he was used. I was really surprised that I managed to dodge every projectile. Overall that was fun level.

56. Dan Drigues - Mad Oak Manor

Dumb death #1: jumped from higher math platform on 1F0 to lower without noticing that 1F0 for it ends earlier.

Dumb death #2: jumped on math platform, but saw jumped on it first.

2nd half. So now you add ropes, springy things and triangles. This time I didn't die at all. Level looks great and it's really fun to play. Math platforms were well made for this level, but I felt some setups were repetitive. For example when you activate math platforms, you drop at the bottom and your target is the highest platform. You never try to trick player to stay on lower platform. Dropping on lower math platform without jumping was scary. Ropes were only made as transition to other ropes or math platforms. Triangles and springy things has only basic functions. You don't do anything creative with them.

57. Samuel Zuccati - Burning Bridges

Dumb death #1: missed my eating block ride at the beginning.

Dumb death #2, 13: blocked by bronze blocks at the beginning, so I fell into lava.

Dumb death #3: missed my jump on Charlie and got killed by baseball.

Dumb death #4: section #2. Oh my God, kaizo gate on eating block. And I got killed by baseball again.

Dumb death #5: spikes in section #2.

Dumb death #6: section #2. Bounced on baseball Charlie, but moved forward too much and touched him.

Dumb death #7: tried to squeeze into 1 tile passage above baseball Charlie, but failed. Looks like I really need to force Charlie to jump and go under him.

Dumb death #8: killed by 2nd Charlie.

Dumb death #9: after kaizo gate, I failed to jump on eating block in time, so I died on spikes.

Dumb death #10: died on spike after 2nd Charlie.

Dumb death #11, 12: section #3. Died on rising lava, because eating block ate my brozne block.

Dumb death #14: end of section #3. Poor Charlie fell into lava and I died with him.

Dumb death #15: section #3. Last Charlie double jumped and hit me with his last ball.

Dumb death #16: killed by last Charlie in section #2.

Dumb death #17: got midpoint and then died on very 1st Charlie in section #4.

Dumb death #18: failed to jump on eating block going down, so I couldn't jump on higher bronze blocks.

Dumb death #19, 20: baseball Charlie shot me.

Dumb death #21, 23, 25: failed my 1st jump from Charlie on higher bronze blocks.

Dumb death #22, 29: end of section #4. tanked hit, so I couldn't destroy turn blocks and died on muncher.

Dumb death #24: stomped by Charlie.

Dumb death #26: died by 2 Charlies just before fire flower.

Dumb death #27, 28: jumped into ball.

Dumb death #30: to avoid balls I backed off too much and fell into pit.

Dumb death #31, 32, 35: survival zone. Hammer bro threw apple on me. I think I'm gonna savestate for this room, because I'm usually bad with survival areas. Wait, no. There is 1up checkpoint I didn't notice.

Dumb death #33: killed by baseball when trying to get P-switch.

Dumb death #34: I forgot I shouldn't press X, so I grabbed P-switch and fell into munchers.

Dumb death #36-39: death in last survival zone.

That was pretty fun use of eating blocks and baseball Charlies. These enemies can be really annoying, but they were very well used in this level. Level also looks good, but survival zone and this small room before could also use the same graphic.

58. Sockbat Replica - THE GREEN FORTRESS

Dumb death #1: ride 1 second math platform and failed to jump on land.

Dumb death #2: big mole was blocking my way out of 2nd Yoshi coin, so I fell into pit.

You can see cutoff at the bottom of wooden spike. Level with big moles, grinders and math platforms (wow, they are really popular in this contest). Level was quite fun. Small nitpick is getting 2nd dragon coin route is safer than using upper route. That being said, for the 1st time I managed to get all dragon coins. Some setups get repeated, but it's not a big problem.
Next session started well. First entry was good. 2nd and 3rd had some annoying parts. I ended session with one of the worst experience in this contest. Beware.

59. Stivi - Red n' Blueshift

Dumb death #1: teleported too early, so instead on platform I fell on spikes.

Dumb death #2: section #2. Again, too early I teleported and fell on spikes.

Midpoint. 1st half uses warp holes teleportation. I'm surprised that it didn't glitch level. There is variety in setups. It's hard, because sometimes you need to fight with instinct on jumping into portal as early as possible, which leads to getting hurt. Also in vertical sections is a problem of blind jumps, so you have small leeway. Also didn't like riding tight platform with grinder on the line. Later spin jumping through portals was fun. Anyway, time for 2nd half.

I got hurt by spinies on 1F0, because I entered lower part of portal. It would be better to move 1F0 1 tile lower. Section #2. After getting from one portal I backed off and I could stand on side of wall. It's possible when you combine 1F0 with wall and leave 1 tile empty. So it's not a big thing. Also last platform wasn't well timed, so my grey platforms fell down before it appeared. It costed me a hit. Section #3 was scary jumping and spin jumping through portals and finally I got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #3: boss battle. Died on spikes.

Dumb death #4, 5: died on grinders below.

Level is fun, it has some interesting setups with warp holes. In 1st half are some blind drops, which can screw player's judgement of situation. 2nd half is better, though a lot of these autoscroll sections I did by instinct rather than by skill. Boss battle is also interesting, but there is no need to give player 2 mushrooms, because it's very hard to grab reserve mushroom. Few times I died, because I wanted to grab reserve powerup, but eventually I failed that.

60. hulahoop - BLOOD FORTRESS

Section #1 has some tricky koopa jumps and really mean koopa kicking shell. Section #2 has fast smasher? Oh no.

Dumb death #1, 2: jumped into fast big spike, because wanted to avoid another mean shell.

Looks like after that is mean disco shell being risen by big spike. Midpoint. Vertical Layer 2 scroll with some interesting, but also mean setups. Then got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #3: looks like you need to bounce from jumping Chuck. I failed doing that, so I fell into spikes.

Dumb death #4: after really long jumping on enemies, I was killed by last bullet covered by goal orb.

Dumb death #5: missed 1st koopa somehow.

Dumb death #6: made mistake and jumped on walking koopa too early, so I fell on spikes.

I don't like this level. While it looks fine, design is trollish. There is a lot of mean shells thrown in your way. Fast smasher also has some trollish setups. Like the last safety platform may scroll away. And there is this last bullet that I really don't like.

61. NeutronCat - PEKORA PLANET

Dumb death #1: fell from note block when I wanted to jump on goombas. Ice physics doesn't help.

Dumb death #2: somehow I missed goomba.

Dumb death #3: getting springboard was so scary that after grabbing I fell into pit.

All right, got midpoint.

Dumb death #4: somehow missed 1st fuzzy and ice physics took me into pit.

Dumb death #5: died on Charlie at the midpoint when I was trying to get powerup.

Dumb death #6, 9, 12: tried to cross 1st rotating platforms, but fell into pit.

Dumb death #7: fell into pit, because ice physics when I was luring Charlie on 1F0.

Dumb death #8: died on muncher when I tried to cross 1st rotating platforms.

Dumb death #10: failed to jump on 2nd fuzzy.

Dumb death #11: killed by disco shell, because ice physics are bad.

Dumb death #13: missed stationary rocks.

Dumb death #14, 16: got 1up checkpoint and afterwards missed 1st fuzzy.

Dumb death #15: missed 3rd fuzzy.

Dumb death #17: missed 2nd fuzzy.

Riding Charlie on 1F0 was interesting challenge and goomba puzzle was also fun. Next section is change of gimmick. It's this springy things wrapping out of nowhere.

Dumb death #18: missed koopa after getting teleported up, so I fell on muncher. Is it just me or ice physics affects also my movement midair not only on ground?

Level beaten. It had some fun setups, but I would prefer to play without ice physics. In the whole level they were used only twice, but overall they were more annoying than interesting. Also last section's gimmick appears out of nowhere

62. wolfnasty - The Lost Artifact

Wait, you give me Yoshi in 1st room and immediately take it away after going through door? Or maybe it was supposed to be mushroom? I'm confused. In 2nd room I managed to throw baby Yoshi into wall. What in the world is going on with this level? So koopa only drops if baby Yoshi will get out from egg. No, I just need to see egg and then koopa shows. Koopa actually appears whenever it feels like. I have no idea what to do.

Dumb death #1: thought that the solution is to die.

Looks like I made mistake. I should eat small koopa instead of shell all the time.

Dumb death #2, 4: badly grabbed blue block, so I fell on thwomp.

Dumb death #3: I threw shell into red block, but it returned to me.

Dumb death #4: killed by shell after key shenanigans. Luckily I savestated there, because this level forgot to put midpoint, I guess.

Dumb death #5: died on thwomp, which refused to die from blue blocks.

Oh my God, there is actually a midpoint, but it was like 10 rooms. And let me tell you, gimmick is annoying. Stuff is very well hidden. Also I hate 1st room where you need to feed Yoshi. It's the longest room where you need to jump on shell and eat small koopa 5 times. It's really annoying. Other rooms are also annoying. Also there is no powerup in 1st half. Time for 2nd half.

Oh, I thought I was stuck, but I needed to go through wall. You give me mushroom. About time. I savescummed for 2nd feeding Yoshi, because it's absurdal. You have 2 tile passage with blue koopa walking. You must have baby Yoshi and jump on front of koopa, so shell will stay on left side and eat koopa on right side. You can't eat shell or koopa will not respawn. Do it 5 times and you can continue. What the hell? I savestated in next room. Wait, it's the same room again. No!!! OK, so 1st blue door was just troll. Savestated in magikoopa room. Oh boy.

Dumb death #6, 9: died on magic.

Dumb death #7, 8: magikoopa spawn inside me. Yay.

Dumb death #10: killed by yellow koopa.

Next room's message box is confusing. Maybe you should ask somebody that know english for help. Next is door maze. I hate it. Not gonna lie, I used Lunar Magic to find out the correct doors. Few rooms with hidden stuff later, it's finally over.

Level looks fine, but design sucks. 1st half is much longer than 2nd. Feeding baby Yoshi with only 1 koopa is the worst, especially 2nd feeding baby Yoshi room with troll door. And after that is magikoopa room and even door maze. I have no idea what hint was supposed to mean. And lots of stuff is super well hidden in walls or on them. This was very weird puzzle level, which wasn't very fun to play.
Originally posted by wolfnasty
This is where you gave up because your little brain could not wrap its self around a concept that could actually requires some thought.

By the way its not a good idea to try and criticize my use of the English language (which was correct) by typing the a sentence "Maybe you should ask somebody that know english for help." It places your level of unintelligence on full display.

It seems to be very obvious now why dumb deaths are your specialty. It says a lot about you.

Dude, go take some fresh air before you make a post. As a creator you really need to learn how to take negative feedback.

Cut the free insults, we do not welcome this sort of attitude here. This is a warning.
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I only went at him so hard because he tried to call me out on my use of the English language while using terrible grammar himself which I took as an insult to my intelligence.

If you paid attention you'd notice he's not a native English speaker, and probably just made a mistake by assuming your grammar was wrong (something I've been through myself while learning). There's zero justification for getting so worked up over this.

I should not have responded in the first place since I could tell by reading the review he does not have the knowledge of the game to understand how the level works and since most people will never admit something like that then all he could do was talk bad about the level.

With that said, you need to get off your high horse. You're not better than anyone here.

If you have anything else to say, take it to a PM. No more derailing this thread.
To wolfnasty:

Yes, I am inexperienced player, but I think you forget about something. I played this level blindly and it's a puzzle level. So people will not figure out immediately what they need to do, because they play blindly. Even though judges are better players, I think even they will get confused. Also there are hundreds of SMW mechanics and player is forced to choose only few of them. It's not easy.

First I have no idea why having Yoshi at the start would change anything with message box. It's not like it's Level 104 where it matters. Second - you are correct with powerup. It was in 4th puzzle room. I assumed it's for baby Yoshi, so I didn't pick it up. Third - respawning shell koopa by eating only him and leaving shell isn't common knowledge and a lot of players will have problem with figuring it out. Maybe extra message box just for that. But even if you know that, it's just take long time to feed Yoshi.

Edit: One more thing I forgot. 1st half, room with powerup. I had problem to go through turn blocks to P-switch. Chuck refuses to destroy all turn blocks, so I used baby Yoshi. But only 4 blocks can be turned at once and also I had problem with my baby Yoshi getting stuck in wall above turn blocks after throwing it. Once I managed to softlock myself where P-switch is located, because P-switch got stuck on wall above me somehow. So I couldn't break turn blocks and there is no time limit. I was forced to rewind.

Fourth - you can actually die in 1st half. This may be on thwomp when you grab wrong blue block than you thought. Or on shell. There is this one spot where you need to throw shell into 1 tile hole, but sometimes it just doesn't fall into hole and instead it returns back to player. It's also SMW mechanic. It would be better to have 2 tiles passage for shell. But true - death isn't common in 1st half.

Fifth - I checked Lunar Magic and this punishment room is actually obligatory. I never found a way to get into door under invisible coin blocks, but I checked that it's just reset door. So you need to use invisible door indicated by coins, but it leads you to this punishment room. And there is no other door.

Edit 2: No, wait. I think I remember that I actually found a way into this door under invisible blocks, but it wasn't progress door.

Sixth - info box confused me. Title is "Find OG Mario" and I have no idea what is OG. Is it means overground. But I have no idea in what part of castle I am. Is it overground or underground? I don't know. And why would I need to search for Mario? I'm playing as Mario. Right door means probably a correct door. But then there is this left behind you thing, which confused me. Is it means that there are some items behind Mario? No. Maybe Mario was left behind by some other people. Still no. I assumed it means left door lead to the beginning, which is wrong, because left door is sometimes a correct answer. Now that I check Lunar Magic, maybe you meant "use door you entered to get back to start". But it wasn't obvious for me.

Seventh - door maze. This one confused me. I guessed that far door on one side must be a correct door, but how should I know if you used horizontal level or vertical level or tall horizontal level (which allows you to have 4 doors close to each other, but still on 4 different screens). It doesn't help that later rooms looks identical to previous room. With exception of coins, but I was so long in this maze that I forgot that previous rooms had no coins. I suspected that I need to use background, but it's so repetitive that I couldn't figure out where 1 screen ends and begins 2nd. So for me it is trial and error.

Edit 3: I may not mentioned that well last time, but I only used Lunar Magic to find way through door maze. That's all.

I'm sorry that you didn't like my feedback. And it's true judges may like your level more. I just didn't have fun with it. But I think this level is better than yours VLDC 11 entry.
I don't know what I missed, but it proves a point that everyone here has different tastes in what they find fun. More people like the challenge in levels, while others (such as myself) love simplicity. You can't please everyone, but you shouldn't be down because one person doesn't like your level. Just remember: This is ALL for fun. Yes, it feels nice to have positive feedback, but you have to be realistic. With my project, I had low expectations when I revealed it, and it made me realize when you don't gloat, people respect you more for it.

Can't wait for more feedback, Galaer. The fact that you're detailing your experience actually makes a BIG difference when trying to improve level design. Hopefully I'll see my level soon. :)

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I start session with last level made in 28th August. It felt a bit trollish, but maybe it's because of some design flaws. Then I play through all entries submitted in 27th August. They were fun and enjoyable. This also marks half of entries played. This also means that half of entries have been made in last 5 days before deadline. I end session with short puzzle level from 26th August.

63. Sancles - Really cool plants

Dumb death #1, 4, 9, 11: took shell from grey platform, but failed jump to safety in time.

Dumb death #2, 3, 12, 17: section #2. Failed to throw shell on lower 1F0.

Dumb death #5: accidentally threw key where it was placed and it got stuck on cement block.

Dumb death #6: section #3. I jumped on dry bone on 1F0 and it killed me. I disagree.

Dumb death #7: let vine drop thwimp, so I couldn't spin jump on thwomp.

Dumb death #8: I killed kicking koopa with shell, so I'm dead. Why this puzzle level has no reset doors?

Dumb death #10: stupid vine ate my door!

Wait I just realized that cement blocks protecting 1st key aren't solid, so I can bounce from dry bone to it and completely ignore precise shell throw. Also I noticed that if I throw shell close to 2nd key, kicking koopa refuses to go that close and kick shell. Weird.

Dumb death #13: failed to throw shell into vine block on 1F0.

Dumb death #14: killed by shell just before midpoint. And I noticed also reset door here.

Dumb death #15, 16: stupid death in pit after getting shell from above thwomp.

Finally midpoint. 1st half was precise shell throwing and race with vine. No reset doors except midpoint room. It felt a bit like troll level. 2nd half is race with vine in vertical area.

Dumb death #18: killed by dry bone.

Dumb death #19: killed by falling thwimp.

Dumb death #20: section #2. Killed by my own shell.

Wow, there is cutoff at the top of section #3. Now is autoscroll and I also get 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #21: needed to cross 1 tile passage as big Mario. Last jump threw me into pit.

Dumb death #22: failed to jump on higher thwomp, so I died on spikes.

Dumb death #23, 28: I threw shell into vine block, moved forward, but jumped too late.

Dumb death #24, 27, 33: jumping into turn block failed to stop shell and it just vanished without trace on 1F0.

Dumb death #25, 26, 29, 30, 31, 32: jumping on last thwomp with low ceiling above your head is very hard.

Dumb death #34: savestated after thwomps, because this part is the worst. Died on spikes, because I failed jumping to vine.

Level beaten. Looks like I was at the end. I'm not gonna redo the last part, because I have no idea how to recreate my way of beating thwomps section.

This entry really feels like troll level. 1st half is just precise shell throwing combined with races with vine. But there is no reset doors. 2nd half is the most fair. Autoscroll section has problems. First bumping into turn blocks not always stop shell. And I have no idea how to beat thwomps section. Level looks all right, but certainly has problems.

64. Carld923 - Factory Town

Dumb death #1: jumped into shell kicked by koopa.

Dumb death #2: Died on grinder after he magically respawned in room with springboard.

Dumb death #3: section #2. Dodged both sparkies, but failed to jump from moving platform.

Dumb death #4: got midpoint. Missed my powerup, so I fell after it on spikes.

Last part of this section was really cool. First you stuck platform on 1F0 and then free it thanks to switch. That was creative. Got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #5: jumped too early on moving platform. It went up to ceiling, so I clipped through it and fell into pit.

And I beat level. It was really fun level. Liked the most 2nd part of the level. 3rd part had this creative climbing on turn block bridges. Lots of enemies, but also lots of powerups. Level looks really good and I really liked energetic music used here. Really good level.

65. OrangeBronzeDaisy - Koopa Troopa Skyway

I see that you gave me blue and red switch, but I'm gonna play without them.

Dumb death #1: I got feather, so I decided to skip a bit of level. I fell on grey platform, but next moving platform was badly timed, so even cape couldn't save me from falling into pit.

Easy and enjoyable level. It looks really good. You are very generous with powerups. Like a lot of feathers from super koopas. Also I don't think you need invisible coin blocks for moon. Player can go there by flying. I felt a bit bad that I skipped some portions of level, by just slowly falling down thanks to cape. But like I mentioned before, you are very generous with powerups.

66. EvanEMV - YOSHI'S ISLAND 1 (Hot-Cold Train)

It's a train level. I feel like ground under wheels could be darker, because at first it looks like this train is flying.

Dumb death #1: I wanted to grab 2nd dragon coin and I was small, but even so I failed to enter 2 tile passage. And I even hold jump button.

Pretty fun good looking level. The only nitpick I have is hopping flames in 2nd half can be hard to spot on orange background. I had fun with it. Also it's not always you need to go left through whole level.

67. xyz600sp - Carnage Sewerside

I have Deja Vu. Just like in OrangeBronzeDaisy's I get 2 switches: blue and red. And just like there, barely you enter level and you immediately press switch. I'm gonna play without any switches.

Dumb death #1: I tried to get 1st mushroom, but koopa and bat were on my path. So I waited and then fell into water after mushroom. But it was fake water, so I died in pit.

Oh, so small green pipes aren't real either. That's just background. Good to know. No idea what message box meant just yet.

Dumb death #2: blind jump, so I thought that coins indicated safe place. But it was opposite.

OK, I was more careful now, so I manged to get feather, which helped me to get to midpoint and afterwards beat the whole level. Level has few problems: fake water at the bottom, small green pipes looks solid and this one blind jump after zigzag with yellow koopas. But it was fun to play. Also message box didn't make sense. There is no nets in this level. I suspect you just left unedited message box.

68. jirok1 - Warping!

Dumb death #1: this one is mysterious. I just jumped to read message box and when I disabled it, I noticed that I got teleported right on goomba and I died on munchers. That's so weird.

Dumb death #2: teleported too early, so I died on row of flying munchers in front of goomba.

Beating this one room gave me midpoint.

Dumb death #3: missed my springboard, because red blocks acts as water and they slowed my fall. So I must die on muncher.

Beat this room and then beat 3rd room and level ended. It was creative use of warp holes to create puzzle level. No reset doors, but on the other side this level is super short, so it's not a problem. Warping into turn blocks to flip them was really creative. Wished it was a bit longer. Like 1st half could have 2 rooms and after beating 2 rooms in 2nd half, you would get 1 up checkpoint and do 2 more rooms to goal. That was fun level, I liked it.
Today I learned very important thing about myself. While I like watching other people getting trolled, I don't like when I'm being trolled. The very 1st entry I play in this session is a troll level and I had really bad time with it. It's definitely not a level for everybody. For the last puzzle I tried to use Lunar Magic, but it didn't help me. All elements of the puzzle right in front of the player, nothing is hidden. You just need to figure out how to use these items. And eventually I figured it out. After playing this level, I played bunch of really fun and enjoyable levels.


Got hit by shell, but then I jumped on koopa and somehow made 2 shell to survive. Wow, that was something. Looks like scrolling screen right helps. And then I do another miraculous jump on kicking koopa.

Dumb death #1: used scale platform to free 1st shell, jumped back on pipe, but overshoot and fell into pit. What a stupid death.

Somehow by standing on 2 fused together triangles I managed to not get hit by shell.

Dumb death #2: spotted by highest kicking koopa in scale platforms section.

Dumb death #3: this time I wasn't safe on triangles.

Dumb death #4: looks like shell bounced from wall and returned on top of triangles.

Dumb death #5: killed by shell that usually is stuck bouncing on 1st triangle, but this time it managed to get unstuck.

Dumb death #6, 11, 12: killed by shell thrown into me after riding 2nd moving platform.

Oh wow, this time 1st koopa failed to throw 3rd shell. Instead it just fell into pit. And later 2 shells get destroyed while pushed koopa was midair. Is it just me or is it randomized. It's like every run all setups works differently. It's really weird.

Dumb death #7, 9: killed by shell in scale platform section.

Dumb death #8: 1st moving platform. Somehow shell got thrown on Mario's feet, so I bounced and fell from platform into pit. This never happened before.

Dumb death #10: died by koopa just before scale platforms section, because I wanted to get shell.

Huh, koopa fell from higher platform, because I scrolled screen. Oh, after scales platforms there is koopa and shell stuck on 1F0. It didn't happen last time. Anyway, I make savestate here, because this is a troll level and it's killing me. After shooting gallery there are shells going through solid logs? After few deaths and few despawns of shells, I got to midpoint.

So this changed into puzzle level suddenly?

Dumb death #13: died in pit, because I wanted to jump on rope after stopping shell, so koopa could go further.

Dumb death #14: 2nd puzzle. Shell got stuck on 1F0 together with koopa. Trying to get it back I stomped also koopa and fell into pit.

Dumb death #15: 2nd puzzle. Tried to jump on koopa with shell, but shell killed koopa and I fell into pit.

Finally after 50 resets beat again these first 3 puzzles. They are really precise. Anyway, made savestate here. What the hell? Shell was in the air, koopa on ground and somehow shell got kicked. By who? A ghost, maybe?

Dumb death #16: stupid jump into muncher instead over muncher in section after mushroom.

Dumb death #17: killed by shell, because it didn't hit the switch.

I threw shell behind koopa and it somehow teleported on koopa and killed him. What the hell is going on?! And later I threw shell into shell, but it went through shell somehow. How? Managed to get to part with koopa, 2 shells and moving platform. You know what, it's a good spot to save. All right, next puzzle looks like nightmare, so I'm gonna save again. OK, I savescummed here, because this throwing shell puzzle is just bullshit. It's super precise.

Dumb death #18: tried platform in next platform and fell into pit.

Dumb death #19: died in pit, because I need switch to be changing regularly somehow.

Dumb death #20: platform hopped on 1F0 and I fell into pit.

Dumb death #21-25: killed in pit by this stupid puzzle. Savescummed through this puzzle too.

Dumb death #26-30: visited pit under next puzzle.

And now I see purple doo, which is reset door. But previously were reset pipes, so why this change? I had no idea how to solve last puzzle, so I checked in Lunar Magic, but it didn't help me.

Dumb death #26-35: trying to figure out what to do in last puzzle, I got killed few times by shell that I wanted to catch or was kicked into me.

So, is the intended solution to press P-switch midair above red blocks, so it will respawn? Because that how I solved this puzzle after 30 min of trying to figure out what to do.

Level beaten. Somehow. It's a troll level. In 1st half you get trolled by shells unfairly thrown into you. In 2nd half you are trolled by very precise throwing shells and you need a lot of luck to progress puzzles with moving platforms. Also last puzle is the hardest to solve. While this level is good looking, I don't like it's trollish nature. Not only that. Most of setups behave differently every time you play level. It gives feeling that this level is randomized. Also from puzzle with 2 kicking koopas and moving platforms, I savescummed the rest of this level. Also from the moment I mention savescumming add 50 resets per puzzle. This level frustrated me a lot.

70. MilkyMooer - Snow Mountain

Quite easy snow level. It looks all right. There is some platforming and 1 koopa jump. Also wall running make it's appearance. Every gimmick is on basic level, but it's fun easy level. Also time limit is a bit low.

71. Fostelif - Bullet Hell

There are cannons and even bullet generator, but with cape it's quite easy. Got to midpoint. Diagonal bullets generator messed with me a bit, but I managed to tank it and easily beat this level. Level looks really good, there is lots of powerups. I think it was a bit too much leeway for my taste. But it was still a fun level.


You give me access to Blue Switch Palace, but I decided to play without it. There is ice physics, some platforming and net, but so far 1st half was easy. Got midpoint, so time for 2nd half.

Dumb death #1: sad death from hammer bro's hammer in autoscroll section.

Autoscroll was a bit more tricky, especially part with few Chucks at once, but I managed to beat this level this time. Level was fun, especially 2nd half. It also looks good. And ice physics weren't really a nuisance.

73. Losoall - YOSHI'S ISLAND 1 (Furt Exhaus Zust Quatra)

Dumb death #1: passed 1st thwimp, thought I'm out of his range, but was wrong.

I thought I was making progress. Didn't know how to go forward, so I fell down and realized I am at the starting point. OK, so I needed to use thwomp to go up. All right, I got midpoint. I did some climbing on thwimps, did blind jump and fell back to midpoint with only 60 seconds.

Dumb death #2: time out.

Tanked a hit, so I could do a shortcut instead of blind drop. Got confused again, tanked few more hits and finally got to goal post. Level is fun to play, it's also really good looking. But it has some problems. Progress path isn't always clear, which leads to falls to previous parts, because you think that's where way forward is. There are also situation where enemy above your head is offscreen and you get unfairly hit. There are also some blind drops where you don't see where you need to land, which leads to drop to previous parts of the level. Time limit also could be higher. Also you are flooding me with mushrooms. Still it was fun level.

74. WhiteYoshiEgg - A Day on Lobster Island

Level looks amazing. 1st half was fun jumping from water bubble to another water bubble with urchins and lava lotuses. Got midpoint. In 2nd half is current and for some reason even water bubbles are affected. Then there is ball & chain that looks like urchin, more urchins and even boo rings (that are actually fish rings. Still there is plenty of powerups, so somehow I managed to beat this level without dying. That was a very fun to play level.
Tonight session that I have a lot to say about all levels I played.

75. toad64 - Goo Mountain

Black lines floor isn't well aligned. It looks like Mario levitates above them.

Dumb death #1: I got to reset door, had no idea where to go, tried to jump on moving platform, but failed and fell into pit.

Oh, noticed P-switch. Looks like I just needed to wait for it near reset door.

Dumb death #2: no idea where to go next. I can't spin jump from fuzzy on higher log, because it's too high. So I land on green lines (muncher).

Getting 1st P-switch is easy. Just wait on the left side until it drops. Then I did spin jump from fuzzy to find out that green lines actually don't hurt. What hurt are green gears at their end. That's confusing. After more green lines there is blind drop (luckily it's safe) and I get midpoint.

Oh my God, I love replacement for big moles - big balls. Then there is random yellow ball that hurt me even if I jumped on it. Is it rock? But it behave like rugby. When I returned with P-switch another yellow ball spawned, but this time it acts like thwimp. Falling platform confused me, so I got hurt by big moles, but managed to climb up. Then I got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #3, 7, 8, 11: wanted to spin jump on rocks (black balls), but fell into pit. I would prefer digging Chuck to be located on the left, because right now it's hard to jump on rocks on 1F0, because other rocks are falling down at the same time. Also I didn't get my powerup for this section yet.

Dumb death #4: spike fell on me when I was spin jumping on rocks on 1F0.

Dumb death #5: fell into pit after landing on black lines, because I was surprised by koopa destroying all rocks with shell.

Dumb death #6: fell into pit, because falling spike hit me.

Dumb death #9: wanted to jump from moving platform, but it didn't allowed me, so I dropped from it into pit.

Dumb death #10: didn't notice that blocks with thwimps are solid. I thought it's passable blocks. I was wrong, so I got pushed from my platform.

A bit confusing level. Green lines confused, because they are safe except green gears on their sides. Also while standing on lines, Mario levitates above them. Last part was a huge spike of difficulty. If you go there first, then there is no powerup for you at the beginning. Also you need to wait for rocks. I usually was fast forwarding here. Then there is very scary spin jumping on rocks on 1F0 with low ceiling. Later ceiling goes up, but there are also falling spikes you need to look out. And they can be covered by hud. Also at the end of ride is kicking koopa with shell and he destroys all rocks, so if you aren't fast you may fall into pit. Yeah, that was weird level.

76. Hat Kid - Old House

Dumb death #1: spin jumped on green bubble too late, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #2: 2nd pit had coins, so I thought land is under them offscreen. But no. I was supposed to spin jump on another bubble.

Dumb death #3: got stuck on stairs, so I failed to jump over bubble.

Dumb death #4: spin jumped on spikes instead on bubble, because bubble hid in spikes.

Dumb death #5: jumped too early on 3rd bubble.

Dumb death #6: spin jumped too high right into ceiling spikes.

Dumb death #7: spin jumped too early on 2nd bubble. Why do they wait with showing up so long? Can't they appear fast just like 1st bubble?

Finally got midpoint and I get my 1st powerup in the level. Why so late? Wait, I just went right to the pipe and 1up checkpoint popped out. What?

Dumb death #8: wanted to jump over moving hole, but it decided to go right, so I fell into it.

Next section is autoscroll with bubbles, moving holes and boo lasers. It's short and at the end is goal post. Level is uneven. 1st half is tough gimmick about spin jumping on bubbles without any powerup. Then you get midpoint and 1up checkpoint at once together with the only powerup in the level. Afterwards level abandons gimmick and go into short survival zone and then ends. It's weird. This level doesn't need midpoint. It only needs 1up checkpoint. As for powerup block you can put it at the starting point and cover it by 1up checkpoint. Level at least looks good.

77. Someguy712x - EATING BLOCK MANOR

Oh boy, this light bronze log doesn't look solid, but it is. I hope I will not get confused by it in the future. But I guess it's only solid at the bottom, because mushroom fell through it. Or maybe it's only solid for Mario. Who knows? Yup, it's solid for Mario from both sides. Almost failed later puzzle, because again didn't notice solid log. I would prefer it to look like red light switches. Luckily there is a lot of reset doors.

Wow, mushroom riding eating block was funny to watch. I wish that eating blocks would be looking differently than bronze blocks. Puzzle with 2 turn blocks, invisible coin block and koopa was 1st tricky puzzle. I failed destroying higher turn block, but luckily eating block continued and ate bronze blocks. Got to midpoint, but why is there 6 mushrooms?

1st puzzle with Chuck was creative. Oh, I learned new thing. If I pause game in strategic moment, music will stop playing. I resume music by pausing game again. Of course it has nothing to do with this level, but oh well. I liked "dodge bronze blocks" room and figured it out on my 1st try. Wow, this 1st puzzle with diagonally moving eating block was also creative. And then there is flying up eating block that I know very well. Last puzzle combining all stuff about eating block was cool.

Time for moon puzzle. 1st puzzle figured out on my own on 2nd try. 2nd puzzle also done on 2nd try. Also shell I had got kicked and immediately vanished when I entered 3rd puzzle room. 3rd puzzle done on 6th try. This shell throw was pretty tricky. In 4th puzzle my pipe has been eaten. This one took me some time to figure out what to do. I needed 8 tries. 5th puzzle and I accidentally found a moon. Too bad I failed to notice flying up block earlier. Finally solved. Probably needed 20 tries, because hitting shell was troublesome. Wait I got another moon? And block hit me, but not hurt me.

Really cool puzzle level. I actually wished if it would look better than vanilla ghost house. Also I had problem noticing these logs as solid for Mario. It would be also cool to indicate eating blocks somehow. Other than that it was great level.

78. FrozenQuills - CUNNING PLUMBING

Hey, I can see midpoint from the start. Can't go there yet though. My mushrooms fell into lava.

Dumb death #1: fell on grinder after freeing platform.

Dumb death #2: fast smasher. Died right after activating eating block, then land above me pushed me into lava.

Dumb death #3: died on grinders protecting mushroom.

Dumb death #4: somehow failed jump over spike near 1st dragon coin.

Dumb death #5: again killed by grinders protecting mushroom, but this time because platform above me caught me and dropped me on grinders.

Dumb death #6: didn't though platform will go back after hitting bronze blocks, so I fell in lava.

Dumb death #7, 14: failed to jump through 1st turn block, so I got slaughtered by 1st grinder. Really embarrassing death.

Dumb death #8: didn't jump from bronze blocks activating eating block.

Dumb death #9: I can't believe it. Somehow I got hit by these easy to dodge falling spikes.

Dumb death #10: died on moving platform, because I jumped on side spike.

Dumb death #11: dropped too early on bronze blocks, so somehow missed them.

Somehow activated eating block by touching side of bronze blocks near him.

Dumb death #12, 16: took blue block, but had no idea what to do and didn't notice that I got crashed on ceiling.

Dumb death #13: killed by grinder above blue blocks.

Dumb death #15, 17, 18, 19: ride platform near blue blocks, but got caught by rising floor and got crashed.

Dumb death #16: died on 2nd grinder.

Finally beat 1st blue block challenge and savestated. Timing with platform is very precise. Also I think it's only possible to beat this part as small Mario. As big Mario you will get caught by rising floor too early.

Dumb death #20: died on grey platform under blue block. You give me reset door for some reason, but still it's easy to die.

Dumb death #21: platform went to spikes and I'm together with it.

Dumb death #22: jumped into ceiling spikes like an idiot. All I wanted is to get to 3rd blue block.

Got midpoint, but I have no idea how to progress.

Dumb death #23: died in lava.

Dumb death #24, 25: died by grinder.

Dumb death #26: killed by ghost after releasing moving platform.

Dumb death #27, 43: failed to jump on moving platform. I guess I need to jump on it directly after jump from grey platform.

Dumb death #28, 35, 39: tried to destroy turn block with shell, instead I killed myself with it.

Dumb death #29, 38: while escorting disco shell went too early on grey platform at the end.

Dumb death #30: killed by grinder after freeing it by taking blue block.

Dumb death #31: midpoint. Didn't jump, so I fell into lava.

Dumb death #32: killed by grinder in section with shell.

Dumb death #33, 42: midpoint. Failed to grab ladder, so I fell on grinder.

Dumb death #34, 41: last 2 grinder during disco shell escort.

Dumb death #36: tried to throw shell correctly and got crashed by block under turn block.

Dumb death #37: beginning of section. Went right too early and shell didn't destroyed any turn block, so I was forced to die in lava.

Dumb death #40: start of escort. Failed to jump over 1 tile gap over lava when dodging ghosts.

Savestated after shell section. And immediately after I got 1up checkpoint. I had luck, I didn't need this savestate.

Dumb death #44: died on grinders protecting boss.

Dumb death #45: I failed destroy turn blocks and fell down. Don't see any way out, so I killed myself on grinder.

Finally, I was careful, so I managed to kill boss without getting hurt.

Really cool level, but it's a bit too hard for me. Some setups were especially hard. Like hitting turn block with shell to free grinder, but shell would usually kill me. Or freeing platform from blue blocks with falling and rising floor. There were some creative setups too. My most favorite was figuring out how to get anywhere at the midpoint and boss fight. It's very creative concept where boss is getting harder the more you hurt him. Also it was interesting to see that blocks can block movement of the platforms on lines.
Originally posted by Galaer
77. Someguy712x - EATING BLOCK MANOR

Oh boy, this light bronze log doesn't look solid, but it is. I hope I will not get confused by it in the future. But I guess it's only solid at the bottom, because mushroom fell through it. Or maybe it's only solid for Mario. Who knows? Yup, it's solid for Mario from both sides. Almost failed later puzzle, because again didn't notice solid log. I would prefer it to look like red light switches. Luckily there is a lot of reset doors.

Wow, mushroom riding eating block was funny to watch. I wish that eating blocks would be looking differently than bronze blocks. Puzzle with 2 turn blocks, invisible coin block and koopa was 1st tricky puzzle. I failed destroying higher turn block, but luckily eating block continued and ate bronze blocks. Got to midpoint, but why is there 6 mushrooms?

1st puzzle with Chuck was creative. Oh, I learned new thing. If I pause game in strategic moment, music will stop playing. I resume music by pausing game again. Of course it has nothing to do with this level, but oh well. I liked "dodge bronze blocks" room and figured it out on my 1st try. Wow, this 1st puzzle with diagonally moving eating block was also creative. And then there is flying up eating block that I know very well. Last puzzle combining all stuff about eating block was cool.

Time for moon puzzle. 1st puzzle figured out on my own on 2nd try. 2nd puzzle also done on 2nd try. Also shell I had got kicked and immediately vanished when I entered 3rd puzzle room. 3rd puzzle done on 6th try. This shell throw was pretty tricky. In 4th puzzle my pipe has been eaten. This one took me some time to figure out what to do. I needed 8 tries. 5th puzzle and I accidentally found a moon. Too bad I failed to notice flying up block earlier. Finally solved. Probably needed 20 tries, because hitting shell was troublesome. Wait I got another moon? And block hit me, but not hurt me.

Really cool puzzle level. I actually wished if it would look better than vanilla ghost house. Also I had problem noticing these logs as solid for Mario. It would be also cool to indicate eating blocks somehow. Other than that it was great level.

I'm glad you enjoyed my level! I did try to make it clear that those logs were "solid only for Mario" early on with the level design, and they shouldn't be in any positions where the player forgetting about this would get them hurt or killed. (BTW, they're normal background log objects with invisible solid block sprites overlapping them. And yes, I could've used the red ? block sprite instead, but I liked the look of using invisible blocks over background logs instead.)

For the puzzle with the 2 turn blocks, I'm surprised how everyone I've seen play my level so far seems to misinterpret and overcomplicate that puzzle, and try to do it in a much harder way (one player even got himself crush-killed there somehow). All you need to do is spin jump onto both of the turn blocks from above, without bothering to hit them from below. Now I'm thinking I should've adjusted things in that room to dissuade trying to hit the blocks from below. Also, I put 6 mushrooms in the midpoint room just to be silly, nothing more.

Huh? Pausing the game made the music stop on you? I've had that occasionally happen in a few hacks I've played recently. Is that an AddmusicK bug or something?

As for your shell vanishing whenever you try to take it through a pipe into another puzzle room, that'll always happen because every room's entrance is not a pipe entrance, so the game will automatically drop or kick whatever you're holding. And what... How did you accidentally find a moon in the 5th challenge room? There's no moon there, though there is an off-screen Yoshi coin. I bet that's what you actually collected there. And, the block that hit you in the very final room is meant to "eat" the moon if you're too slow to collect it, but it's not meant to harm the player at all. (If it does manage to eat the moon, there's a reset door just below that can be used to try again.)
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