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Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
Forum Index - Important - The 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest - Dumb deaths is my specialty when playing VLDC 12
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Originally posted by Galaer
Also you are flooding me with mushrooms.

Heh, first time I've seen that as a complaint.
Originally posted by Galaer
69. Hobz

no it wasn't a troll level.
Today I have bunch of normal difficulty levels, in which I die a lot.

79. Raymondsze - Jumps n' Traps

Wow, what a beginning. 2 koopas, Charlie and banzai bill going in my direction.

Dumb death #1: died on 1st tower. Miraculously killed kicking koopas and avoided all bullets. I was so impressed by my luck that I fell into mud.

Dumb death #2: scared of kicking koopa I fell into mud near tower.

Few scary jumps later, bullet generator starts. And there was also blind drop on grey platform. Barely didn't died on Charlie in cement part. I actually managed to bounce from Charlie and immediately bounce on bullet from generator. That was super lucky.

Dumb death #3: few seconds later I bounced from Charlie to the bottom of jumping fish.

Dumb death #4: badly jumped on 1st koopa, he turned around and spot me. I was killed by his deadly sight.

Dumb death #5: after cement section I did jump after coins, which killed me, because I was supposed to do koopa jump.

Dumb death #6: I did koopa jump, but died on small koopa climbing top of slope.

Dumb death #7: just before this jump is separate slope and didn't notice that I'm not on it. Pressed right and fell into mud.

So I was dying before midpoint. I have no idea how to do jump over last muncher is small pipes section.

Dumb death #8: stopped running at full speed after getting star, because I noticed separate slope and thought I will fall down.

I didn't know that if I have star I can go through big moles without killing them.

Dumb death #9: at the end of star run I thought star expired, so I wanted to bounce from Charlie over other Charlie. 1st Charlie got killed and I ran into 2nd, star expired and I died.

Noticed right now that midpoint has cutoff. Also I was taking shell with me through small pipes section and there was always lone yellow shell. I was wondering what's the reason behind it. In this run I destroyed shell on goomba, so yellow koopa spawned and enter shell creating disco shell. Looks like sprite limitation problem. Almost died just before goal post.

This level is uneven. 1st half is much longer than 2nd half. Contains a lot of mean traps and there is lots of enemies at once on screen. I had huge problem with passing tower without getting hit by koopas and bullets. Bullet generator can be outrun, so no bullet will spawn. Also I didn't like blind drop on grey platform. 2nd half is much shorter and easier. There is only this last jump over munchers in small pipes section that I was always tanking, because I have no idea how to do this jump. Level looks good and it's all right. I would just prefer less spam.

80. EgonV - VLDC 12

Oh wow, orange ocean + cave in the background. That's weird combination. Why passable orange pipes looks exactly like solid orange pipes? Cannons shooting fireballs.

Dumb death #1: blind drop on grey platform into lava.

Rising lava section was scary, but fun. Almost died too. But it was fun. There was 1 blind drop indicated by coins I didn't like. Because I had no idea what coins indicate: is it pit or safe ground. Anyway, got midpoint.

Weird, 1st podoboo don't respawn after hopping once.

Dumb death #2, 3, 4: died by fast rising lava. It's hard to spin jump on fireball while ceiling is very low.

Dumb death #5: decided to go to vertical section as small Mario. Did shortcut from 1st fireball to go up, so i managed to beat this section. Afterwards you go right fast with rising lava, so I had no idea where I need to jump, so I jumped into lava.

Dumb death #6: fast lava section. Killed by jumping into fireball, which was offscreen.

So the solution for last section was to slow down a bit, so I could see where I need to jump.

Level is fun to play. Orange juice in background and passable pipes looking like solid are weird choices. I really had only a problem in fast rising lava section. I had no idea how to do spin jump on fireball the intended way. Good thing I found a shortcut, but I think you need to be small for that part.

81. mariosr - Elevetade Vaults

I guess you made slight mistake in your title, because 1st message box mentions "Elevated Vaults".

Dumb death #1: went right and despawned moving hole, so I am forced to die by touching boo. At least it's not a softlock.

Dumb death #2: killed by boo, because I couldn't decide if I want to jump over moving hole or not. Also noticed that level continues down.

Dumb death #3: immediately dropped into 1st moving hole and landed on boo. Also noticed feather.

Dumb death #4: got hurt by boo, so I thought I have enough time to pass boo ring. I was wrong.

Blue switch palace walls out of nowhere and some blind jumps. Luckily there is safe ground below.

Dumb death #5: got hit by spikes and accidentally bounced from springy things into spikes below. No escape, so I died.

Springy thing + boo rings is hard to avoid combination, especially when you don't see what's on top of screen. Got midpoint. Wait, now there are red swtch palace walls? And there is more springy things + boo rings. Hard drop into hole between spikes.

Dumb death #6: fell into spikes, because I got scared by eerie after falling through 2 moving holes.

2nd message box - "they moved soul". Wait I didn't know I'm a souls hunter.

Dumb death #7: tried to skip a bit, but instead I died on spikes in room with 2 springy things and boo ring at the middle.

Dumb death #8: killed by 1st boo ring, because I was checking if I can jump on higher wall.

Dumb death #9: tried to jump on hammer bros platforms, but failed.

Dumb death #10: died on spikes after I badly jumped from hammer bros platforms.

Level beaten. Difficulty is consistent. Using switch palaces walls in level with normal castle walls was weird choice. There are some blind drops and some blind jumps up. Also last pillar of eeries can appear out of nowhere. I always get hurt, because of that. Controlling yourself on springy thing was difficult. When you landed close to wall on it, then it's hard to move on end of springy thing to jump higher. Combining boo rings and springy things was tricky. Also I think in 1st half is a bit too many boos.

82. M6 Productions - YOSHI'S ISLAND 1 (Grape Beach)

Nice looking level, but why all enemies are so bright? Got Yoshi and then I went to underwater section. At the end are Rippers Von Fish, but you also give me star. Got midpoint. There is reset pipe and looks like I need to abandon Yoshi. Left side looks dangerous, so I go right. Later you give me Fishing Boo head (P-balloon), which is a bit scary. You gave me reset pipe for last destruction of turn blocks. And then is goal post.

Out of curiosity I redo it level and checked left path. I found P-switch there and that's all. At the far left side there is no passage anywhere. I also checked Lunar Magic. There is nothing there. Also it's much harder to return back to start from there. So that's really weird design decision.

Level looks really good. 1st half is easy, 2nd half is harder, but also has really random design. First you need to go through net, then you get glitchy P-balloon, then is hammer bro and springy thing and in the end you must destroy turn blocks with shell. Also pipes are indicated by coins during P-balloon flight, but they can't be entered. Left side has jumps on floating vines between munchers, random turn blocks, then jumps on grey platforms and koopas. In the end is also fire piranha plant and no reward. Level was fun to play, but I would prefer if 2nd half was the same consistent just like 1st half was.

83. OEO6 - Archers' Road

Everything is so grey, even mushrooms. But level design is fine. Got midpoint.

Dumb death #1, 3: died on 2nd archer, because I didn't jump from platform fast enough.

Oh, midpoint respawned and afterwards I get mushroom. Cool.

Dumb death #2: didn't hold jump when jumping out of 2nd note block above pit.

Level beaten. I would prefer more colorful level. Design wise 1st half is good and I liked last survival area. But 2nd half is huge spike of difficulty. Like having to archer and fuzzy on ceiling while jumping on note blocks above bottomless pit. That's very difficult. Jumping from platform to another archer's zone, I solved by scrolling screen left. But yeah, 2nd half is hard. Luckily it's also short.
Originally posted by Galaer
60. hulahoop - BLOOD FORTRESS

Section #1 has some tricky koopa jumps and really mean koopa kicking shell. Section #2 has fast smasher? Oh no.

Dumb death #1, 2: jumped into fast big spike, because wanted to avoid another mean shell.

Looks like after that is mean disco shell being risen by big spike. Midpoint. Vertical Layer 2 scroll with some interesting, but also mean setups. Then got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #3: looks like you need to bounce from jumping Chuck. I failed doing that, so I fell into spikes.

Dumb death #4: after really long jumping on enemies, I was killed by last bullet covered by goal orb.

Dumb death #5: missed 1st koopa somehow.

Dumb death #6: made mistake and jumped on walking koopa too early, so I fell on spikes.

I don't like this level. While it looks fine, design is trollish. There is a lot of mean shells thrown in your way. Fast smasher also has some trollish setups. Like the last safety platform may scroll away. And there is this last bullet that I really don't like.

I'm thankful for your feedback. Its good to know an inexperienced player like yourself would have a lot of trouble playing my level. The setups are definitely not beginner difficulty. I will admit the last bullet is kind of a troll but avoidable if you have quick reflexes. I'm curious to see what others think of it.
Only one entry for tonight, because it's very hard puzzle level. I had a lot of problems with it and 2nd half I savescummed. Very precise level. Also I believe I managed to broke most of 2nd half.

84. snoruntpyro - Quake Engine

I'm stuck in 1st puzzle, because ledge is a bit too low. So I accidentally jump on it even if I don't want. Could make this ledge 1 tile higher? Also if I make it I can't jump in time on higher ledge. And when I finally made it, I ate shell. So I need to reset this puzzle. OK, so I savestated after this puzzle, because it's stupidly hard to jump on ground to bounce shell. Even light press of jump button can very easily take me on higher ledge. Ledge is too low, so it took me 50 times to finally beat this puzzle. Hopefully next puzzles are less precise.

2nd puzzle was easier, but I destroyed my shell when I was trying to put it on water. Maybe I need to spit it through wall instead of putting it down. So I need to reset, but it takes me to 1st puzzle. And I'm not gonna do it again. So I'm loading my savestate. Spitting shell worked, but qauke didn't work on it. I have no idea what to do. Maybe earlier I was badly putting shell through wall. Yeah, now putting shell worked.

Next section. I accidentally solved 1st puzzle, no idea how. Managed to get to eating block, but failed last puzzle. Then I had huge problem with making quake on vertical platform. For some reason I had no problem with it the 1st time. Then I had problem with putting my shells, so I needed to reset this section few times. Savestated just before eating block. There is also a pit, so 1st instance that I can die. So the solution was to put 1 shell on ground instead of immediately spitting it while on bronze blocks. Still needed few tries and reset doors send you all the way to start of this section. That's harsh.

Got midpoint and I am forced to get small. 2nd message - you only forgot to mention that if you spit filtered shell, you cannot eat it again. I actually can't interact with it at all. It's like it became part of background. Wow, that's weird.

I think I broke 2nd puzzle, because I didn't use filter. I have no idea what's the intended solution. But I just fired red shell from under thwomp and it burned 2 troublesome red shells. 3rd puzzle - I can eat goomba, so I have no idea what's the point of red shell yet. Oh no, I see familiar low ledge that I hated so much at the beginning of this level. So I managed to throw shell and quickly go left, so it despawn. I have no idea what to do next. I tried to juggle green shell, spit right shell right and grab it through filter, but it still destroy turn block and falls into pit. I have no clue what to do.

I was really desperate with this puzzle. Using Lunar Magic is useless, because all elements of the puzzle are visible, so I didn't even tried use it. I checked if you made thread about your level, so I could find video. But there is no thread. I checked yours Youtube channel, but still no video. Looks like I need to solve it on my own. And indeed I have finally figured out that I need to save goomba. So I changed into coin, threw shell and quickly went left, so both goomba and green shell could respawn. I'm also using savestates, because these puzzles are very hard. All right, next puzzle.

By using shell from previous room I managed to solve this puzzle. Also shoot red shell from the back, so I could fry and eat other red shells. And what's the point of filter at the beginning of this puzzle. I don't use it, so it looks weird. Anyway, next puzzle and also next savestate. After few tries I saved green shells and quickly burned other red shells. After some savestates I managed to beat this puzzle and also...

Dumb death #1: killed by yellow shell when clearing coin blocks just before pipe.

Then is goal post and 1up checkpoint for moon puzzle. But I think I will pass. These puzzles are too precise for me and very hard to guess. Especially this room with goomba.

Level is very precise. I hated 1st puzzle in 1st half, because ledge is too low, so I was very often jumping on it. Also in 1st half if you screw puzzle you are forced to return to beginning of the whole section. That's harsh. In 2nd half for most of the rooms, I have a feeling that I completely ignored main gimmick and just broke these rooms. Except last puzzle. It was cool, but too precise. Also it's easy to despawn shells. In other words it was very hard puzzle level only for experts. It wasn't meant for me.
This session was weird. First I had entry with spam of enemies, Second entry is fun easy level. Third is very frustrating puzzle level, which I believe is unbeatable. And I end session with entry, which I can't play, because bps doesn't work.

85. Odyssey K. - Koopa Valley

I play without pressing red switch.

Dumb death #1: died in pit after spin jumping on fire piranha plant.

Dumb death #2: died on red koopa. I tried to jump on it, but a bit too late I decided to do that.

Dumb death #3: bounced from Charlie into another Charlie.

Oh, I went faster through level and this time Charlie under hammer bro didn't spawn.

Dumb death #4, 5: killed by shell thrown by myself.

Dumb death #6, 11: failed to jump on rotating platform, because bonked my head on wall.

Dumb death #7: I found invisible block, then I got killed by hammer.

Dumb death #8, 10, 13: killed by hammer from 2nd hammer bro.

Dumb death #9: killed by fire piranha plant. Also noticed that normal jumping plants also don't respect that Mario is nearby. Is it because of baserom 1.0?

Dumb death #12: wanted to avoid jumping plant, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #14: went under jumping koopa, but he turned around after meeting his buddy - flying red koopa. What a bad luck.

Got to 2nd mushroom, then close to it was midpoint and next powerup. What a horrible spam of enemies in 1st half. 2nd half. There was Layer 2 yellow land and rugby Charlie at the end. Luckily I had a lot of powerups, so I tanked it. And then level ends.

1st half is long and awful spam of enemies. Also for most of it there is only 1 powerup. With this spam it's very difficult to not lose mushroom immediately. Also jumping plants don't respect that Mario is close to them. 2nd half is much shorter and easier. Level looks really good. I liked grass and cave tilesets combined.

86. LuigiTime - Fruity Factory

There is so many warnings near orange juice that I was worried at first that it's lava. Pokey on conveyor belt is interesting choice. And then I get midpoint. Didn't notice this blue apple. It just appeared in Mario's hands and it surprised me. Learned something new - throwing goomba can't hurt pokey. Got all dragon coins and never got hit. Finished this level.

Level was easy, but fun. I liked it's look. There were also some tricky jumps between grinders and destroying pokeys on conveyor belts with apples. The only thing I missed was abandoning combination of pokey on conveyor belt moving towards you. This means that pokey's speed is getting increased. This with tighter design could lead to something very interesting.

87. Magikey - undefined

Level with fog. Oh boy. There is also Yoshi, but he has empty message. This looks like puzzle level with fog. Oh boy. I found P-switch. Before it I thought I got softlocked, but I wasn't. Then I had to do drop into 1 tile passage with muncher on right side, which was scary. By the way, you also need to worry about 1 tile holes in ground that can drop you into pit. I saw door, so I used P-switch and noticed that you erased P-switch music. Thanks to that level's music don't get interrupted. That's clever move. Anyway, I wasted my P-switch.

I went further and noticed Yoshi falling into pit, went left, but passage got blocked by invisible note blocks. Went right and in place of Yoshi, this time springboard fell into pit. And left side of level is door maze? What? And all this with fog. I see goal post, but without bar and there is invisible tile blocking my way to it. This puzzle level is very weird. And by the way, in order to get to this door you need to do 1 tile jumping with munchers and bottomless pit. On left side koopa spawned suddenly, it didn't happen before. I did scary jump to moon and enter small door to goal post view room. I was everywhere and I have no idea what to do and where to go. Not only that, but stupid fog greatly slow my progress. So I decided to disable BG3 Layer, because fog is really annoying.

Dumb death #1: killed by muncher when I was dropping into one of these 1 tile passages.

Dumb death #2: tried to do jump to door on the other side of munchers, but I think you need Yoshi there.

Dumb death #3, 4: tried to grab Yoshi. We together fell into pit.

Dumb death #5, 8: pit under springboard, which didn't respawn.

OMG, I managed to save Yoshi.

Dumb death #6: tried to left Yoshi on left side in order to grab springboard, but I bonked my head into invisible note blocks and clipped through floor.

Saved springboard. Now what?

Dumb death #7: fell into pit with my buddy Yoshi.

Almost softlocked myself by putting springboard near pit and using it to jump higher with Yoshi, but there was nothing. What's the point of getting Yoshi, springboard and P-switch if you can't take them anywhere?

Dumb death #9: crashed between note block above my head and wall.

Dumb death #10: happy munchers death.

I have no idea what to do, so I decided to look at Lunar Magic and I noticed that there are some invisible note blocks covering 1 tile holes to pit, but the thing is that in order to activate them, you need to jump on them from below and there is pit. So they are completely pointless. Also you can't move items and Yoshi through doors, but it kinda looks that this is the intended solution. Maybe? Maybe this level wasn't tested. I don't know.

There is only 1 reset pipe very high, so I need Yoshi or springboard or maybe both. But there is no way to get there with all these note blocks blocking way and reset doors. Also midpoint respawn point has P-switch and springboard. Do you expect me to double grab? Also I didn't notice any exit. Maybe it's goal post, but author forgot to put goal bar, which is sprite.

I don't know the solution, but I have strong suspicion that author thought that doors work in the same way as pipes. Or bringing items through them will be possible, because you enter next section from pipe. But no, that's not how it works. Also it's possible that there is no exit. Or maybe I'm missing something.

Level is dark, it doesn't look bad. But please avoid combining fog with puzzle level. This fog is just annoying. It makes you move super slowly. And there is all these invisible note blocks that will block and may even kill you. There is annoying 1 tile jumps with pit below and munchers. Overall it's really annoying level that I have no idea how to beat or if it's even beatable.

88. LudFloko - level

So I have no idea what's the name of the level. I tried to find it in Rules and Submissions thread, but it was just this "level" name. But it doesn't matter, because bps doesn't work. I can't patch it, so I can't play it this entry. Sorry.
I thought that I beat all hard levels, but no, they still exist. And I die a lot in them.

89. qantuum - ART DECO ALCOVE

Oh boy, what an aesthetics. Ceiling looks like it's part of background. Why every sprite looks so bright? And also I noticed weird flags on grinder's line. No idea how to dodge 2 thwomps just yet. Didn't noticed single boo out of nowhere. Got P-switch, used pipe and almost landed on sparky. Used P-switch to get silver P-switch and entered another pipe to another section. Looks like there is rugby underwater. Hammer bro, turn blocks and 2 cannons is tricky combination. Almost clipped into wall when breaking turn blocks and jumping on hammer bro's platform. Used silver P-switch to destroy statue and get midpoint.

1st half has some tricky situations. For example 2 thwomps, I have no idea how to dodge them. 2nd section is easy except last part with turn blocks. Also I think this detour with P-switches is pointless. Instead of statue you could put wall and nearby pipe would lead directly to next section. After beating it, pipe would transport player to midpoint. Time for 2nd half. Next section has 4 bullets generator.

Dumb death #1: killed by 2nd bat after bullet generator.

After midpoint there are 2 jumping statues stuck on 1F0 that didn't spawn previously. Or maybe they didn't spawn, because silver P-switch. Thought they are normal statues, but redecorated, so I got hurt.

Dumb death #2: bad jump on spiny on 1F0.

Dumb death #3: didn't rotate platform fully. I jumped on P-switch on 1F0, but platforms under it didn't show up, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #4: killed by 1st bat, because I wanted to speedrun this level.

Found 2nd powerup at the end of bullet generator that I missed. Getting P-switch is scary. Then is P-switch run with 4 diagonal bullets generator. Afterwards is autoscroll.

Dumb death #5: wasted too much time at the beginning of P-switch run, because I noticed new bullet generator.

Barely managed to do P-switch run. Autoscroll wasn't that hard until I got surprised by rocks out of nowhere. Anyway, read message box about oldschool level design and finally finished this level.

Level looks weird, detour is unnecessary. You can just transport me to next section instead of 10 seconds long return for silver P-switch. 2nd half is really random with random bullet generator, P-switch run and then autoscroll. In other words level isn't very well focused.

90. owenxm_ - CLOUD TOWERS WALTZ

Math platforms without number indication. Nice tutorial.

Dumb death #1: killed in pit, because I thought small bricks in air are platforms, but that's just background, I guess.

Wait, I saw blue coins, so I jumped and later noticed that math platform just fell on lower 1F0. So there shouldn't be any blue coins. That's what confused me last time. Got midpoint. A bit scary section and I jumped to 2 dragon coins close to each other. Why they were together, I don't know. If you go past goal orb, on the far right is visible cutoff.

Level looks fine. I was a bit confused by some blue coins, but level plays fine. Also got all dragon coins, which is rare.

91. Romano338 - Prude Bastion

Castle level with dry bones throwing bones. I know that they usually fall from higher platforms, but not in this entry for some reason. I wonder why not? You need to fight for your 1st powerup.

Dumb death #1, 16: fell into lava, because I need to dodge statue's fireballs and spikes and I tried to hold jump. Unfortunately I hit spike and die in lava.

Dumb death #2, 10, 11, 13, 17: killed by 1st dry bone.

Wait, I noticed that at the beginning is actually mushroom. I missed that last time. This time too, because it fell into lava.

Dumb death #3: killed by bone of dry bone near 2nd powerup.

Dumb death #4: bonked my head on wall, so I fell into lava under 1st powerup.

Dumb death #5: failed to jump from thwomp, so I fell into lava.

Dumb death #6, 9, 12: failed to spin jump on jumping statue.

Dumb death #7: tried to avoid dry bone near 2nd powerup, I backed off into lava.

Oh boy, I broke both blue blocks, so I must tank my hit on magic.

Dumb death #8: killed by fireball.

Dumb death #14: got 1st powerup, wanted to drop on moving block, but fell into lava.

Dumb death #15: lava just before 2nd powerup. For some reason I couldn't stay on higher platform after making dry bone jumps. Eventually I fell into lava.

Dumb death #18: wanted to get 2nd powerup, dropped on dry bone, but didn't stop myself on platform, so momentum took me into lava.

Savestated after jumping statue, because for the 1st time I had powerup to tank it. All right, got midpoint in the same run. Though almost died on another fireball. Deleted savestate, because it wasn't needed after all. 2nd half.

Dumb death #19: wanted to jump on moving block, but hesitated, so I fell into lava. Powerup is in front of statue.

Dumb death #20: I'm forced to do spin jump on ball & chain, which I fail.

Dumb death #21: went left from midpoint to stomp dry bone, but got killed by his bone.

Almost got killed by spin jumping on ball & chains and fireball and dodging all grinders. But I did it, I got 1up checkpoint for boss.

Dumb death #22, 24: after getting blue block you must spin jump with it on fireball, which I failed.

Got powerup, but I noticed that checkpoint door is small door. Why? And you move me just in front of boss door where also is powerup. Why not use normal door leading straight to boss?

Dumb death #23: died on left grinder when trying to get blue block.

Dumb death #25-32: death in boss room. Deaths in lava, grinders or spike.

Boss room was tough, but I learned that I can do duck jumps if I stop holding jump for 1 second and then repress it. This way I could do jumps over grinders. Jump down from right blue blocks is also tricky, but there is no need to spin jump on fireball. I went first for right block, because it's harder, then for 2 blue blocks on the left.

Very tricky level. 1st half was the hardest. Avoiding being hit by statue in tight room with spikes and lava is almost impossible. And afterwards is very difficult spin jump from jumping statue. You need to earn your powerups. And why throwing bones dry bones don't fall down? 2nd half introducing spin jumping on enemies and it's still tricky, but I found it easier. Boss was difficult until I didn't found a way to do jumps without forcing myself into spin jump while holding blue blocks. If level was more like 2nd half, it would be fine.

92. NopeContest - A Fuzzy Day

I play without red switch. It is Kirby music, but, maybe it's just me, it sounds a bit broken.

Dumb death #1, 7: missed my fuzzy ride, so I fell into pit.

Dumb death #2: bad jump to switch.

Dumb death #3, 6, 9, 14, 15: missed 2nd switch.

Dumb death #4: got switch, but missed fuzzies.

Dumb death #5: missed fuzzy on circle formation.

Dumb death #8: after getting feather I tried fly, but got hit by fuzzy and died in pit.

Dumb death #10, 11, 16: missed fuzzies just before feather.

Dumb death #12: same place, but got between 2 fuzzies and they crashed me.

Dumb death #13: failed to get feather, I wanted to spin jump on later fuzzy, but hesitated and fell into pit.

Got feather, so I decided to fly through this level and found midpoint, which you can only grab it if you pressed red switch or you have feather. Awesome decision. Time for 2nd half.

Dumb death #17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 31, 32, 33: missed 3 fuzzy ride.

Hey, extra powerup is available only for players that pressed red switch. What the hell? Why?

Dumb death #18, 24, 28: missed 1st fuzzies.

Afterwards I get my 1st powerup. To be honest I was dying all the time due pit, so powerup at the midpoint wasn't needed. And so far red switch wasn't really very helpful. I only noticed 2 locations of red blocks. Hey, you put ninji on line. Funny.

Dumb death #27: missed 4th switch. I think I'm gonna put savestate there next time. This level may look sweet, but it's really deadly.

Dumb death #29: stupid death by very 1st fuzzy.

Dumb death #30: killed by fuzzies under 4th switch after pressing it.

Dumb death #34-44: 4th switch ride. Actually died so many times trying to hit switch and land on fuzzies afterwards.

Dumb death #45, 47, 48: savestated on 1 tile cement block with fuzzy and died, because of him.

Dumb death #46: same fuzzy. I spin jumped lowly on him, fell on cement block, but somehow touched him.

Savestated on solid land, so I will not die by fuzzy after reloading my savestate.

Dumb death #49: I slide on slope right into pit.

Finished the level and I could say that if I would decide to fly over whole level, I would beat it legitly. As for now, this level is just too hard for me. I you could increase number of fuzzies on lines, it would be much better. Also hitting switches while riding fuzzies was very difficult, especially 4th switch killed me a lot. Level looks really nice. Kirby music was a bit weird at first, but after many deaths I stopped noticing it.
Originally posted by Galaer
And why throwing bones dry bones don't fall down?

The dry bone that doesn't fall doesn't shoot bones unless the level is 10C (or 10D? 10C I think)

Super Mario Pants World
Luigi's Lost Levels
New Super Mario Pants World
VLDC12 - 72HoKaizo#1
Originally posted by Galaer
92. NopeContest - A Fuzzy Day

I play without red switch. It is Kirby music, but, maybe it's just me, it sounds a bit broken.

Firstly, thank you for playing my level. I'm not sure what you mean by broken sounding music and unfortunately no matter the case it's too late to fix it.

Originally posted by Galaer
Got feather, so I decided to fly through this level and found midpoint, which you can only grab it if you pressed red switch or you have feather. Awesome decision. Time for 2nd half.

The intended way is to spin jump off the fuzzy circle right before that. I've seen it be done on the way there and jumping back to it.

Originally posted by Galaer
Hey, extra powerup is available only for players that pressed red switch. What the hell? Why?

The red switch is supposed to be for making the level a little easier, which to me would include adding an extra available power up after a death. Either way I considering most of the deaths are from pitfalls I don't think I thought that one all the way through. :)

I actually did see someone hit the block off a spin jump from a fuzzy and I didn't think it was even possible from that angle, but that's beside the point.

Originally posted by Galaer
And so far red switch wasn't really very helpful. I only noticed 2 locations of red blocks.

Some of them were kind of placed in as an afterthought to justify a couple of the ones I thought were more necessary.

Originally posted by Galaer
Finished the level and I could say that if I would decide to fly over whole level, I would beat it legitly. As for now, this level is just too hard for me. I you could increase number of fuzzies on lines, it would be much better. Also hitting switches while riding fuzzies was very difficult, especially 4th switch killed me a lot. Level looks really nice. Kirby music was a bit weird at first, but after many deaths I stopped noticing it.

Again, than you for playing it and offering feedback. In truth I may have made things harder than necessary because I didn't want my level to be cleared and three minutes then forgotten. You're not the only one I've seen fly over parts of the level either, but that was a design choice I made intentionally. I'm sorry if you or anyone else didn't find it too fun. I will take into consideration what you and others have said and try to make something more enjoyable for the next contest I enter.
Death festival just doesn't end. I died a lot. Especially in 2nd entry, which frustrated me a lot for some reason.

93. Mr. MS - Chainsaw Way

Fuzzy going around small pipe above platform is a bit hard to dodge.

Dumb death #1: jumped to right side of rotating platforms under 2 saws and walked off them to the pit.

Dumb death #2: missed 1st powerup and then somehow missed 1st rotating platforms.

Dumb death #3: died on saw near 2nd powerup.

This time 1st mushroom bounced off pipe and I almost missed it. Barely got to midpoint. Tricky saws movements.

Dumb death #4: I got far to net, but double saw showed up and killed me.

Dumb death #5, 11: died on fuzzy. By the way, what happened with powerups?

Dumb death #6, 9: killed by 1st double saw.

Dumb death #7: somehow didn't climb rope after jumping out of it.

Dumb death #8: 2nd double saw.

Dumb death #10: died on fuzzy on note blocks.

Dumb death #12: I thought I dropped on lower net, but that wasd wrong. Upper saw killed me.

Dumb death #13: my jump over double saw wasn't far enough.

Dumb death #14: same jump, but bounced from note block too early, so fuzzy on it's side killed me.

At the end there were some tricky jumps and noticed that there is invisible ceiling. Entered last pipe and I was thrown to overworld. That was magical. Level looks good. It has many tricky jumps, but that's all right. What isn't all right is 2nd half has no powerups. Why? And end is very abrupt. I would prefer goal post.

94. Kusrry - Floody Fluid

Wait, you give me 4 dragon coins at the start? Also right pipe has cutoff and far left tree also has cutoff. But my biggest question is: am I starting at the correct place? Rising water, blue blocks for swimming and lava lotus. That's interesting combination.

Dumb death #1, 3: looks like you can't throw blue block up while swimming. I tried jump, but fuzzy killed me.

Dumb death #2: missed koopa on blue blocks, so he killed me.

Dumb death #4: accidentally grabbed blue block, which led me to touch muncher.

Dumb death #5: I was near bottom, tried to swim up, but I failed.

Tried to kill lava lotus, but I couldn't grab blue block, because too many sprites on screen.

Dumb death #6: died on lava lotus before midpoint, because precise throwing of blue blocks and water is so bad combination.

Finally got midpoint. Autoscroll with grinders.

Dumb death #7: didn't notice I need to escort disco shell, so I'm dead.

Dumb death #8: didn't kill urchin fast enough.

Dumb death #9: got stuck on vine while swimming downward, so I was forced to tank a hit. Game forgot to mention that I need to grab extra blue block to kill 2nd urchin.

Dumb death #10: tried to jump on blue blocks under dolphins, but instead jumped into ceiling munchers.

Dumb death #11: again tried to swim, but failed. I don't know if something is wtong with my jump button.

Dumb death #12: jumped into flying fish, because I wanted to grab blue block to kill another urchin.

Dumb death #13, 15: dolphins pushed me into munchers.

Dumb death #14, 16: grey platforms and grinders underwater.

Enough already. I don't know what this level do to me, but it's frustrating like all hell. Blue blocks, killing stuff, water, autoscroll, grinders, grey platforms, dolphins, munchers. That's just too much. Anyway, savestate just before grey platforms and grinders. Wait after 1 death there is midpoint and 1up checkpoint at the same time?

Dumb death #17, 19: killed by fish, because I need to swim with springboard. And there is urchin above my head, so it's hard to jump out of water. At least there is no autoscroll.

Dumb death #18: died on grinder. You need to move down through grey platform underwater.

After that is fast smasher water, so savestate.

Dumb death #20: smasher water messed with my movements, so I fall into munchers.

Dumb death #21, 22: tried to jump over munchers. Savestated after making jump.

Grinder goes behind background. Awesome. Also noticed blue blocks, so I wonder if I need springboard anywhere. Despawned grinder and savestated again. Savestated in the part with sparky.

Dumb death #23: I went with springboard and woke up Ripper Van Fish. Jumped up and realized that I need blue block to kill urchin. No way to return, so I'm forced to die.

Dumb death #24, 25, 26: didn't timed water well, so I fall on munchers.

Dumb death #27-31: 4 deaths in order to kill urchin. By the way, I'm bringing springboard with me. Oh and I savestated few times in order to bring springboard, return for blue block and then go to kill urchin. Savestate again. So all this nightmare with bringing springboard was to avoid feeding Yoshi at the end. I feel like I got trolled.

Dumb death #32: fast atoscroll with key and mines. Oh and there is no extra checkpoint.

Dumb death #33: crashed on wall with munchers.

Dumb death #34: mine on VLDC screen.

Dumb death #35, 36: pressed down too much and I fell into pit.

Jumped over last mine and I think there was invisible pillar of keyholes. What a very frustrating level. You should move 1up checkpoint to this fast autoscroll, midpoint to section with fast smasher water and last dragon (for checkpoint) to where currently is your midpoint. Also removing springboard in 2nd half would be a good idea. The same goes with autoscroll in section before that. Level is creative, but I had really bad time with it.
Today lots of progress, because levels were fun and enjoyable. Of course died few times, but that's because it's me. I had a lot of fun. Also 75% of the levels done and looks like I'm still in 2nd half of August, somewhere at the middle of 19th August. The rest of levels will be spread. I know that 1st entry was submitted in the very 1st August.

95. yoshi9429 - House of Grassland

I'm playing without green switch. I can tell you that I'm not a fan of the music that ends after few seconds and repeats. It's quite annoying actually. Luckily it's only 1st section, which is short. Next section has really good music. Got midpoint. 1st half was quite short.

Dumb death #1: got feather, activated eating block, jumped into munchers from springboard, lost cape and missed springboard. So I died in pit.

2nd half also wasn't very difficult. Maybe except jumps on springboards. Got midpoint and 1up checkpoint for boss. Boss was very easy. Level uses eating block in quite basic way and it's quite easy level too. There is lots of powerups. Big Boo fight has a lot of leeway shells. But I think it would be better to see some more complicated usage of eating block in the level. Still it was fun level.

96. TruffledToad - Bill n Ted's Jungle

Really like music in this level. 1st section is easy. There is a problem though. You can take bob omb to next section via pipe and in next section it will look glitchy. Got midpoint. 2nd half was trickier, but thanks to feather I could easily beat it. Missed 1 dragon coin and I know where. I went into pipe to 2nd section too early.

Level was fun and I love the music. I think this level could be harder. Later part where you are near top was harder, because when you are above screen, you can't see where exactly you are. And you must do platforming there. But with cape I managed to do it. Really fun level.

97. Counterfeit - Yoshi's Time Crysis

I really like the graphic in entrance area. Especially the moon, but why is it crying? Also nice earthquake effect. I entered pipe leading to sewers. A bit disappointed, because this area looks worse than 1st area. I have 200 seconds of time limit and wasted 50 seconds to search for powerup, but didn't found any.

Dumb death #1: thought that angel block has powerup (it doesn't). Hit it and immediately after got hit by rugby.

I was more careful this time. After skull raft is 1st powerup, then blind jump through walls. True passages are indicated, but there is red koopa flying over mud and you need to do koopa jump. The thing is that mud is barely visible. At first I wanted to drop down. Also before that I got secret feather. Then there is another skull raft and I get midpoint. I entered next section - dark room with only 63 seconds. Time doesn't reset, so I will probably die soon.

I think there is no light switch, so this place is dark. Also because of time limit you need to move fast. Random rugby Charlie and lava lotus surprised me a bit. Then is star run to Yoshi and 2 green apples. Looks like I'm not gonna die just yet. Looks like you can by mistake backtrack to previous area.

Dumb death #2: I did blind run in darkness and noticed that I missed 2 green apples. I went to passage blocked by turn blocks and found out I need to do invisible coin blocks bridge. Then I died from time out.

This time I have 100 seconds to beat this section, so it will be easier.

Dumb death #3: I lost Yoshi before I acquired blue shell, so I died on spikes.

OK, level beaten. It was all right "feeding Yoshi to increase time". What I don't understand is: why did you thought it will be a good idea to gradually decrease graphic's quality in your level. Entrance area looks amazing, sewers just look all right. And what can I say about dark room, it's pitch black. I didn't notice any light switches. Maybe there is one, but well hidden. Also at some point in dark room I got confused and had no idea where is progress path during Yoshi flight.

98. Dispace - Starry Sky Palace

I see you give me Yellow and Green Switch Palaces and switches are activated right at the very beginning of palaces. I know that way of triggering switches from other entries. Anyway, I'm gonna play without yellow and green switches. Section #2 and thwomp fell out of nowhere on my head.

Dumb death #1: a bit further was another thwomp offscreen, so after making jump on higher platform, he fell on my head.

Got midpoint. So far 1st half was very repetitive. At first there were the same jumps over pit. In section #2 these annoying thwomps has been added and they also appeared regularly in the same way - above higher platform offscreen. And in midpoint area are the same koopa jumps. Time for 2nd half. And next sections were also very repetitive. Boss is just vanilla Lemmy.

Level is very easy except these mean thwomps falling on your head out of nowhere and in 2nd half there are also thwimps jumping from bottom when you want to go down. Level is very repetitive. Powerup is always at the very beginning of section. Boss was nothing special. Level looks good, it's just author needs to try some new setups. There was a lot of Deja Vu moments through this whole level.

99. Mogu94 - Lunar Base

Oh boy, I can't touch stars. This may be tough for me. When playing SMBX I always had problem to notice stars as not a background elements. Well, let's see how it will go in this level. Oh, this pokey looks really evil. And there are meteors. Probably resprited flying fishes. Weird, I noticed something walking in window below.

Dumb death #1, 2: got hit by bone at the end of P-balloon section.

Dumb death #3: got hit by stars after taking 1st P-balloon. It happens that I can fly upward too much after grabbing it. There should be reset pipe in case if something like that will happen.

Dumb death #4: bad spin jump on pokey who takes it's time blocking path under star. I tanked hit and ran further to accidentally jump on another star.

Got midpoint, because I beat P-balloon area as small Mario. 2nd half. P-switch run with jumping and fireball statues. That was more interesting than P-balloon section. Time for boss, who is vanilla Reznor.

Level is all right, graphic is also fine. Vanilla Reznor is letdown, could be better to add some obstacles for this battle. Also didn't like 1st pokey walking under star, because I needed to wait for him to move and I usually was using fast forward. Also wasn't big fan that gimmicks (P-balloon and P-switch runs) appear at later parts of sections. They could be closer to the beginnings, so you could make new setups with them.

100. AnasMario130 - Blackhole Skies

Really like name of this level. Oh boy, moving through walls with help of moving holes. I didn't see that yet. 2nd message read and there is Banzai Bill out of nowhere. That scared me. I must say that moving holes above floor instead on floor looks weird. Also I didn't get any powerup just yet.

Dumb death #1: crashed into ceiling by jumping Chuck.

No powerup and there is bullet generator. Come on. Got midpoint and my 1st powerup. 2nd half is riding inside cage with autoscroll. And looks like it autoscroll or cage affects my movements. Another bullet generator.

Dumb death #2: died by grinder, because out of nowhere switch got pressed offscreen and pattern of lines changed.

Dumb death #3: touched fuzzy, because it hid by cage's floor.

Got to the end. There was the same patterns with switch changing lines for fuzzies, but I also found 2 powerups and at the end I got 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #4: made mistake and went right through wall when holes were moving left. I clipped into wall and died.

What the hell? What are these tiny exclamation marks in front of goal orb? It looks weird. Anyway, grabbed orb without any problems and finished this level.

Level is fun and also creative. I was surprised that this gimmick was really consistent. I thought I'm gonna die a lot. But no, gimmick is well explained. There is some weird stuff. Also didn't like the idea of beating 1st half without any powerup. But it was a good level.

101. TheOtherGuy25 - Spin Thwump Cavern

Dumb death #1: touched thwomp when luring other thwomp down.

Looks like this is fun spin jump on thwomps level. Also I like the look of ladders. Got midpoint.

Dumb death #2: missed hammer bro's platform. I spin jumped lowly, because there is spike ceiling.

Level beaten. There was only one really tricky area with hammer bro's platform. Level is really fun, though I would prefer level to continue with even more complicated setups. It just feels that level just began to be really fun and immediately after it ends. Really fun level.

102. MegaSonic1999 - Mole invasion.

Dumb death #1: got midpoint, but died in feather recommended area. I killed all enemies on platform below feather before noticing it. So I was forced to do koopa jumping. After 2nd koopa is blind jump on 2 tiles platform and I missed it.

Oh, found unindicated invisible coin block leading to feather. Or maybe it was indicated by blue coin, but I always thought it's indicate moles. Later are unindicated invisible blocks for springboard. At least there is no big area to search for it. And level beaten.

Level looks really great and has great music. Small moles are placed a bit randomly and invisible blocks could be indicated better. Other than that it was fun easy level.
Yay, I have been waiting for this. The level is a Zelda tribute so there is some cryptic stuff before the underground rush. It has been said the purpose of The Legend of Zelda was to sell strategy guides. Before GameFAQs, this was really all you had. I may have done a better tribute than I thought.

- There is a mushroom in the first room. Blue Yoshi's mail statement, the earthquake point, and berries all are the hints you will want to follow to find it. This is required for the first Dragon Coin when you enter the sewer.
It's in the chimney.

- The angel block will help you get the second Dragon Coin and let you take the Koopa's shell to access the bonus room: this (should) be the only way in since all return points when getting the cape are blocked by ICBs.

- I put a moving coin to show you it is safe to go down, since normally coins don't deliberately lead you to your doom, right? (Well, I initially wanted to give the player the impression they reached a dead end. The arch over the hole is supposed to encourage you to jump over that moving coin, and as you indulge in the multicoin block trying to figure "now what?" you will watch it drop through the ground. If you collected the moving coin, I can definitely see how it became a blind jump situation.)

- The light switch is also straight ahead when you enter the dark room - jump on Chuck to hit it. When I made this, I did not expect so many people to try going down instead of going straight - I greatly misgauged how people would approach the level. Coins would have been a good idea, in retrospect.

- It's unfortunate, but the dark room mode makes layer 2 unusable for a background image, so I had to use layer 3 for a deep-underground sewer/cave combination. It should look better but it still won't be detail-rich as you get further from the sewer. I did create a lot of dark layer 1 accessories as a faux background showing the sewer gradually fading to ruin, but it cannot be seen without that light. I really wanted to use the spotlight for the feeling that just can't be simulated with dark palettes. To me, it was worth the loss of layer 2.

I dunno if these gameplay tips and explanations will enhance your experience all that much but I appreciate your time for what you managed to do and talk about. Your second death made me laugh and some of your statements in the adventure also showed what I was hoping to achieve in the level - a critique exposing how the level made you feel rather than just structure and look is exactly what I was hoping for. (The block wall is a shortcut you can take if you still have the feather, and will lead you right to the next berries!) I am glad it wasn't too hard and you did feel the pressure!

It's been a while, but I think the reason I put that backtrack part is if you're crazy enough to abandon Yoshi, I want you to have a quick way of reaching him without allowing you to use that same path as a shortcut. It has an obvious drawback, and if given more time, I may have figured out a better way to do it. I am not a believer in spelling out how to play in plain English, as 4th wall-breaking tutorials kill any immersion for me. These are the exact sort of elements I love feedback on, especially since it has been so long for me in level design, I need to learn to "build a better mousetrap."

On the "mud" (sewage) I think I had just about reached the limits of what colors I could change, since I had put a lot of palette work into the background shading and didn't have much left that wasn't coins and pipes I needed. Palette is shared with the sewer walls. I am sorry you couldn't see it. This probably also has to do with my contrast perception: I can distinguish differences in everything but blues exceptionally well. Going forward, I will prioritize differentiating similarly-colored foreground attributes, since contrast is coming up quite a lot.

The moon tear is, well, a reference to the Moon's Tear. :P

Thank you! 🍈

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Thanks for playing my level! Glad you had fun with it! Actually, there are plenty of powerups in the yellow !-blocks. Did you ignore them? You should've seen for yourself really as they weren't hard to get.

Also, shouldn't the exclamation marks indicate danger? And I thought putting them at the end was necessary because not everyone will know that you can die after touching the orb, which could come off as somewhat unfair.

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!
Originally posted by AnasMario130
Thanks for playing my level! Glad you had fun with it! Actually, there are plenty of powerups in the yellow !-blocks. Did you ignore them?

To be honest, I never noticed any powerups. When watching Rykon's video I noticed that there were 2 powerups in 1st half. I guess I was too focused on gameplay. 2nd powerup was at down coin arrow. I never went there, because I thought it's just alternate route and it was closer to bottomless pit, so I ignored this place.
Originally posted by Galaer

96. TruffledToad - Bill n Ted's Jungle

Really like music in this level. 1st section is easy. There is a problem though. You can take bob omb to next section via pipe and in next section it will look glitchy. Got midpoint. 2nd half was trickier, but thanks to feather I could easily beat it. Missed 1 dragon coin and I know where. I went into pipe to 2nd section too early.

Level was fun and I love the music. I think this level could be harder. Later part where you are near top was harder, because when you are above screen, you can't see where exactly you are. And you must do platforming there. But with cape I managed to do it. Really fun level.

Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you really enjoyed it! The level was a bit rushed so there were some slip ups that happened due to it being made when I didn't have full knowledge of Lunar Magic (not making it so mario can't carry an item in the pipe, the goal tape not being positioned correctly, torpedo ted not appearing enough due to me not knowing how to switch sprite tiles at that point, no custom palette, vertical scrolling being fickle, and so on and so on and so forth), but I'm glad some people enjoyed my little romp regardless. I had the cape there as safety since the last part is a bit intense.
Regardless, thanks for playing it!


PFP by Empathic-Nooks on Deviantart. Check em out!
Hey check it out I made a level that's. okay.
Today I played bunch of levels that could be fun and some are still fun, but suffer from some annoying problems.

103. KitikuSa - Forest of Chucks

First of all, why did you put vanilla ghost house into world map? That's confusing. Now, let's look at level. Oh, there is 3D effect. Next section has coin blocks flying away from me and later also coins do the same. I jumped on pipe, but it wasn't solid, so I got covered by it. That's a bit confusing. Oh, there is beheaded Chuck. House section: didn't notice solid blocks at first, so I got hit by Chuck. Also got tricked by hole in ceiling that when I approach gets covered by moving ceiling. 2nd outside section has invisible cannon. That's rude, because it's not just bullet shot from air, but from invisible cement block. Almost died by disco head. Next I see munchers on barely visible ground, but I'm walking on thin air 1 tile above ground. That's very weird.

Dumb death #1: died by invisible munchers. Looks like last section was trying to indicate that this barely visible ground and munchers are reflections of what's happening on top (invisible part). But it failed to explain that good enough.

Got midpoint and found hidden dragon coin. That was neat. Also I'm skipping extra areas, because this level is confusing. 2nd half. Another 3D section, got P-switch and returned to previous section before midpoint. Went all way right to where boo is flying near bottom of screen. Used P-switch, but it did nothing, because ground below was always solid. I leads to pipe where I need to use P-switch. That's what you get when you use confusing visuals. I need to get back P-switch and redo everything. Just noticed, left from P-switch is invisible powerup block, which I didn't notice last time.

OK, level beaten. Liked the most 3D effect with shadows in some sections. But other sections has really confusing sections. I wasn't fan of invisible powerup block and invisible cannon. It's not that hard level, but it's confusing.

104. IronFoxGaming - Steam Gardens

Thanks for info about getting all moons to progress. I think it would be better though to put it this info into level.

Dumb death #1, 2: died by saw above starting point, because I need to do precise spin jumping on them.

Got 1st dragon coin, which is hard to get. Went further and noticed that there are slightly darker platforms that are passable and it confused me a bit.

Dumb death #3: Chuck jumped on moving pipe and completely surprised me.

Just noticed that I can spin jump on cement blocks, so I entered pipe.

Dumb death #4: my last moon (from P-switch run) changed into grey moon (coin), so I can't collect all dragon coins, so I am forced to die.

Got all moons. Looks like my mistake previously was taking extra grey moon. What I don't like is the only powerup in 1st section is 1st mushroom and midpoint, so getting to pipe leading to next section with 2 moons is problematic.

Dumb death #5: killed by Reznor's flame. The biggest problem is you never see where Reznor is on high platform, so most of the time tou will just missed him.

Level beaten. It has nice visuals, though I didn't like that this one slightly darker ledge isn't solid. I had big problem with spin jumping on saws to get 1st moon. If you grab midpoint too early you will be forced to return to most troublesome 1st moon. Also riding platform to 1st moon was so long and safethat I usually just fast forward through it. I didn't like that you need to be big to get to pipe to next section. If you lose 1st mushroom, only respawning midpoint is your option to get to this pipe. Also after getting moon, it changes into grey moon and if you collect it, other moons will change into grey moons. It means level will become unbeatable. Still I liked puzzles with luring Chucks through moving pipes to break blocks. That was creative.

105. Sakurai on SMWC - ANGULAR 2

Why there is ghost house intro if level starts outside in winter land? Ice physics, lots of note blocks, dry bones, thwomps. This will be tough entry.

Dumb death #1, 4: time out. Short time limit is annoying. Also I didn't found any powerups in this level. I was stuck on 2nd area where you need to jump from slope to slope while having munchers on note blocks above your head.

Dumb death #2, 3, 12: jumped on 1st dry bone, but game knew better, so instead dry bone killed me.

Dumb death #5: got to last room and I'm expected to find all 5 dragon coins. Time has resetted at least, but I can't return, so I'm forced to die. Also one thing I noticed. If you fail jumps to 2 dragon coins, you blocks path to them by invisible note blocks. That's bullshit. Also why is there no powerup? This place is dangerous.

Dumb death #6: I missed 1st dragon coin, so I must die.

Dumb death #7: death by 2nd dry bone.

Dumb death #8, 11: thwomps after 4th dragon coin.

Dumb death #9, 13, 15, 17: muncher near 4th dragon coin.

Dumb death #10: wanted to speedrun and jumped badly on thwomp.

Dumb death #14, 16: muncher near 1st dragon coin.

Finally beat this level. Died a lot by muncher near 4th dragon coin, because I thought the only way to get to last dragon coin is to jump over munchers. Thwomp path felt like impossible path. Nut in final run I managed to spin jump on 1st thwomp and fall on 2nd thwomp. I ride thwomp upward and made shortcut to 5th dragon coin. Afterwards last room is just formality.

First of all, graphic looks good and music is great. But everything else isn't very good. You have 120 seconds to get 5 dragon coins, but you don't know about that, because there is no info at the beginning. There are ice physics and there is no powerup. There are note blocks that bounce you from all directions. There are thwomps and dry bones on and above note blocks. There are annoying jumps from slope to slope with munchers on blocks above your head. If you do poor jump from dry bone and fail getting 1st or 4th dragon coin, you can kill yourself. There are invisible note blocks blocking your way to get them. At least level is short, but it wasn't very fun.


Message says that there are 5 dragon coins. I hope you don't force me to gather all 5 of them, because I'm a bit of tired doing that after previous 2 levels. Jump above hammer bro was scary.

Dumb death #1: why is there P-switch on muncher. Tried to grab it and I fell on said muncher.

Dumb death #2: stupid death by not jumping.

Dumb death #3: pressed P-switch, but still fell on muncher. And why don't I get any powerup?

Managed to grab P-switch from the side. Very scary.

Dumb death #4: failed to release mole while riding math platform above pit.

Dumb death #5: muncher above grey platform.

Dumb death #6: jumped into jumping goomba.

After muncher above grey platform is 1st powerup. That's really late and after entering nearby pipe I get midpoint. There is cutoff in dirt between munchers. After kicking koopa and shell level ends.

Level looks all right, I liked design of 2nd half. Wasn't fan of 1st half, because no powerups and really random obstacles. I didn't like especially P-switch on muncher. Also 1st half is longer and harder than 2nd half.

107. TickTockClock - ILLUSIVE DREAMS

Inside house I had problem with noticing these solid blocks. My enemies are beheaded Marios and Chucks with Marios heads. Is it a continuation of Forest of Chucks?

Dumb death #1: died by shell thrown by kicking small Mario.

Dumb death #2, 4: died in pit when trying to grab 2nd powerup. Also had huge problem to jump into passage in wall.

Dumb death #3: stupidly jumped into 1st eerie.

Dumb death #5: died by plant stuck in cobweb.

Again I noticed this phenomenon of shell going through shell. Ignored 2nd powerup and thanks to that I managed to get to midpoint. I noticed that small Marios sprite of koopas has cutoff at the top of their heads.

Dumb death #6: instead to door I went over wall and fell into pit.

OK, found P-switch and used it. Found goal post, but without bar. There are left arrow signs.

Dumb death #7: time out, because I had no idea what to do.

Dumb death #8: finally found blue door in a really random spot, failed to enter it though. I slipped and drop on muncher. I would die by time out anyway.

Dumb death #9: lost mushroom very quickly, so I decided to go back to door, but got killed by boo ring.

Tried to jump over spikes neat top of level and got hurt by something. I also got 1up. Got feather, but I have no idea if I should go left or right. Made choice to fly left and that was correct.

Another level that I want to like more, but 1st half had this very hard 2nd powerup to obtain, 2nd half had too well hidden blue door and it was confusing where to go. Like on left side I found star and I was thinking that maybe I need to do star run to munchers after goal post. Then is flight and it's not very well indicated in what direction you need to fly.

108. N450 - Perilous Platforms

Dumb death #1: died by last koopa at the end of section #2.

Dumb death #2: died on koopa at the beginning of 2nd half.

Dumb death #3: died by 1st saw.

Dumb death #4: very idiotic death. Somehow I missed 1st platform.

Later are blue coins that indicate invisible blocks. Usually invisible block is above coin, here it's under. It surprised me and I almost died in pit. After beating this section is optional P-switch run and goal post.

Level looks really good and has good music. I also really liked 1st half, but 2nd half has problems. First you don't give me powerup at the very beginning. Instead I need to beat couple of obstacles. Then there is random bullet jump. Also invisible coin blocks should be above coins, not under. Right now they are too low. So level made really good first impression and 2nd half is also good, but has some problems.
Originally posted by Galaer
94. Kusrry - Floody Fluid

Thanks for honest opinion!
Sadly, the level seems to be much harder than I expected, at least I tried to make a challenging level though. I mostly tried hard to make no waiting, but rather that seems to make the level tighter.

Originally posted by Galaer
Wait, you give me 4 dragon coins at the start? Also right pipe has cutoff and far left tree also has cutoff. But my biggest question is: am I starting at the correct place? Rising water, blue blocks for swimming and lava lotus. That's interesting combination.

Dragons coins are for moon room checkpoint. Also personally, I'm not a hater for some inevitable cutoffs in restricted vanilla asset.

Originally posted by Galaer
Also removing springboard in 2nd half would be a good idea.

The springboard is for throwing on the munchers and getting over tall wall right after smashing.
Tonight I played another bunch of levels. Some fun, some not. What killed me the most was ice physics, they are really annoying. Also I encountered short, but impossible for me to solve puzzle level by yogui.

109. Blind Devil - Meragice Remains

Wow, nice graphic. Wow, ice physics. Wow, vanishing sprites, but looks like it's not due sprite limitation.

Dumb death #1: died by fireball from statue while riding vanishing platform.

Dumb death #2: I scrolled screen right for to summon moving platform and later dry bone fell on my head.

Dumb death #3: wanted to jump on dry bone, but hesitated. I was trampled by him.

Dumb death #4: boos also vanish. What killed me is ice physics when I tried to safely drop on vanishing platform.

Next section. Vanishing thwomps and vanishing ball & chains. Got midpoint. Now there are also vanishing walls. Awesome. And there are also vanishing grey platforms and everything vanish alternately. I can't wait to redo this section without feather after dying.

Dumb death #5, 7, 12: died on autoscroll with vanishing platforms on lines and vanishing thwomps and walls. Fell into pit.

Dumb death #6, 10: died on last jumping statue at the midpoint area.

Dumb death #8: ball & chain materialized out of nowhere at midpoint area.

Dumb death #9, 13: thwomp in autoscroll section.

Dumb death #10: climbing section, failed to jump on dry bone.

Dumb death #11: climbing section, area with 2 tiles vanishing floor and vanishing chain & balls. I pressed jump button too late, so I slid into pit.

I was really lucky this time in autoscroll section. Still got hurt by thwomp appearing out of nowhere just before pipe. Entered pipe and I have been thrown into overworld.

Level looks amazing, but gimmick and ice physics were annoying. I especially don't like autoscroll section. There is so much stuff going on at once and stuff disappear that you need to be very lucky to go through it. Also surprise thwomp at the end. Also powerups are a bit rare for this kind of gimmick.

110. yogui - YOSHI'S ISLAND 2 (After party with drunk Yoshi)

Dumb death #1: died on munchers, because I need to somehow bring Yoshi with me.

Dumb death #2: died in pit, because I thought there is something there.

I put 2 keys very close to each other and when standing on them on Yoshi, game doesn't allow me to jump. I learned new glitch: if you put key where Yoshi is and jump on Yoshi when holding X, Mario will hold key while riding Yoshi and I don't need for stuff being swallowed. Unfortunately this doesn't help me to solve puzzle. And from what I noticed in Lunar Magic I need to somehow fly upward. Unfortunately I only have Yoshi and 2 keys. I have no idea what to do and hint is just a joke.

Dumb death #3: gave up and commit seppuku in nearby pit.

I have no idea what to do and I have checked super long list of SMW glitches with Yoshi and found absolutely nothing. No hints. So I think it's just a joke entry.

111. huebrbr - NETHER

Combination of Metroid and Nether World from Minecraft. Super short level, but still with midpoint. There are some powerups like power bomb (P-switch), space jump (feather) and missile (fire flower). I like the visuals, but level could be longer. Though I probably missed some stuff, because I prefered to stay closer to the top.

112. PokerFace - Rainy Ruins

Slow atmospheric level. It looks amazing. I especially liked rain drops in entrance area. Gameplay on the other side was really basic. Though last autoscroll area with bat generator was a bit scary. Level is on the easy side. Music fits this level perfectly as it's slow and atmospheric.

113. HamOfJustice - Minty Bowl XII

Dumb death #1: running away from rugby Charlie, I ran into ninji. This made me notice ice physics.

Dumb death #2: bounce on baseball Charlie, land on ground and ran into him.

Dumb death #3, 9: a bit later is hard jump from note block to rugby Charlie. I got killed by random rugby.

Oh, I was wrong. I noticed differently looking note block, which contains mushroom.

Dumb death #4, 5, 6, 7: 2nd powerup. Died on baseball Charlie, because I have no idea where to go.

Dumb death #8: tried to do 1st jumps on note blocks, but they dropped me into lava lotus.

Barely managed to get to the midpoint.

Dumb death #10: killed by polen.

Dumb death #11: killed by 1st ninji.

I was super lucky. There are 2 jumps on rugbies and they are random. Also at the very end there is rugby Charlie together with stray rugbies. Damn, I was super lucky.

Level is short, but deadly. There is so many projectiles at once: baseball Charlies, rugby Charlies, lava lotuses, fire piranha plants, ninjis. And only 2 powerups for each half. Ice physics don't help. Ultimately I don't like this level.

114. Sping bot - tree somthing

Very easy, but fun forest level. Somehow missed 1 dragon coin. Obstacles were easy to dodge and there was a lot of powerups. Ghost of wiggler sometimes can appear, but I'm guessing this is baserom glitch.

115. Infinity - Sherbet Starry

Nice visuals and I also noticed return of my arch nemesis - ice physics. All right level beaten. It was really nicely looking level. Some basic jumping, but done well. Being forced on rocks on 1F0 scared me a bit, but it's short instances. Very fun level.

116. JP32 - Muncher Underground

Hey, look flying munchers. Lots of munchers and baseball Charlie.

Dumb death #1: star didn't want to fall. I got surrounded by red koopa, baseball Charlie and munchers. I chose to die from muncher. It's a protagonist of this level after all.

I like that star music has been muted, so it doesn't interrupt level's music.

Dumb death #2: died by red koopa under 3rd mushroom.

Dumb death #3: jumped into red koopa, because didn't notice that my star run out.

Got midpoint. Falling down section with note blocks, ceiling munchers and baseball Charlies inside walls. It's annoying.

Dumb death #4: got clipped into muncher by expanding turn blocks.

Dumb death #5: badly timed expanding turn blocks let me fall into munchers.

Dumb death #6: muncher near midpoint.

Dumb death #7: parts of turn blocks started to vanish and I didn't notice that one of them can expand also vertically. I started falling, tried to activate silver P-switch, but it was too late.

Next section scared me. This Banzai Bill looking like munchers was scary. There were moving munchers, hopping flame muncher and at the end rugby muncher. Some of them look a bit glitchy, But luckily managed to get to goal post. Despite all deaths and enemies, I had fun with this level. Graphic looks good, except when expanding turn blocks starts to disappear and also some muncher enemies at the end look a bit glitchy. But still it was fun level.
With josee_544 ebtry I'm entering 1st week of submission period. Most of entries is relatively short and easy. But that's not the rule.

117. savagecabbage - Kill Yoshi

I had problem at the beginning with what to do, because wall is too high to see where you need to jump. Now I have problem, because I need to do blind jump.

Dumb death #1: didn't kill 2nd Yoshi, so after really tough P-switch run, I get 1up instead of Yoshi.

Dumb death #2: failed to bring with me key, so I'm forced to die. By the way, goombas from key location spawned this time. During my 1st run they didn't show up.

Right goomba didn't show up, so I needed to take left goomba to the right side. Also tried glitch from yogui's level about holding key while riding Yoshi, but I couldn't recreate it.

Dumb death #3: spit key into pit just before keyhole. You need to spit it and immediately jump out of Yoshi. It's not easy.

Dumb death #4: failed to jump, because I need to do far jump, so I need momentum and I can jump only from 1 tile pipe.

Dumb death #5: spit key through wall, but failed to jump on munchers. I fell into 1 tile pit.

Level beaten. Last jump was really lucky. Again I spit key badly into pit, but when I was jumping out of Yoshi, I caught it and land on ground. That was miraculous.

Level isn't very pleasant to look. Has some problems with goombas not spawning all the time. And I wasn't fan of really far jumps. I didn't like 1st jump out of Yoshi, because wall is so high that you don't see the top of it. There are also some blind jumps. At least level is short, but it wasn't very fun to play.

118. Hayashi Neru - The tall tree

Level is nice combination of moving pipes and rotating platforms. Also wooden spikes appear and Layer 2 scrolling wooden spikes and platforms. Difficulty progressing smoothly. Aesthetically level looks all right, though I would prefer more warm colors. Level is on easy side, but it was still fun to play. I also managed to get all dragon coins.

119. josee_544 - ROTATIN' CASTLE

Level introduces spin jumping on ball & chain. Also I didn't see any powerup at the beginning. Then blind drop to midpoint and instead of pit there is lava. I get P-switch, but I have no idea what for just yet. I used P-switch in last climb, so I can see where to jump.

Dumb death #1: section #2. Failed to jump on ball & chain, so I land in lava.

Level beaten with Lemmy as a boss. But 1 question remains. Why do I get information that I beat Wendy instead? Level was a bit weird. 1st half is very short and it forces player to do spin jumps on ball & chains without any powerup. 2nd half is few times longer and has 4 powerups. Also there is P-switch that helped me to beat last climb where you don't see where top is, but I know it's not intended solution. But I have no idea where to use P-switch. Also for most of the 2nd half you can completely ignore gimmick of spin jumping on ball & chain. Just do platforming on cement blocks.

120. Lotica - ORANGE SPICE

Dumb death #1: wanted to avoid Chuck, so I jumped right of him. It was blind jump into pit.

Oh, I thought Chuck guards mushroom, but it's just vine for 1st dragon coin.

Dumb death #2: killed by 2nd mole out of nowhere. Even though I was on top of it.

Dumb death #3: jumped on 2nd goomba, but because slope, it registered as him killing me.

Dumb death #4: got hit by koopa on pipe in dumb way, so I decided to run forward, but got killed by polen.

Got midpoint. Super koopa generator. Then for some time it stopped and restarted later. And more lava lotuses and even baseball Charlie appeared. Level feels a bit spammy in 1st half and at the end of 2nd half. I tanked a lot of hits. Especially moles and lava lotuses were annoying. Some sprites appear for only 1 time in the whole level like sumo bro or baseball Charlie. Level looks good aesthetically.

121. Lsh0426 - MarioMare, Inc.

Dumb death #1: time out in P-switch room, because I had huge problem destroying all turn blocks and catch shell, which moved a bit to the side after a while. That's what screwed me.

Dumb death #2: I messed up with koopas (destroyed koopas with their shells) and had problem with throwing blue blocks into baby Yoshi. So I timed out again.

Dumb death #3: failed to enter door in "Jump down" room, because I need to be more on the side.

Dumb death #4, 5, 6, 7: Chucks room. Accidentally grabbed P-switch and jumped right into ball.

Dumb death #8: maze. Jumped too high into red block.

Dumb death #9: Get POW room. Failed to catch shell, so it bounced from Mario, then from wall and killed me.

Got midpoint.

Dumb death #10: failed "Hold B" room. No idea what to do there, I destroyed all koopas and fell into spikes.

Dumb death #11, 16: there is million rocks falling on my head. Awesome.

Dumb death #12: time out in 3rd room, because for some reason I was clipping into higher ledge.

Dumb death #13, 14, 15: missed koopa in 1st room.

Dumb death #17: failed to jump on last grey platform in 1st room.

I savestated in "Dodge " room, because I noticed rugby Chuck and digging Chuck. After all these frustrating rooms with really low time limit, you give me Chuck throwing unpredictable rugby? Come on.

Dumb death #18, 19: died by rugby. I'm not surprised.

Dumb death #20: same room, but died from rock.

All right, never again. I savestated in next room.

Dumb death #21: died, because left triangle doesn't allow me to wall run. What a troll.

Chose right path to get 1up checkpoint.

Dumb death #22: time out in Yoshi room, because you must be pixel perfect there.

Dumb death #23: next room. Moving platform send me into red block.

Dumb death #24, 25: 2nd room. Accidentally made full jump from top koopa into red blocks.

Dumb death #26: missed lower platform in moving platforms room.

Dumb death #27: fell too early on grey platform in 1st room, so I died on lighting fire.

Dumb death #28, 31: missed koopa in 2nd room.

Dumb death #29: I thought lightning fire vanished, but I was wrong.

Dumb death #30: jumped on lower platform and tried to enter door, but instead I was send on red blocks on the side.

Savestated in P-switch room.

Dumb death #32: pressed last silver P-switch. I thought that I need and after pressing I realized that I made mistake.

And so level has been beaten. Level looks good and I liked some rooms, but very short time limit is annoying. For 1st half rooms you get 25 seconds, for 2nd half - only 15. Also you need to beat 8 rooms to get checkpoint and game can throw you these annoying Chuck rooms, dodge rocks, feed Yoshi (2nd time is super precise, you really need to know what to do), moving platforms room. There is also this mean trap in wall running room. Ultimately I didn't have too much fun with this level.

122. MarkVD100 - LOGIC SCIENCE

1st half had really hard to obtain shell in forest of fuzzies, then I became invisible on Yoshi. But had problem to jump to pipe, because ceiling was offscreen. Got 1up checkpoint and after entering pipe also a midpoint. Why both checkpoints at once?

2nd half took me some time to figure out. It uses similar glitch that I noticed in yogui's entry, but this time I need to do it with shell. It took me some time to figure out that I need to spit shell instead of putting it down. But afterwards level has been beaten.

Short level that showcases 2 glitches with Yoshi. 2nd glitch could be explained more precisely. Also other than these tutorials, these glitches aren't used in any advance form later in the level. So pretty much the whole level is just tutorial.

123. Idunno - Cumulonimbus Castle

Dumb death #1, 3: missed 2nd grinder and fell into pit.

Dumb death #2: missed 3rd grinder above pit.

Dumb death #4: got midpoint and decide to land on lone pillar. Unfortunately this pillar wasn't solid, so I went through it.

Dumb death #5: why pillars looks like they are solid? Went through one of them and thwimp killed me.

Level beaten. Level looks good, but I had problem with visuals of pillars. They look very solid, but they aren't solid at all. Also in 1st half is gimmick of spin jumping on line grinders above pit. This gimmick has been completely abandoned in 2nd half.

124. MirrorReflect - RAINY DAYS

Really flat level with occasionally appearing baseball Charlies and lava lotuses. In 2nd half there are dolphins and porcupuffers. Difficulty spikes when you are forced to go while fish generator tries to murder you. To be honest I just tank it these annoying fishes. Level is easy until this generator appears on screen. Aesthetically level looks good and music is fine.
Originally posted by Galaer
53. GranBlind64 - NIMBUS FOREST

Thanks a lot for the feedback and critics! Yeah, i should really put a few more power-ups there. For this level, decided to put only mushrooms because i felt the level would be much easier if there was a fire flower or a cape there. Either way, i'm glad you had fun with it!

Let's-a go!
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