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dumbshit f an judging.txt
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 12th Vanilla Level Design Contest - dumbshit f an judging.txt
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hey welcome to my bad thread where i judge levels. since my bldc thread was super hilarious and terribly mean, i've decided to do a "three things i liked" and "three things i didn't like" approach, followed by an arbitrary score. few things to know:
-i'm using rng to pick which levels to play, so there's no set order.
-i probably won't finish playing them all. maybe.
-if you want more detail on what i thought about your level, feel free to ask here/ping me on discord, but if your score is low, i reserve the right to tell you all the things i hated.

ok let's go.

the good:
+interesting application of timed lifts combined with 1f0.
+solid introduction to the gimmick.
+cute sky-based aesthetics with a pleasing enough palette.

the less good:
-the second half's setups did not evolve much from the first half.
-the second half also seemed very reliant on sporadic muncher usage rather than creative design.
-a couple of sprite placements seemed pointless (e.g. one of the jumping koopas just fell off a cliff into a pit)

arbitrary final score: 68/100

wisdom of the day: to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved

the good:
+nice attempt at creating a metroid-inspired level.
+i like how the first two yoshi coins were off the beaten path a bit.
+some decent setups throughout the level (e.g. using a shell near the start to create a rainbow shell and grow a vine).

the less good:

-much of the level felt terribly cramped, and parts were barely more than a tile high.
-the palette was not particularly pleasing to the eyes.
-couple of parts had you waiting around for the p-switch to end, which killed the flow of the level a bit.

arbitrary final score: 41/100

wisdom of the day: the blood jet is poetry and there is no stopping it

the good:
+nice palette and music choice.
+i like the gradual day-to-night style the level takes.
+good attempt at non-linearity, and the multiple paths you can take are a welcome addition.

the less good:
-very poor sprite placement. many simply walk off ledges, or turn around, or pose no threat at all.
-the level does not get any harder or more interesting as it goes on - the difficulty flatlines throughout.
-many of the line-guided portions can just be skipped over with no penalty, and no reward for doing them.

arbitrary final score: 48/100

wisdom of the day: read between the lines and free your mind

the good:
+you get to help a poor yoshi who drank too much (hey! that's me!!)
+cool puzzle
+i liked the faces at the start

the less good:
-it was over before it began
-i'm also too stupid to figure out the full thing properly i think
-nice orb

arbitrary final score: 26/100

wisdom of the day: alcohol: because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad

Samuel Zuccati:
the good:
+clever usage of eating blocks, and the gimmick felt focused throughout.
+nice palette choice - not too distracting at all.
+many of the setups were creative, and the use of pitchin' chuck bouncing to get to higher ledges mixed well with the bridges.

the less good:
-some setups required too much foresight - a couple right after the midpoint come to mind.
-the sprite choice felt a bit one-note. would have been nice to see, at the very least, different kinds of chucks.
-the level didn't feel like it evolved enough for me. you were still doing same-y pitchin' chuck dodging by the end.

arbitrary final score: 74/100

wisdom of the day: sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.

Heraga and Darkbloom:
the good:
+nice tileset, and a solid, subdued palette choice throughout.
+a fairly natural progression of difficulty/creative setups.
+the layer 2 sideways scroll room was my personal favorite in the level (caveats below).

the less good:
-a good amount of the setups feel waiting-based (i.e. waiting for an opening) rather than skill-based.
-the yellow blocks didn't really feel like much of an obstacle since you could just jump over them.
-the lr room felt terribly out of place, and it ended super abruptly.

arbitrary final score: 65/100

wisdom of the day: alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

the good:
+i like how you picked a gimmick (bouncing on enemies) and stuck with it.
+going right through the level, then going up and back through was a nice change of pace.
+cool music choice - degeneracy is a good track.

the less good:
-the level got really stale really quickly. the setups evolved a bit, but not enough to remain interesting.
-adding to the above: you used the "chuck between two munchers" approach like 20 times throughout the level.
-felt really linear, with no coins, 1-UPs, or anything of interest to collect.

arbitrary final score: 56/100

wisdom of the day: living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down

the good:
+the aesthetic + shadows in the first part of the level are really cool, and i wish they were used more.
+interesting usage of the reflections/shadows as design elements.
+some neat setups, such as the yoshi coin you need to get by jumping up past the layer 2 ghost house wall.

the less good:
-the aesthetics in the forest portion are incredibly distracting. the reflections are a good idea, but the layout feels all over the place, and it wasn't always clear what was solid.
-far too much entering/exiting of doors, and it hinders the flow of the level a lot.
-it's easy to mess up and go back to an area you've previously been since everything looks the same.

arbitrary final score: 54/100

wisdom of the day: life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards

the good:
+i appreciate your usage of throw blocks throughout the level to make it feel more faster-paced.
+many interesting setups, especially with the rising/lowering layer 2 tide.
+nice moon room ideas - kind of wish there was more of that throughout the level.

the less good:
-not sure why you put all of the yoshi coins at the start when you had plenty of room to spread them out.
-the level went on for way, way too long. i don't think the last room was even necessary, to be honest.
-some setups felt rather pointless, i.e. cases where you didn't really need to even bother with killing the enemies with throw blocks, or where you needed foresight (particularly in the moon room).

arbitrary final score: 69/100

wisdom of the day: running water never grows stale, so you have to just keep on flowing
the good:
+more effort put into this thread than his "what i hate about your level" thread definitely
+more positive feedback for authors to know what they did wrong or right
+posted while clearly inebriated

the less good:
-has time to actually fanjudge smw levels when hes 30
-says he wont finish them all, leaving some users "blueballed"
-has weird lazy formatting for his thread

arbitrary final score: 66/100

wisdom of the day: a bong hit a day keeps the pain away

Originally posted by idol
+posted while clearly inebriated

wrong i was sober go finish cldc

not sober posting this reply but you were still wrong so suck your own dick.

Originally posted by idol
-has time to actually fanjudge smw levels when hes 30

jokes on you i'm not 30 do your research

Originally posted by idol
-says he wont finish them all, leaving some users "blueballed"

me finishing fucking anything would be more progress than you blueballing any cldc participants. hey, i can finish judging in three weeks (bldc). people are happy with my results. what did you do? smoke weed and cry? who is surprised. welcome to modern smwc, where people actually want things to happen. wow, who would have thought?

Originally posted by idol
-has weird lazy formatting for his thread

took you 62 minutes to come up with a stupid fucking response when you could have just judged any level in cldc.

arbitrary final score: 66/100

sweet thanks i'm two-thirds as good as the legendary idol. pass the weed.

wisdom of the day: a bong hit a day keeps the pain away

ok this is huge disregard everything before this.
i have love in my life

Originally posted by idol
i have love in my life

ok let's make out
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by idol
i have love in my life

ok let's make out

Get a room you two.

Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
Originally posted by SNN
-the sprite choice felt a bit one-note. would have been nice to see, at the very least, different kinds of chucks.
-the level didn't feel like it evolved enough for me. you were still doing same-y pitchin' chuck dodging by the end.

People have criticesed one of my most recent works because it lacked focus, so, I tried making it using the least amount of stuff possible, but looking back, I could've used one more thing to make the level feel more varied, maybe could've used the green bean teleporting, since there is a green bean which is just kinda there on the level.

Anyway, appreciate the constructive criticism and seemingly having enjoyed it :)

But to the fighter equally hateful as to the victor, is your grinning death which stealeth nigh like a thief, — and yet cometh as master.

Thanks very much for feedback!!
Really appreciate that since I'm not experienced in making levels and I have not many chances to see other people playing my level, so every thing like this is really helpful for me!

Originally posted by S.N.N.
not sure why you put all of the yoshi coins at the start when you had plenty of room to spread them out.

First, I accept my level is long, so I didn't want player to spend extra effort to collect Dragon Coins. Second, some players tend not to collect Dragon Coins, and although player tend to get coins, sometimes player can miss some coins, so I want to give player an 100% ensured extra checkpoint for moon path.
the good (for me):
+it didn't work
+shit do i have to do three? ok, nice glitchy checksum.
+the sound of silence made for an excellent nintendo presents screen theme.

the less good (for you):
-it didn't work
-i spent 30 seconds patching this.

arbitrary final score: &/100

wisdom of the day: if you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost

M6 Productions:
the good:
+a decent romp-styled level.
+a few interesting setups in the underwater section (i.e. surrounding throw blocks with turn blocks).
+GREAT usage of custom graphics in this here vanilla contest!

the less good:
-lots of empty areas, especially in the underwater section.
-the level lacks focus - you jumped from grasslands, to underwater, to the sky all in the same level.
-blind drops, especially in the sky portion.

arbitrary final score: i mean, you literally have smas graphics in your level, so...

wisdom of the day: learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

the good:
+interesting and clever usage of both the wall triangles and the eating block glitch to send you upwards.
+i appreciate your frequent usage of reset pipes, as many of the setups are one-shotters.
+you introduced the gimmicks well - i don't think info levels explaining them were necessary.

the less good:
-the introduction of the hammer bros platform was totally blind and unfair. you can easily get clipped into the wall and die by it.
-the gimmick starts to get really stale as the level goes on. many of the triangle setups feel the same, i.e. run up a wall and don't go too fast or you'll fall into a reset hole.
-the level really could have used more sprites/coins/anything. felt pretty barren as-is.

arbitrary final score: 71/100

wisdom of the day: to exist, the triangle demands three complementary elements: love, power and danger

the good:
+really bizarre and interesting aesthetic choice with all of the mario replacements.
+i like the attempts at non-linearity that pop up as the level goes on (caveats below).
+some clever setups, particularly when you use the jumping piranhas + 1f0

the less good:
-the design feels all over the place a lot of the time, with random turn blocks/munchers popping up frequently.
-there are certain cases where you are forced to die, such as accidentally hitting the p-switch at the fake goal.
-what was the point of the cape section with nothing at all in it?

arbitrary final score: 63/100

wisdom of the day: dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today

Dan Drigues:
the good:
+man this level plays super well. everything flows nicely, and the setups are varied and creative.
+great gimmick introduction, and the gradual ramping up of the difficulty was well handled.
+the evolution of the overall level theme in the second half (adding ropes) felt natural and not tacked on.

the less good:
-these are gonna be nitpicky because i really liked this, but i'd suggest focusing a bit less on using single hurt blocks so frequently. many of your setups could have felt even better with more sprite usage.
-some of the multi-koopa hopping parts didn't really serve a point (there was one section with 2 after the midway where you can literally just hold onto the rope and not bother with them).
-i mean, that's kinda all i've got here. shit.

arbitrary final score: 90/100

wisdom of the day: an oak tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings

Sockbat Replica:
the good:
+nice little romp-y level. it felt like something that could have fit in the original game.
+the first few yoshi coins were nice side challenges.
+good, focused sprite usage.

the less good:
-felt a bit short overall, and the setups never really got particularly creative.
-the level seemed to get easier rather than harder as it went on. the last two yoshi coins were in plain sight and easy to get.
-bit of a leap of faith after the midway.

arbitrary final score: 67/100

wisdom of the day: green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises

the good:
+great aesthetics. you really captured the feeling of ruins in the sky (and i loved the big star in the bg).
+clever setups, especially with the rising/falling water.
+felt focused overall, and the level didn't overstay its welcome.

the less good:
-the spin jumping part felt a bit tacked on, and it would have been nice to have more obstacles during it.
-the first room kind of sets a really different tone for the rest of the level. i feel like you could have just started in the second room and extended it a bit.
-a couple of the setups were rather tricky for where they fell in the level, such as the four thwimps + grinder near the halfway mark.

arbitrary final score: 77/100

wisdom of the day: the brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others
S.N.N., your wisdom is inspiring. Thanks for cheering us up and enlightening us.
why don't you judge my "level" you lazy butt
My first judge comment. Nice.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
-there are certain cases where you are forced to die, such as accidentally hitting the p-switch at the fake goal.
I'll be frank and say I forgot to update the patch so that the fake goal wouldn't kill you unfairly. I even had LM running all the way through the deadline too. #smw{^_^;}

Originally posted by S.N.N.
-what was the point of the cape section with nothing at all in it?
As for the cape section, my original intention for the level was for the player to go "oh look, a pipe that's too high up, better find some way to get there." That idea got lost once I set up the sublevel, so now it's just...kinda there now?

Originally posted by S.N.N.
-the design feels all over the place a lot of the time, with random turn blocks/munchers popping up frequently.
Also, the munchers and turn blocks towards the end was meant to represent the symmetry between sublevels, but I see what you mean about the clutter. Next time, I'll try to make the level's intentions more clear.
But you gotta admit, cape flying is always fun to perform.

Anyways, thanks for your thoughtful words & analysis #smw{:peace:}
please may I have a critique good sire


(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Thanks for playing my level and giving it such high score. Yes, level is empty, because I wanted it to not be dangerous. And it doesn't help I was designing it in last week before deadline. About hammer bro platform - I knew that it can clip you in wall, but I knew that regarding 2nd hammer bro platform. I placed that in the same place where palette changes, but it was inconsistent. It could clip you through wall, clip you into wall or just make you fall down. So I removed it. With 1st hammer bro platform I only noticed that can occasionally clip you through wall or make you wall run twice slower than usual.

My biggest concern is if using unintended baserom glitch that I found out about will disqualify me. It may look like some asm code placed. That's why there are all these info levels. Also I'm surprised you didn't mention graphic in less good.
I got a 56 which means I passed the class. Also yeah I should have done more with the mechanic but I made the level in 2 days can you tell?

Blind Devil:
the good:
+the level looks and sounds lovely. great palette choice and bg.
+much of the level feels designed around the flashing gimmick, which is nice.
+i liked the autoscrolling room - quick and to the point, but definitely the most interesting part of the level.

the less good:
-the flashing as a whole just feels really unnecessary. like, other than the autoscrolling room, all it does is force you to wait around.
-while i did enjoy the autoscrolling room, the difficulty spike was pretty immense here.
-were the ice physics really necessary? especially with one-tile hops near the end?

arbitrary final score: 65/100

wisdom of the day: if you don't take the necessary steps to make them happen, dreams are just mirages that mess with your head

the good:
+cute palette and music.
+some of the rocks-on-1f0 setups were nicely done.
+felt like an innocent, charming romp.

the less good:

-quite a few blind jumps, such as after the first yoshi coin and the tall fall about 6-7 screens into the level.
-the design doesn't really evolve as the level goes on - you used the same setups multiple times.
-much of the level feels devoid of sprites, and the ones that are there are placed in very simple ways that are easy to deal with.

arbitrary final score: 61/100

wisdom of the day: a rolling stone gathers no moss

the good:
+super rad aesthetic. i love the little orange slices you made.
+pleasant, romp-y design overall with a few fairly interesting setups (specifically with the line guides in the second room).
+the difficulty curve rises gradually, and there are no real spikes.

the less good:
-many of the sprites don't really serve a point, and just walk off ledges - especially prominent near the start.
-much of the first two rooms can just be swam through, and the water is a much easier route to take than the obstacles above it.
-the final room has pokeys that you just need to wait around for, rendering the shells unnecessary.

arbitrary final score: 70/100

wisdom of the day: why not go out on a limb - that's where the fruit is

Sariel and Wakana:
the good:
+great aesthetics, and i love the cursed temple/ruin vibe the level gives off.
+very cool and versatile setups. despite only really using fuzzies, the level still felt varied and unique overall.
+solid difficulty curve - didn't feel like there were any major spikes.

the less good:
-honestly, the "no spin jumping" gimmick didn't do much for the second half. there weren't many cases where using a spin jump would have benefitted over a regular one.
-the autoscrolling at the end felt pretty out of the blue. i get that you wanted to use a fuzzy wave, but i feel like it was more of a spectacle than anything.
-the overabundance of !'s as indicators sort of took away from the aesthetic the level had going. they were unnecessary in most setups anyway.

arbitrary final score: 82/100

wisdom of the day: death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it

Sakurai on SMWC:
the good:
+cool music choice.
+bold move making a level out of slopes.
+also a bold move making it a timed challenge.

the less good:
-nonsensical level architecture - tons of random ? blocks that can't be hit, munchers everywhere, etc.
-pretty same-y setups, especially with the multiple thwomps near the end.
-kind of short, and it didn't really evolve into anything overly interesting.

arbitrary final score: 41/100

wisdom of the day: lost time is never found again

the good:
+great aesthetics. the portals look nice, and the music works well with the level.
+some of the setups were quite clever, e.g. the end of the first room where you had to jump backwards onto a falling platform and then through the portal.
+the difficulty curve is gradual and well-handled, for the most part.

the less good:
-much of the gimmick's usage amounts to waiting around for something to happen. it actually feels better in the second half, but 95% of the first half is just this.
-some of your setups can be outright broken in the autoscroller section by standing on the tile under the blue portal (means you don't need to use the gray falling platforms as a buffer).
-not sure how necessary the boss was. while i liked that you could keep going back through the same portal (something i wish was explored more in the level), it felt quite a bit harder than everything before it.

arbitrary final score: 72/100

wisdom of the day: a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions

the good:
+the aesthetics are mostly okay, and the palette is nice.
+some interesting setups, such as going back and forth along bridges to dodge two pitchin' chucks.
+the level has a nice, slightly difficult rompy feel to it.

the less good:
-the difficulty doesn't really change as the level goes on - some parts later on even feel easier than earlier ones (e.g. using two pitcin' chucks in a section before the midway, but only one in a similar section after).
-you should rely a bit less on spoardic single-tile munchers on the ceiling everywhere.
-the diamond dirt holes all over the place can be a bit on the distracting side.

arbitrary final score: 57/100

wisdom of the day: it is the destiny of mint to be crushed

the good:
+unique and interesting aesthetic choice - the brick building feel of the level is quite nice.
+fairly generous usage of powerups.
+using thwimps in a sort of "glitchy" fashion (jumping into walls to gain height) is a pretty cool idea.

the less good:
-the difficulty curve seems a bit all over the place. some of the later setups near the end were quite easy comapred to earlier ones, and vice versa.
-i often found myself confused at what you wanted me to do - namely, at the big coin arrow before the midway point. bit of a stark contrast to everything before that.
-it was a bit weird had one section near the beginning used hotheads, wooden spikes, and timed lifts, and then they never showed up again at all (other than 1-2 timed lifts).

arbitrary final score: 71/100

wisdom of the day: don't waste too many stones on one bird
this is cool can you do one of my level? :o

Originally posted by idol
this is cool can you do one of my level? :o

Hey S.N.N, I was wondering if you could possibly play my level and give your Opinion on it. As I stated in my Thread, my first VLDC attempt (VLDC9: Frozen Mirage) didn't do all that great. It got 98th Place out of 115 Entries that year. So I tried my best to make The Dark Forest better than 98th. I would like to hear other SMWCentral user's Opinions on my level.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by idol
this is cool can you do one of my level? :o


This contest is rigged from the start.

Click here to enter the world of mediocre!
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