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super mario the two ways 4 by vonitrix

File Name: super mario the two ways 4
Submitted: by vonitrix
Authors: vonitrix
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 84 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: o quarto dessa hack vanilla de smw em que você tem 2 caminhos para chegar ao final e meio troll tambem
I'll have to reject the hack as its filled with issues and errors so much so that every level in the hack has its problems which add up to a very unpolished experience which is not the slightest bit fun.

I usually do Screenshot Logs for a hack removal but seeing as nearly every screen/level in this hack has an issue I really would not know where to start. I will start by recommending looking at submitted hacks and the standard they bring as well as taking notes on presentation and general level design.

The hack starts out okay but its issues become immediately apparent.
The hack is filled with cutoff as well as floating munchers. A lot of the scenery is made up of random cutoff vanilla tiles which don't look good and often have bad collision when interacting with them.

I always tests hacks with Two Players as having that option enabled can lead to some small bugs. Playing as Luigi has you start right on the Bowser Castle level situated at the end of the hack. I played this level and the first world to gather a rejection log for this hack as the issues are at the start as well as the end.

The Bowser Castle is filled with mostly empty Midway Points which at first I thought was a small tease until I actually came across one way later into the level. The thing is after dying you don't actual have a Midway Point at all and are forced to repeat which is essentially 10+ small levels and more in a row without dying.

These rooms/levels go on for ages and some are just repeats with ice physics which is also a pain. The levels are also filled with sprite limitations and slowdown and like I said before a lot of repeated obstacles on loop as well as trap doors which have no telling that they'll take you back to the start of the level.

Lastly I'd say the use of certain colour palettes are really quite jarring on the eyes and if in doubt just stick to the originals.

I really tried with this hack to see it through but the fact it has so many issues straight off the bat is quite alarming.

After playing I made a copy of the hack and had a look further with Lunar Magic and it seems later in the hack we see a lot of repeated levels as well as floating muncher usage.

There are a lot of ways to improve and fix the hack but with a hack of this size its hard to say where to start. I personally would start by adding midpoints to more levels and checking for sprite limitations and slowdowns. I would then move onto the visuals as I can imagine they will take the longest.

It feels like this hack was not really tested and it shows. Get others to play your hack first to properly test it for you.

Don't resubmit this hack until their have been substantial changes made it to improve its overall quality.
If you submit the hack with no fixes repeatedly you could face a Section Ban on submitting hacks to the site.
Please take your time to address the feedback I have given you for your project.

If you need more information or examples of where to really improve feel free to message me and I'll try to dedicate some time to helping if I can.