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Super Vibe World- My first Romhack
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Super Vibe World- My first Romhack
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Super vibe world is a hack inspired by aesthetic and vaporware. So far I've gotten yoshis island nearly done. it's mostly a basic texture and level design hack.

Oh hey! Glad to see you got the Map16 issue figured out. I want to give you a heads-up: if you change Yoshi's House (level 104) then it will also change that part of the credits that uses it, so if you built a level on 104 and need to run SMW credits, you may want to resave the level you made to a different slot and reimport 104 from a clean copy.

The first screenshot definitely has the right palette for vaporwave. The overworld map's colors also nail it, though I would definitely alter the border colors across palettes 0 and 1 as the natural beige really clashes with vaporwave in a way that strains the eyes. Are the deep red boxes around the hills intentional? I like the contrast in the Rex level. Bushes dig a bit into part of the sides under the arches, though the arches do make me think a lot of the strong and beautiful European statues that show up in vaporwave. For the design, do you have any videos or animated gifs? I think your screenshots do well showing the look but it's hard to know if the layouts are engaging.

Just look above you...
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Thank you so much. I’ll try all of that. I got it ported over from a SMAS+SMW ROM to a SMW ROM last night. The level with the arches is the one on yoshis house, although they’re in the one in the first screenshot too.
I came up with a plotline and have some new screenshots.

Bowsers brother, Yukke Koopa, and his 4 children, Bibinba, Sylvan, Clawdia, and Kerog have taken been trying to take over the peaceful Neon Island for years. After hearing of the events at Vibe island during Super Princess Peach, Yukke kidnaps peach and tries to use her to finally rule over the Neon Island. He tries to steal the bountiful vibes, causing the passive creatures to become hostile and establishes castles all over the island. Mario must attempt to destroy these castles and restore Neon island to its former glory.

What do you think of the plot?

The title screen of the game

A water level

A Ghost house
Title screen colors rock. Just beware that the menu text is going to eat through WORLD and shifting that text upward is the only way to prevent it since both are on layer 3. You can find the title screen on level C7, but unless you create a new movie for it, all you should change are palettes to be a part of the new look. Minor changes won't affect much but dying, taking a screen exit, or using a star or p-switch cause bad things to happen, and storing a spare powerup will look very silly.

Level-wise, it looks like Donut Secret 1 and Donut Ghost House. Fresh gameplay is easier to make if you use ctrl+del to clear all the level data out. Your backgrounds and Map16 edits will be intact. When you change the graphic index #lm{gfxby}, you are no longer bound by the rules the original level followed, and you can even change how the screens are laid out #lm{MARIO69} so your level can be taller.

The story works. I would love to see some art of the characters if there is any!

I know glitch is going to be part of the aesthetic, and I do see some gradual fading in the ghost house background from more noise density up top to a fairly solid bottom. It's cool for an abstract thing. The stone tiles appear to be part of the foreground but the colors say it wants to be treated as non-interactive tiles or be part of the background. The squares work for the water with that shade of blue though I don't know if you want to try adding things like seaweed or pieces of mountain atop or between squares or giving nuance by removing sections of square or using off-color tiles, maybe fading to something like tetrads the higher up you look. (F8 will be plain background in Map16 if you have unedited GFX17.bin in FG2, and you can take and make a lot of tiles using that fragment to piece them together in all kinds of shapes.)

One thing you could try for glitch effect that still holds the character of its surroundings would be to preserve the background, but make copies of pieces it has and paste 8x8 noise tiles to make it appear like a part is experiencing decay (working with a few tiles placed adjacently in the built image, you can make a trail) or take advantage of your unused palettes to duplicate a tile you want to clone and scatter to emphasize, like animated seaweed for instance, or giving ghost house windows and support beams different colors.

This can be a really fun thing to experiment with, and probably will take a lot of experimenting with because tile-based image building is very different from image editors like GIMP that vaporwave artists use to produce images on the fly. It's therefore not so easy to put what is in your head into the background editor, since it's more like putting a puzzle together. It is possible to create a reference by taking a screenshot of your background editor and modifying it in GIMP with filters and effects to make what you are roughly envisioning, or you could even rip the changes directly using this tutorial.

The important thing with glitch is that no matter what, you can still tell what is land you walk on, what's a pit, what's lava, an enemy, a powerup, coin etc. The kind of interaction must still be inferred by the graphic in other words. So far it looks like it makes sense, and the only thing I would question is if those net corners are something you can climb on or if they are supposed to act like just the edge of the platform.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
For the land, I’m trying to make it work. Also The background is made of tiles and I don’t know how to layer one tile on top of another
The only thing that naturally overlaps in SNES games is going to be items on the sprite layer. Othereise, if you try to paste one tile over another on the same layer, it will overwrite the lower tile or, in the case of objects, the point of overlap may be coded to point to a graphic that is neither of the ones placed to create the illusion of true overlap. You can overlap graphics and more by extracting them #lm{extgfx}, creating your ExGFX directory and inserting Lunar Magic's ExGFX mods (#lm{extexgfx}#lm{insexgfx}) and downloading YY-CHR. Just remember, the bottom half of the file should not be used for files that show it empty: 7F is always the last tile in these files.

Open an existing GFX file, make your desired edit, and save as ExGFX80(up to FFF).bin in the new ExGraphics directory, then press #lm{insexgfx} again to put them in the ROM. Let's say you edited GFX15.bin and saved your new version as ExGFX80.bin. #lm{sgfxby} lets you use ExGFX in the level... see in your grassland that GFX15.bin is in FG3? Change it to ExGFX80 and watch your edit be applied! Check GFX14 and GFX17 for more universal objects, like pipes, doors, bush tiles, and signs.

You also have two free files of space to include more graphics without replacing what's there, which is nice if you want heavy detail or the level to become progressively different-looking. Just make sure you define the properties of them and save the Map16. You can use these for regular SMW too - for instance, if in your ghost house you want more grassland options, load GFX15 into one of those empty spots and build some new grass tiles. If you want cave options, load GFX1A. Use the 8x8 tile viewer to easily reference, copy, and paste these tiles.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
ooh looking forward to this
Originally posted by SwampMage
ooh looking forward to this

Thank you so much. I`ll try to do you proud.
Hello. I have some news on progress on the hack. My wonderful musician has sent me a demo of Dire Dire Docks that sounds amazing. I made a few adjustments on some levels. Looking at the whole thing seems daunting but I feel like I can do it. I’ve made a decision to take some inspiration from the beta. Some call it lazy but I think it’s cool.

Here’s some of the level layouts I might reuse. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the classic piranha plants.

The layout for the full world map. It seems like it’ll be difficult to create one but if most do it I will too. Apparently the tileset is mostly the same as the final one so there’s that.

Some possible layouts for Yoshi’s island and valley of bowser replacements.

Mod edit: Collapsed large images.
Wew, these tables are bigger than Thanksgiving banquet tables! You may want to edit that with
<a href="img.png"><img style="max-width:100%" src="img.png" alt="" /></a>

So that way you can just click for the full size and never go full Mr. Incredible.

IN ANY CASE, I would love to see a vaporwave spin on beta levels. The second one needs polish as it has an overabundance of mushroom scales that don't serve much of a purpose with the way a pipe platform is present behind them. A Bullet Bill or flying Cheep Cheep generator might be a perfect add for the first level too. The third would benefit significantly from today's easy modification of layer 3 stripe imagery to create a nice background when layer 2 is level data. I like the lower maps' tilesets a lot more than the final's, but prefer the first map shown. The second two look like they could be downscaled significantly for good submaps though!

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
thanks. ill try not to get such big images. I'm not sure if I could get a Beta map16 for the overworld as IIRC they use a very different file format. but yeah, the plan is to downscale the first 2 into submaps. I`d understand why you'd prefer the first map lol. It's pretty much the vanilla overworld tiles. the 3 beta levels will also be edited. I might try and fool around with the layer 3 for the third one. I was thinking about using blarggs and ninjis as the enemies if ninjis work in the cave tileset. And who knows. I might end up bringing out

Im back and ive brought some new images with me. How do these look?
A second update so soon?! I also have plans to remix some of the unused SMB3 levels in the hack. Here’s the ones I think would go best with a bit of tinkering.

I guess while I'm here I might as well tell the humble beginnings of this still fairly humble hack.
Okay, so I'm not dead and neither is the hack. Last quarter was just really hard on me. Last we met I went on a stupid question spree, drew the ire of the mods, and disappeared into the night. Hopefully, this quarter treats me at least a little better. I'm still intimidated by the new maps. actually placing it should be tedious yet fun, like a puzzle. I have screenshots of the tiles I need so hopefully SnesGFX can help me because doing it myself by hand seems daunting. It's important to have confidence though. I can't keep relying on others. I should also prepare a demo at one point or another. I'll be back at some point fairly soon but for now I should get back to schoolwork.
Another while, more work done. I've got yoshis island done, and some of the world map. Here are some more screenshots.

Im also trying to find someone who can do the music. My composer does not feel comfortable distributing the MIDIs but they do feel alright with the tracks being adjusted as theyre only demos so while it will have to be done by ear im perfectly alright with whoever does the tracks adjusting it as they see fit. thank you and I hope to see you all again soon.
I love the world maps, they have nice shapes and colors.
I like the ones that look like SMB3 maps.

Хуй войне!

桐生会FOREVER #ThankYouCoco
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