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How did you get invested in Super Mario World?

In today's day n age, I'm really curious to see how young people today got invested in Super Mario World. Since this is a new generation, I'm wondering...

Was first exposure emulation? Or was it Virtual Console? Maybe it WAS an snes? Or hey maybe it was Mario Maker!
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I played it on the SNES when I was really little, but it was my first game on the GBA when I was a kid.
Simply sprite comics and stumbling across baby SMWC years and years ago. Thanks Bob and George
Growing up, YouTube was an important part of so many people's lives. Myself included.
Back when the front page had the little "What's being watched right now" column, it featured Super Mario Frustration. Probably the first time I ever heard about Mario.
Under related videos, there it was: Super Mario world bloopers.

The day I found out about SMW, I felt like I've uncovered something important. Something that as a kid I felt was missing. One after another, I found videos on Automario, a many-worlds explanation, even Mario in a computer (!?).

And it didn't stop there. Flash games/movies, clips from the TV show, Christmas list filled with games of Mario past (even bootlegs), you name it. I could go on and on about my fascination of Mario and (to a greater extent) retro video games. Nevertheless, if it had Mario, I was all into of it.

All because someone had too much fun in Lunar Magic.
I may be younger than SMW but nonetheless, my family had a SNES and one of the games was unsurprisingly SMW. Don't know if I had the original game or SMAS+W, though.
My first exposure was on a SNES we had and still have to this day.
We've enjoyed ourselves whenever we could and even invited a friend to get along. I only got into SMW hacking years later for I don't remember how, but it was a magical experience.

So, Qwoll, how did you get invested in Super Mario World?
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Despite being born in the turn of the millenium, as a kid I didn't have a SNES at first but a NES. But one day someone broke into our house (or so my mom has told me) and stole it, and somehow my mom got me a SNES to replace it. Playing Super Mario World was one of the most endearing parts of my childhood.

Inspired by the game, I would draw maps on paper. The rest is history.
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There was a SNES at my Grandma's house and the only game I wanted to play (more like watch my mom and brother play, unless it was a ghost house then he and I would hide while Mom played the level) was SuperMario World. We also had Super Mario Kart, Link to the Past, F-Zero, and some others but we never played those. When my brother and I got older, I have fond memories of shuffling through our SNES game box, hoping we didn't uncover The Lawnmower Man, the label of which scared me and gave me nightmares. I still don't like it lol

Later on, I watched custom Super Mario World levels on AOL and I would draw the overworlds and make my own. I eventually came across SMWC in my attempts to discover how to make my own custom SMW. I wouldn't make this account until 2010 of course, but I knew about it for a decent amount of time. Overworld creation is still my favorite part of SMW hacking.
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I got invested in Super Mario World through the SNES when I was younger, a similar story to several others. Though I don't exactly remember why I was so enticed by it specifically. There were various games I also had access to (such as Donkey Kong Country and Aero the Acro-Bat), but I suppose something about the Super Nintendo's launch title just hooked me right in.

All I really know now is that without Super Mario World, I likely wouldn't have been to exposed to this community at all, so I'm very grateful for getting invested in the game the first place.
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I just kinda found out about Super Mario World, and the other classic Mario games, simply by browsing around the web. First time I played it was when I found a site with lots of online emulators... Those were good times.
The foundations for my SMW interest were in having it on SNES as a kid and playing with most of the family. I can't think of a game I played through and beat more, even though Soda Lake took me many years to find for 100%. I had this strange dream when I was maybe 5 that I was playing SMW, on Yoshi, the level looked kinda like the intro level. I was physically in a log cabin, then suddenly I began falling, falling into this neverending abyss, and everything was black... until I woke up. It's the earliest dream I can remember so vividly, other than the dark floating floor mansion with the red carpet and wooden railings. 13 years ago, I took the real plunge, thanks very much to discovering Lunar Magic and having thrown FF6Edit out a window. Now I know what it all meant. Some dreams are premonitions. Don't ignore them. That said, I have by far the most fun with YY-CHR and Addmusic.

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I hadn't fully played the game, but I'd always been fascinated with the ROM hacking community regardless. My life has mainly been about being outside, working out, playing sports, having an extremely unhealthy obsession with obscure music, etc. - so a site like this where people get together and modify an ancient video game of all things .. it's just so bizarre to me that I felt I needed to check it out, and at some point my younger self just sort of imprinted on a lot of the people here.

I guess this answer is more of a "how I got invested in SMWC" rather than "SMW", but I assume your question goes both ways anyhow.
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Yeah, I'm one of those that also played the game on a actual SNES as well; however, unlike most others, I feel like I've ended up disliking the game more and more as time went on, and I really don't know if I'd ever come back to it unless I dunno, I just felt like it or something

Oh well, I suppose that playing SMW on a actual SNES back then was still the main gateway I had with SMW hacks, and personally I enjoy them much more than SMW itself lmao; just wished there would be more hacks that tried to be more unique and didn't try to be just another take on the """"""""Classic"""""""" Nintendo Formula™️ or just Kaizo Light hack #1.000.000 or some shit (no hard feelings for anyone which uses my ports for those types of hacks btw, and in fact I find it extremely cool that most Kaizo people even like my ports in the first place; but yeah, don't expect me to play anything related to Kaizo despite that lmao, sorry), I dunno, I just want to see more cool stuff being done with SMW's engine lol
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I got into Super Mario Maker on YouTube (don't anymore) by coincidence (never played myself), through that found kaizo SMW on YouTube, through that eventually found AddmusicK, through that found SMWC.

First time playing SMW was a bit over a year ago, on emulator, on stream, and I had a time :') I have trouble with having patience for my own motor skills. Oh well. I have since also gotten a physical SNES and, among others, an SMW cart. Maybe played it for a minute, if at all, but for now it's just A Thing I Have.

Just here for bants & beats #fim{8)} SMW became an accessible something I could focus on to learn some concepts, have fun, fool around, the works.
i got invested in SMW because i have a pirated XBOX (2001) that had a SNES emulator. SMW was the first game i've played on it and got sticked to it

then i discovered rom hacking through youtube and got even more sticked to it
My cousin's husband introduced my brother and us to the game. We had an SNES but up until that point we had only played Home Alone and Super Star Wars. This was the first Mario game I was mainly exposed too (though I had briefly seen my other cousin play SMB). I was enamored by the large game world and vibrant levels. Shortly after, he decided to gift us his copy of the game and left the cartridge in a paper lunch bag on our front porch. My brother and I (and eventually just me) spent a lot of time beating the game and exploring all its secrets. Unlocking the Special Zone was particularly exciting.
I honestly just was into Sonic 1&2 hacks when I was younger and was like "haha i wonder what mario hacks are like" and then I discovered TSRPR and TSRP2 (not R at the time). And then I found out about Brutal Mario, raocow's LPs and VIP1-4 + the 5 baseroms and it spiraled from there. oops

I played and IIRC beat SMW like at the start of the decade (I'm talking about like the 00s) on the GBA btw

I was playing this game before I could walk, in 1993. Seems like a world away now.

It was and still is one of my favourite all time games. Now I do a bit of 11 exit speedrunning. I emulated it a lot in 16:9, the way god intended.

I had dreams of making my own version of the game someday, and later discovered Lunar Magic. What a great time to be alive.

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Osmosis and seeing hacks of the game and countless flash animations with that classic Mario World sprite. I actually had advance 4 growing up so I had more knowledge of 3, and for the longest time, preferred it. Now I prefer Mario World but I still love SMB3 all the same.

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One word: YouTube.

I could never get any consoles or anything as a child so...