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How did you get invested in Super Mario World?
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First game I have memories of playing, my parents tell me I was 3 when I tried it the first time. Once I got interested in making games myself I learned that SMW was very easy to hack so I ended up sticking with it since then.

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When I was 5 I got my tonsils removed. My cousin brought her snes over for me to use while I was recovering. The first game I tried was SMW and I was amazed by it. I played so long I shit my pants

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I first played SMW as a kid in the SNES, but I didn't get invested in it at the time, back then it was just another game I had and played from time to time. I got invested in the game in 2009, when I decided to replay my old SNES games and that led me to discover Lunar Magic and SMWC.

I started let's playing them way back in the day with inspiration from AzureBlade49 and raocow.
My mental health issues have largely stopped that in recent years, however.

First hack was Kaizo.

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Super Mario World was one of the last games that I played in the mainline Mario series; I just never got around to playing it. As I grew older, I heard more and more about the game, finally getting around to playing it just a few years ago. I just didn't have the money or the time to play it before I did, which could be frustrating at times because it seemed to be quite the enjoyable game.
A long time ago, my parents got me an SNES in the hopes that it would help me make friends. Super Mario World was included with the package. After many game overs, I finally got the hang of the game and became hooked ever since.

It was the first video game I ever played on the SNES (despite it being the 2000s and my parents didn't keep up with the times) before getting a GameCube months later with Sonic Adventure DX and Super Mario Sunshine later on.

Still sits as my favorite game of all-time with Donkey Kong Country 2 in 2nd and Sonic 3 & Knuckles in 3rd.


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My grandfather had a SNES with Super Mario World, and we would sometimes go to his house and as a little kid it always just really appealed to me for some reason with it's art style and soundtrack.

Eventually I decided to get the game for Game Boy Advance with my Christmas money at the end of 2010 (my brother did initially but lost his original copy) and ended up being obsessed with the game to the point where I basically spent the first half of the following year beating the game as well as finding all the secrets. To be honest it pretty much got me into retro games and Nintendo games in general.

It used to be my #1 favorite, although there have been games that have come along that I've fallen even more in love with, but it remains in my Top 5 at the very least.
Just one of the games I had the chance to play randomly, I forget the details. It's not the game I have the most affinity for, nor is it my childhood Mario game (that's Super Mario 64), but I dunno, I always liked it. Somedays I'll just spend an afternoon playing through the entire game again, at my own pace, trying to get all 96 exits. It's fun and relaxing.
Nico nico automatic mario videos got me interested (only played SMB3 before thzt), modding myself's what got me hooked on the world tho

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Back in the mid 90's I played it over at a neighbor's house, remember really enjoying the game. My folks must have caught on to how much I like games (probably from me not shutting up about em) and got me the SNES bundle that came with Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World. Every so often I still go back and play the original, it's just plain fun.


My parents didn't get us a home game console until they got us a PS2 late into the console's life cycle. So before that my tech-savy older sisters downloaded a copy of ZSNES onto our dinosaur of a PC and a host of ROMS. This was during one of the first waves of anime fever post Y2K in the US so it was mostly Sailor Moon games and the like. Flashy and fun to look at for sure, but nothing for me to really get invested in. But among them were two classic games that would stick in my heart forever. One was Chrono Trigger, a game that I was far too young to grasp the RPG mechanics of at the time that I would come back to when I was much older. The other was Super Mario World, and it was a match made in heaven.

We didn't have a home console, but I did have a GBA and shared games with my sisters. However Super Mario Advanced 2: Super Mario World was the first game I got that I could legitimately call "mine". It was far easier for me to control with the GBA's D-pad as opposed to the keyboard using ZSNES, so naturally that version of the game was the version I beat the game in, discovered every hidden nook and cranny I could, and then look up a guide on GameFaqs for the things that I missed.

I found out about romhacking from this classic viral video and from there I fell down into the SMW hacking rabbit-hole. Early kaizo, Brutal Mario, all the classics. Never beat any of them but enjoyed watching them on Youtube. I even tried my hand at Lunar Magic back then, which didn't go well and it probably wasn't until last year when I finally got a good grasp on the program.

Since then I've played it in all sorts of other ways: on the Wii, on the PC using a controller, Wii U, 3DS, Switch, it's a game that means that much to me. I owe my love for video games (for better AND for worse) all to Super Mario World.

I was already a dedicated Super Mario fan by the time the SNES was released, and even though I didn't get an SNES until the mid 90s, I got to play SMW within weeks of its availability.

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Super Mario Flash 2 got me into SMW
I had a SNES growing up and played a lot of SMW, but I never felt inspired to speedrun it or anything beyond the occasional playthrough. Then, I saw an article on Kotaku about Grand Poo Bear's blind playthrough of GPW2 which got me hooked on the Twitch SMW community. The variety of hacks I saw was so incredible that I felt compelled to learn kaizo! My eventual goal is to beat GPW2, which is the game that inspired me to play in the first place.
Had a SNES and SMW as a kid. Wound up being one of the first, if not THE first, games I ever beat. Still have both the SNES and the cartridge to this day.
SMW was my childhood. I remember getting a SNES for the first time along with my mom. Good ol' days!
will say it was Super Mario World Rom Hacking that got me invested into Super Mario World, funny thing is, even though I started getting into the Mario Video Game series by playing old Mario games my Father gave me when I was younger, (specifically first started playing SMB 1, SMB 2, and SMB 3, and etc) I have never played Super Mario World in my younger years, what really got me to discover Super Mario World in the first place was the creepypasta community funnily enough, but when I discovered rom hacking for SMW, it made me interested in how interesting rom hacks for SMW were and stuff so now I have plans on trying SMW for the first time now



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Well to start off I think I should probably thank the sonic rom hacking community, it started in 2019 when I was getting into Mario in general I played smw a few times and with my experience I wanted to rom hack it, Me thinking SMW’s rom hacking community was undeveloped like the sonic rom hacking community in terms of resources and everything else I just went to YouTube for resources, until December of 2019 when I came here.

Wow, Weird.
How did I get invested in Super Mario World? I'll go back to the beginning.

In about 2003, when I was about 6 years old, I saw a friend of mine play the GBA remake of Super Mario Bros 2, with the game titled "Super Mario Advance". I asked my dad to buy me the game because I remember liking it a lot. However, by happy accident, he instead bought me Super Mario Advance 2, which was the GBA remake of Super Mario World. I even remember the date he got it for me as October 24th, 2003, because it was two days after my brother was born.

I fell in love with the game. By far my favorite thing to play on the GBA. Unfortunately, a few years later, I lost the cartridge somewhere, so I tried to look the game up online to relive the nostalgia I had when I was in first grade (by this time I was in maybe 5th or 6th grade), to the point where I eventually found a used copy at Gamestop and bought it again just to finally 100% it in 7th grade (that stupid dragon coin in the bonus zone of Chocolate Island 4 was the only thing that separated me from that). During my time on the internet during this (about 2008), I actually discovered Mario flash games (I knew of other ones but not Mario ones), Let's Plays, and basically late 2000s/early 2010s internet culture.

During my time learning about Let's Players, which was around late 2009 and early 2010, one of them eventually mentioned Raocow. I actually remembered not liking him the first time I watched him, during his Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 2 LP (shoutout to Cyphermur9t), but a little bit later he started playing A Super Mario Thing and I gave him another chance, where I ended up liking him a lot more. There's a ton of LPers from that time who came and went as people I watched, but Raocow is one of a few I still watch.

Anyhow, that's where I got into romhacks, and I started playing them in late July 2010, where I binged them a lot (but used a ton of savestates) until about late 2011, because I actually started playing other retro Nintendo games on NES and SNES at that point. In about 2013 I decided to play through a ton of those previous hacks savestateless in order to have a legitimate experience with them, and I did since I was a much better player at that time than I was in 2010 or so. I even made two levels for VLDCs (I think in 2014 and 2015), albeit very mediocre ones that both finished in the worst world. My time with romhacking has sort of been on and off since then, since I basically became a bit more extroverted, had other interests, played some SM64 romhacks (and speedruns), and other life things, but it's sort of been there too. I'm right now in the middle of playing YUMP.

And all of this happened because my dad bought the wrong game at the time, during a point in time where he was super stingy about buying me games (if he bought me the right one I doubt I play Super Mario World until I'm way older, and by that time it probably becomes just another fun game instead of THE game that defines my interests in gaming). Weird to think about.
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