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How did you get invested in Super Mario World?
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I saw a let's play of Mario Gives Up on youtube back in 2010 and thought that SMW ROM hacks looked like fun.
Originally posted by Skye
I saw a let's play of Mario Gives Up on youtube back in 2010 and thought that SMW ROM hacks looked like fun.

That was a brilliant game, it takes me back. Was it Raocow who played it?

I've always appreciated Cypher's romhacks. It's a shame he isn't as active with making games anymore.
I used to play Super Mario World when I was a kid although I was never able to beat the special levels but my brother did....I think.
I used to play a lot of Mario as a kid on my NES/SNES. At some point I googled Super Mario World, not sure if I did it to find how to find a secret, or if I was looking for speedruns, but I stumbled upon the infamous "laser suit" video which was very new back then. I was curious on how someone made it, and I eventually found out there's a level editor for the game.

After that I've been appearing on and off in the SMW community. In 2018 I found out that there's a pretty significant streaming community for SMW, and I've been keeping updated on new hacks and custom stuff. I still play or make levels in LM, whenever I feel like it or I have motivation to do so. It's impressive that it's been 13 years since I first found LM and I still come back to it after some time.
One of my childhood games, I spent a lot of time with the game back in the day. I remember having a hard time with the special world levels. Then much, much later I saw a video of Brutal Mario, it intrigued me so I searched up "Super Mario World Modding" or something to that effect since the game means a lot to me and I wanted to learn how to modify it as well. #wario{XD}
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I used to play a lot of flash-based SMW-theme games when I was young. Then much later, I found an article talking about where the Super Mario series actually comes from. Finally, I get invested in the actual Super Mario World game via emulation.
I first saw Super Mario World sometime in 1993, when my older sister was playing it on a neighborhood friend's SNES. She didn't let me play, so I just watched before getting bored and going off into one of the bedrooms to play with a troll doll. I think she made another "You don't know how to play" excuse.

I finally got to play Super Mario World 5 years later, when one of her roommates set up a SNES. I remember one night when my sisters and I stayed up until what must've been the wee hours of the morning, playing Super Mario World and "drinking Mtn. Dew like there was no tomorrow."

It would be several more years before I'd discover emulation and ROMs. In fact, <80s cult classic animated movie narrator voice> it was the year 2005.</80s cult classic animated movie narrator voice> The first ROM I decided to download with my SNES emulator was Super Mario World. I was pretty rusty at the game, having not played it in years while simultaneously being pretty bad at games. I don't remember exactly what I was looking for on one of the Mario fansites I frequented the following year, but I eventually stumbled onto a page dedicated to level editors, eventually finding my way to Lunar Magic. That was almost a decade and a half ago. Should I check the mirror for gray hairs?

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The first time I played Super Mario World was around 1992, when my older cousin got his Super Nintendo. I received my own SNES and SMW cartridge for my birthday the following year, along with Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (imagine playing that as a six-year-old child). I even had the Mario Mania Player's Guide, which is in tatters now. I loved that book, as well as the Link to the Past Player's Guide.

As for SMW hacks, I didn't discover them until 2005. The first hacks I played were Super Demo World and a random one called SMW: Symphony of the Night (nothing to do with Castlevania). I don't really remember how I came across SMW hacks in the first place. I may have seen a TAS of Super Demo World on, and I wanted to check it out for myself.

Finally, I just started hacking SMW a few weeks ago. I'm trying to make my first level using purely vanilla assets, and then later make levels with ExGFX, custom blocks, and ASM. Eventually, I want to learn 65c816 assembly programming. I have some experience with MIPS and IA-32, so hopefully a lot of the concepts can transfer over.
i found out about it when i first played super mario all stars + super mario world with zsnes (i think)

I think I knew that Super Mario World was a game that existed, but growing up with hand-me-downs for consoles led to me only being able to play Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Bros. 3.

One day while looking for videos on YouTube way back in about 2009 or so (does anyone remember the YouTube Big site or whatever for like PS3s and such? Before they had the proper YouTube app?) I came across a playthrough of Brutal Mario World. So I basically found my love for both Super Mario World itself and the idea of ROM Hacks from that point on.

Yes I know the text isn't centered, you can thank Twitter and the way they like to have the PFPs cut into the banners for that one.

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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - How did you get invested in Super Mario World?

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