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How did you get invested in Super Mario World?

I saw a let's play of Mario Gives Up on youtube back in 2010 and thought that SMW ROM hacks looked like fun.
Originally posted by Skye
I saw a let's play of Mario Gives Up on youtube back in 2010 and thought that SMW ROM hacks looked like fun.

That was a brilliant game, it takes me back. Was it Raocow who played it?

I've always appreciated Cypher's romhacks. It's a shame he isn't as active with making games anymore.
I used to play Super Mario World when I was a kid although I was never able to beat the special levels but my brother did....I think.
I used to play a lot of Mario as a kid on my NES/SNES. At some point I googled Super Mario World, not sure if I did it to find how to find a secret, or if I was looking for speedruns, but I stumbled upon the infamous "laser suit" video which was very new back then. I was curious on how someone made it, and I eventually found out there's a level editor for the game.

After that I've been appearing on and off in the SMW community. In 2018 I found out that there's a pretty significant streaming community for SMW, and I've been keeping updated on new hacks and custom stuff. I still play or make levels in LM, whenever I feel like it or I have motivation to do so. It's impressive that it's been 13 years since I first found LM and I still come back to it after some time.
One of my childhood games, I spent a lot of time with the game back in the day. I remember having a hard time with the special world levels. Then much, much later I saw a video of Brutal Mario, it intrigued me so I searched up "Super Mario World Modding" or something to that effect since the game means a lot to me and I wanted to learn how to modify it as well. #wario{XD}
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I used to play a lot of flash-based SMW-theme games when I was young. Then much later, I found an article talking about where the Super Mario series actually comes from. Finally, I get invested in the actual Super Mario World game via emulation.
I first saw Super Mario World sometime in 1993, when my older sister was playing it on a neighborhood friend's SNES. She didn't let me play, so I just watched before getting bored and going off into one of the bedrooms to play with a troll doll. I think she made another "You don't know how to play" excuse.

I finally got to play Super Mario World 5 years later, when one of her roommates set up a SNES. I remember one night when my sisters and I stayed up until what must've been the wee hours of the morning, playing Super Mario World and "drinking Mtn. Dew like there was no tomorrow."

It would be several more years before I'd discover emulation and ROMs. In fact, <80s cult classic animated movie narrator voice> it was the year 2005.</80s cult classic animated movie narrator voice> The first ROM I decided to download with my SNES emulator was Super Mario World. I was pretty rusty at the game, having not played it in years while simultaneously being pretty bad at games. I don't remember exactly what I was looking for on one of the Mario fansites I frequented the following year, but I eventually stumbled onto a page dedicated to level editors, eventually finding my way to Lunar Magic. That was almost a decade and a half ago. Should I check the mirror for gray hairs?
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The first time I played Super Mario World was around 1992, when my older cousin got his Super Nintendo. I received my own SNES and SMW cartridge for my birthday the following year, along with Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (imagine playing that as a six-year-old child). I even had the Mario Mania Player's Guide, which is in tatters now. I loved that book, as well as the Link to the Past Player's Guide.

As for SMW hacks, I didn't discover them until 2005. The first hacks I played were Super Demo World and a random one called SMW: Symphony of the Night (nothing to do with Castlevania). I don't really remember how I came across SMW hacks in the first place. I may have seen a TAS of Super Demo World on, and I wanted to check it out for myself.

Finally, I just started hacking SMW a few weeks ago. I'm trying to make my first level using purely vanilla assets, and then later make levels with ExGFX, custom blocks, and ASM. Eventually, I want to learn 65c816 assembly programming. I have some experience with MIPS and IA-32, so hopefully a lot of the concepts can transfer over.
i found out about it when i first played super mario all stars + super mario world with zsnes (i think)
I think I knew that Super Mario World was a game that existed, but growing up with hand-me-downs for consoles led to me only being able to play Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Bros. 3.

One day while looking for videos on YouTube way back in about 2009 or so (does anyone remember the YouTube Big site or whatever for like PS3s and such? Before they had the proper YouTube app?) I came across a playthrough of Brutal Mario World. So I basically found my love for both Super Mario World itself and the idea of ROM Hacks from that point on.
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i was first introduced to smw when i was young. and i remember not being very good at first, like i used to struggle with donut plains 4. but then i got better, beat donut plains 4 and Morton's castle, got further into the game, and eventually beat it. one day i was on youtube when i discovered a video called "new super mario world bosses" where it was showing a bunch of custom smw bosses, and that video led me to discover smw rom hacking. and so i wanted to make my own smw hack for a long time. well here in present time, i am good at smw now, and im finally making my own smw hack, (but its taking a while for me to finish that). but it shows that you can eventually achieve what you want.
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When I was young, my brother had a hard drive with a bunch of roms, I played a lot of mario world rom hacks lol.

Funny story, for a long, long time I had dreamed of hacking. As I’ve said previously, I’ve had my ROM and Lunar Magic for almost a decade at this point, although it was empty until recently. I always treated it like a Pipe dream. I imagined what could be, but just decided that I could never do it. I had so many ideas, but I was content with them remaining that way. Then, one day in mid-September of 2020, after school had ended for the day, I was sitting there bored, and just went “Fuck it, what’s stopping me from making a romhack? I have the ROM, I have Lunar Magic, I don’t care if it’s not the best, I can do it!” I’ve learned a lot since then. Of course, I needed to download a newer version of Lunar Magic since 2.1 isn’t the best version to make a hack in nowadays, but I had everything I needed.
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Well, my first introduction to SMW was actually the Game Boy Advance remaster, SMA2. It was one of my favourite Game Boy Advance games, and I would always play it for hours.
Eventually, I got a hand-me-down SNES with a copy of the original Super Mario World, and I gave it a go. I loved it just as much, if not more than the SMA2 release of SMW, most likely because I was older at the time and was able to enjoy a game for what it is more.
Although, the eventual factor that sucked me into SMW as a whole was actually SMBX. I started experimenting with SMW styles in my levels, and then I stumbled upon the fact that .spc music could be used with the SMBX2 engine. Everything just sort of completely clicked there, and I've been completely invested into SMW since.
I'll be even more invested soon enough as I'm also now taking the time to finally learn Lunar Magic!

Greetings. My name is Blake Izayoi. I love Sakuya very much.
I enjoy Super Mario World, Touhou, and Vocaloid.
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SMW was the first game I ever completed, I think I was about 3 years old when I took down Bowser. Gee, that was nearly 30 years ago now... Needless to say, it's a pretty important memory. I think after playing it countless times to completion, some of my siblings stumbled upon Lunar Magic, which of course led down the rabbit hole of all the interesting hack content that was available at the time, and all that was to come. Definitely not as interesting of an introduction to SMW as some of the replies here, but it was important to me at least.
Ive been playing Super Mario World Since I was 4 Years old. I got the Super Mario advance versoin on my DS and I was really excited to play it. I had a lot of fun, and enjoyed playing it. I later got in on my laptop, switch, and a Raspbery PI that my Uncle built for me. I eventually got into Super Mario Maker 2 and was in that community for a long time. I was also into Mario Fangames too, where you could make your own levels or "games" like SMBX and more. One of my friends in the smm2 community was asking what kind of music he should use for a level. I asked him how he was going to fit the music area inside of the level (in smm2 you can use notes blocks and sprites to make different notes, but it takes lots of space). He then DM'ed me and showed me Lunar Magic. This was in March of 2021. I Then got more into SMW than ever, But this time, ROM-Hacking it Instead of Playing it. Thats my SMW "story!"
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i'm not really interested in it anymore, but when i was, i'm not sure why. it's one of those deep interests that you get for no reason. i remember being super interested in retro mario games and emulation, so naturally, rom hacks soon followed. eventually i got a real super mario world cartridge so i can play it on an actual snes, i was so happy. unfortunately, i lost it at my mom's house. (my parents at the time lived in separate houses, one day when coming back to my dad's, i assume some quantum thing happened where all of it's particles just switched out of reality i have no clue man). anyways, started playing rom hacks, they were fun. i found this website and noticed everyone was cool, and i liked the aesthetic. i made some of my own hacks but were mostly single levels or graphic hacks, but eventually my passion for it, as mentioned earlier, slowly fizzled out. now i don't really know what i'm doing xd
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Anyone remember JosephAS1? His animations made me interested in SMW. I've only ever played it through emulation, and a bit on the Switch with the stupid online thing (eugh).
Hm, let's see... well, Super Mario World was the first SNES title I owned when my parents revealed the Super Nintendo to me on Christmas, and it was a lot of fun to play. Granted, I was born in 1987 so I was there to see video games grow and evolve as the years went by. Even as an adult today, I'm still one heck of a gamer. Only now I'm also an anime otaku.

But SMW will always be a blast to play, especially when reintroducing old retro games like SMW to my nieces and nephews.

Super Mario World - This gem of a Nintendo classic has been a part of my life since early childhood. I used to play SMW with my good childhood friend on his SNES when I would sleep over at his house. At the time, neither of us were really coordinated enough to be very skilled at playing video games (even vanilla SMW), but we could play this for hours on end. During those times, I don't ever remember seeing anything past the Forest of Illusion, so I was pleasantly surprised years later when replaying SMW on the GBA remake.

As a kid, I always dreamed of creating my own video game levels (typically something inspired by classic platformers, and sometimes more niche games) and I would draw and draw on entire reams of blank computer paper until I used all the space. Years went by with these dreams being realized only on paper with pencil, but when the early 2000s came around and I discovered SMW ROM hacks via old YouTube Let's Play videos, my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities. I quickly found the SMWCentral community and acquired all the bits and pieces, and ever since, I've been a chronic ROM hacker. I'll always hold a place in my heart for SMW among the nostalgic classics that define much of my childhood.