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What inspired YOU to make your username?
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In this thread, you tell us what made YOU want your username
Descent freespace
Banzai Bills are awesome. The first time I used this username, someone else had already taken Banzai_Bill, so I spelled it wrong. I've been doing it that way ever since. Plus, it looks cooler.

I started out as Gren_Maju665. When I came here I was Green_Luigi but I thought that was lame. Then I went to my common username, Gren_Maju665. Then I thought THAT was lame, so I am now Grenade.

plus i didn't like everyone saying I play yugioh. I DON'T!!!

im on fire most of the time? and im a guy

Your layout has been removed.
To make a very long story short, a box inspired me.

Flopping Cheep-Cheep Forever!don't mess with the 'wigi man!

Thanks X 9000 (Any memes and the user will be shot) to WhiteYoshiEgg for fixing my layout!
also a link
Having no creativity and thinking that Phoenix was an awesome name at the time.


Started as pikaguy900. I've had that name for almost 8 years now. And I still use it. Impressive, no? Back then, I was 9, so that explains the "900". I'm male, so "guy". And I was obsessed with Pikachu, so "pika". (I still am obsessed with Pikachu, just not as much. :P)

Then comes a plethora of nicks I've never used here, so we shall ignore them! :O

And now we get to Lucario. Obviously, he is my favorite Pokemon in the Diamond & Pearl series of Pokemon games. He's just so freaking awesome. :D To be honest, the name began on IRC. I was talking to a friend who likes to use 3 characters on me in SSBB- Ike, Falco, and, of course, Lucario. So, out of joke-spite, I checked to see if the nick was taken on IRC. When I found it wasn't, I took it. I only intended for it to be a joke and temporary (like, a few minutes at most), but I decided to keep it. Then I decided to become Lucario here, too! Hehehe! I might change back to pikaguy900 one day, though. :o

And now I am sleepy, so good night~

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
Plankton is just because it goes with this avatar I made, which I like.

As for name128512: The "name" part probably came from lack of creativity, and the "128512" part is from an episode of Camp Lazlo. If you can guess where it's from you get a cookie. But the name is my Youtube account's name, which I've had for a while. I just took that name and made it my username here.
fuck yeah meowingtons
The Eggs of Saear | #extreme | Spade's Gallery of Visual Arts | PM me | My YouTube channel | xkcd | Dinosaur Comics
I always thought it was 128 (2 to the 7th) 512 (2 to the 9th)....
Anyway, I like sentry drones (MP) and I like anti-matter.
Also, I think there was a thread for this although it died off....

I remember this custom Guitar Hero mod that somebody once had, when you got enough star power, the words that normally said "Star Power Ready!" said "Its Shiny Time!" instead. That lead me to make this username, basing it around the invincibility star :)
I actually had a username for every site a signed up.
This Name was deGerbi.
Then, I wanted to sign up here. But I thought that my name would suck.
So I tried to create a username with my favorite letter, the "G".
I somwhow came to the name G-Virus. I liked that name and now I´m using this name for every site, that is following :)

so yeah, hoho
Mario's on Drugs


NES, well.. it's in 8-bit and it was my first console! 8D
Btw, it was supposed to be "8-bit Dude", but i couldn't use "-"! ;_;
A lot of nicknames... let's see. I'd like to talk only about my SMWC nicks (and IRC), I have plenty of aliases (and even my real name (d'oh stupid)) on other sites.

First nick. Joe13...
'Joe' because it's part of my name (yes, my name fails), '13' because that was my current age at the time I created it, and the ellipsis because I tended to overuse it a lot.
Joe13..., however, doesn't really show your personality much...

... when I began with spriting, out of nowhere I gained an obsession with Fuzzies. The nickname Fuzzyfreak was born. 'Fuzzy' is self-explaining, 'freak' because I tended to use that on other sites too, when I was obsessed with something.

Roy_Sax_a_Canadu derived from a nick of Ersan on the IRC, I forgot what it was.
I'm using the nick Roy on the IRC mainly, but I'll stick with Fuzzyfreak until I'll get obsessed with something else.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
I´ve had a long history of usernames. First I was just Matte, wich is my nickname in real life. I used it most for offline games since it was often taken in online games. Then I used MATIR (My youtube name is MAATIR). I don´t know why, the name just randomly came up in my head, it sounded fun :). Then I used Bigpig, don´t know why. But it didn´t last long sicne it sucked. Then I used MATIR again, I still used it on some games and sites. But I use MATTAN more. Mattan is a name that could be a nickname for me, but no-one calls me that (It means the carpet in swedish xD). I prefer having names in all caps.
My username just popped into my head one day. I liked it, and kept it, even though it was about 3 months or longer till I actually used it on the net.
Well, I've had 2 usernames.

1. Diamond Piplup

I just liked Piplups and I was registering on a Pokémon site when I was thinking of a username. Then since diamonds are my favorite type of gem, I decided to use the name Diamond Piplup. Just letting people out there know I might actually change my username soon.

2. Red Chameleon

Chameleons are my favorite type of animal and since I was looking for pictures of chameleons, I saw one with a chameleon that was on red paper and it camoflauged red. So I just thought of this username. Also, my avatar is not my creation, but a palette edit of my favorite boss from Mega Man X, Sting Chameleon.

That pretty much explains it.
Daboys121, which I most commonly use, comes from a NFL football team I'm obsessed with:

"Da" means "The", obviously.
"boys" means the NFL football team I'm obsessed with, the Dallas Cowboys.
"121" is just a number.

My current username, Daybots, comes from a joke on the IRC.

are we doing nicknames?
Youtube quickname (for people to say while LPing my hack): cosmic27
Cosmic is because either SNN (I refuse to call you apollo) or dotsarecool shortened my name by calling me "Cosmic". I'm pretty sure it was dots. 27 'cause it's my favorite number

Youtube username: 7Comic7mischief7
I like 7... <_<

Brawl name: Cosmo
Because cosmic shortened was "comi" and I didn't want that.

Flopping Cheep-Cheep Forever!don't mess with the 'wigi man!

Thanks X 9000 (Any memes and the user will be shot) to WhiteYoshiEgg for fixing my layout!
also a link
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